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Best Team Building Events Enhancing Employee Engagement

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Organizations around the world are constantly innovating to meet the evolving performance standards. They invest tons of money in acquiring resources and recruiting the best talents, but they often miss out on one key point. That pivotal point is teamwork and taking measures to improve it by creating team-building activities.

Working as a team is the only way to attain success amidst the crowd in today's globalized world. Almost everyone is now in a rat race to grab the top spot, but achieving this is next to impossible with individual efforts.

Just like how you and I work together as a team in making this podcast channel a success, similarly, team-building events and activities is the key to excellent teamwork. So, today’s topic of discussion is the best team-building events and how they help enhance employee engagement.

To shed light on this topic we have a very special guest and he is Mr. Matthew Rolnick.

About the speaker

Matthew Rolnick is the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Yaymaker. Matthew works closely with HR Leaders and Founders on Team Building Events and Employee Engagement. He has three courses on Udemy that has reached over 100,000 students. He has been published numerous times in Forbes and is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Book "Find Your Yay".

He is thought leader when it comes to corporate culture, branding, employee engagement, and social selling.He considers himself an intrapreneur and is passionate about working with Yaymaker and helping employees feel more connected through Team Building Experiences as well as working closely with DEI, Mental Health, and Leadership speakers.

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Show notes

(02:50) About the speaker

(03:35) What is team building?

(04:39) How do team-building events or activities positively impact employee engagement?

(06:55) What, according to you, are the best team-building events leaders must implement in 2022 for enhanced employee engagement at work?

(09:23) Do you think DEI is a part of team building, if yes, how would you justify it?

(11:40) How would you like to conclude your thoughts on team-building events enhancing employee engagement?

(13:15) How can you connect with Matthew?

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