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Combating The Hidden Biases Around Employee Appreciation

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Everyone wants to be appreciated. It doesn't matter where you sit in the hierarchy, whether you're white or black, a man or a woman, a single mother or a family man, from the majority or minority, how you feel about yourself and your profession depends on how you're recognized. However, most companies that flaunt a widespread employee appreciation culture fail to make it inclusive. It is important to remember that our workplace diversity and equality initiatives start with a great employee appreciation strategy.

In this episode, Enzo Ochoga talks about the link between workplace equality and employee appreciation.

According to Enzo, leaders are at the forefront of any organization, and their extended compassion and empathy have a great role in reducing biases. Having a system in play in times of organizational audits to avoid politics and unhealthy competition is important. Leaders must reform and review the whole process, create a feedback system along with anonymous surveys, and measure the quality of behavior of employees to give a fair review of what needs to improve.

Almost everyone faces bias in their workplace, and Enzo asks them to be bold and let it be known. There should also be a psychologically safe zone in HR where employees can feel comfortable and protective in sharing concerns about their leaders. As such, HR should investigate and hold those leaders accountable.

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About The Speaker

With a background in People Development, Organizational Effectiveness Coaching, and Keynote Speaking, Enzo Ochoga is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and a Wellness Nerd. A spiritual needle guides her at all times to make a larger impact, specifically with helping and inspiring people to UNMUTE and TRANSFORM their Mindset by harnessing their POWER within.

Enzo found strength in public service and is now helping professionals.

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Show Notes:

(02:05) About Enzo's background and professional journey to date.

(03:26) Describing employee motivation.

(04:52) What form of employee recognition or appreciation, rapidly enhances employee morale?

(08:52) About rethinking employee appreciation in the workplace.

(12:14) How to eliminate hidden biases so leaders can give recognition fairly?

(16:18) How can employees deal with a biased boss?

(20:28) Enzo's tips for our listeners.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition