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Changing HR for the better from compliance-focused to people-focused

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To build a stronger workforce, you need to put your people first. A people-focused work environment is at the heart of a purpose-driven workforce. Your company thrives as you make the commitment to optimize the employee experiences.

In this episode, Tracie Sponenberg, a transformational executive leader (passionate about Human Resources) with experience across a wide range of industries, talks about "Changing HR for the better from compliance-focused to people-focused". According to Tracie, it is time for HR to evolve in order to bring in a positive change in the workplace which demands a shift to a more human-centered, development-focused experience.

Tracie Sponenberg is the Chief People Officer of the Granite Group and also a co-founder of DisruptHR NH & HR Rebooted. Tracie has expertise in HR technology selection and deployment; wellness program development; engagement; culture building and turn-around; organizational development; performance management; coaching; legal compliance; leadership and team development and strategy development and implementation. She is also an SHRM special expertise panel member.

Show Notes:

(00:00) Introduction
(01:38) Are performance reviews important or needless in these times?
(04.18) How has technology helped HR in being more people focussed?
(07:08) How does the hr manager analyze Data?
(13:15) Metrics to measure employee engagement
(18:20) How important is rewards and recognition for employees in going head?
(23:40) Advice for young HR leaders.

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