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Boomerang Employees, Or Fresh Hires?

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The concept of boomerang employees was a little out of the usual a few years back. Such workers were sometimes stigmatized, believing they couldn't "make it" outside their former employer's safe space. Even the employers chose not to rehire those who had voluntarily departed their positions. However, as employers struggle to replace recurring shortages in their workforces, these "boomerang employees" are finding a more accepting audience.

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Infact People like Steve Jobs, Steve Huffman (the co-founder of Reddit), and LeBron James have all left their high-profile positions and then returned to the same firm, enhancing the popularity of this approach.

In this episode, we will be discussing all the conditions related to boomerang employees with guest speaker Joel Sebastian.

About The Speaker

Joel Sebastian is the India HR Lead at Esper. He loves partnering with leadership to establish and continuously improve an awesome culture and employee experience. As an empathetic HR professional with 15 years experience Joel derive energy and passion from making employee's successful. His roles have covered large Fortune 500 companies, mid size companies through to start-ups.

Few of the key notable companies are NTT DATA,Wipro,Unisys, CGI and Esper. He has proven to be a successful key member of these company's leadership teams, resulting in a strong impact on people through strength in relationship building; strategic management; hands-on operational management; Performance Management; Talent Management; Leadership Development; Coaching and Change Management.

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Show Notes:

(01:35) Joel’s journey in the corporate world.

(02:26) Short introduction to Boomerang Employees.

(03:30) Factors to take into consideration before rehiring an ex-employee.

(06:25) Things to avoid when an employee resigns.

(10:55) Joel’s insight on bringing back employee who were terminated for a cause.

(13:05) Policies and procedures for hiring boomerang employees.

(15:26) Tips for hiring boomerang employees.

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