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Balancing Authenticity: The Limitations of Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

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Our podcast with Tim Toterhi delves into the vital role authenticity plays in the workplace. We scrutinize the common belief of "bringing your whole self to work," uncovering situations where this approach might not be the most authentic. Our conversation also delves into the impact of imposter syndrome and the emerging trend of humble leadership, which is gaining traction as a highly effective leadership style.

About The Guest

Tim Toterhi is a CHRO, TEDx speaker, ICF-certified career coach, and author with 20 years of management experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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Show Notes

(02:30): Exploring authenticity in the workplace and its manifestation in one's career.

(06:15): Balancing "bringing your whole self to work" with professionalism.

(09:50): Understanding impostor syndrome and its impact on employees.

(12:33): Addressing impostor syndrome to support employees effectively.

(16:46): Examining the relationship between humility and authenticity in leadership.

(22:20): Envisioning the future of authenticity amidst evolving work dynamics and organizational cultures.

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