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Building A Culture Of Continuous Conversation In The Workplace

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"Continuous Conversations" refers to ongoing and meaningful discussions that provide multi-directional feedback and encourage collaboration across the workplace. There are no official systems or ratings and, thus, rely exclusively on the active participation of coworkers. With its flexibility, the method is now more relevant than ever, and we can observe a rising trend from annual to more frequent performance reviews.

In this podcast, we go deep down into the concept of continuous conversations with our guest speaker Jason Lauritsen, a speaker, author, management trainer, and employee engagement expert.

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(01:10) About Jason's day to day work.

(02:07) Jason's approach to inspire new thinking and behavior in the workplace.

(05:15) What is meant by continuous conversation?

(09:45) How often should these conversations take place?

(14:50) As managers, we probably don't consider employee engagement so often. What we do care about, though, is their experience. Continuous conversations greatly impact employees' daily experiences through their engagement. But clearly, it’s important to have continuous conversations, not only from an engagement and experience perspective. Here, Jason talks about the other benefits which is why organization should undertake it effectively?

(19:15) As a manager, these are so many crucial conversations because they demonstrate your support for your team and allow you to match business and personal goals. However, many managers are unsure how to have the conversation and successfully incorporate the necessary growth. In this final part of the conversation, know how employees can feel more empowered to conduct these conversations in a natural and productive manner, and how a better framework for discussing development with your team be established?

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition