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Attracting And Engaging Hourly Workers

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Hourly workers are the unsung heroes of many industries- they keep things running smoothly. But attracting and engaging them can be as difficult as finding a unicorn in a haystack. With the gig economy on the rise and competition for talent fiercer than ever, businesses need to step up their game if they want to attract and retain top-notch hourly workers.

This podcast is dedicated to discovering ways to attract and engage hourly workers. In this episode, we will have a detailed discussion about this with our guest speaker Shari Simpson, Senior Manager Thought Leadership, Paylocity.

Host of this Episode: Sanjeevani Saikia

Guest Bio

Shari Simpson is a seasoned HR pro with 16+ years of experience under her belt. As a multi-talented HR expert, she brings a fresh and veteran perspective to a variety of subjects, from training and development to talent acquisition and employee relations. Shari rocks the mic on the HR Mixtape podcast, where she drops knowledge with other industry legends. But she doesn't stop there - Shari is always finding new ways to elevate HR, payroll, and business pros, whether it's through speaking at national conferences, collaborating with other leaders, or co-leading a women's employee resource group.

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(1:57) About Shari’s corporate journey so far.

(3:35) Crucial factors that hourly workers consider while evaluating potential employers.

(8:14) Innovative strategies organizations can use to engage and retain hourly workers.

(11:03) Ways on how employers can create a culture of reward and recognition that motivates hourly workers.

(14:45) Emerging promising trends and innovations in hourly workforce management.

(19:20) Designing benefit packages.

(22:32) Obstacles faced by employers while attracting and engaging hourly workers.

(25:57) Hourly workers fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

(28:10) Shari’s endnote.

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