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Are You Ready To Invest In DEI?

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs are becoming increasingly important in the transformation of businesses. Especially the pandemic has prompted a quick shift in inclusive hiring. However, attracting and hiring diverse and inclusive candidates is not enough. Once onboard, those employees must feel involved to foster the conditions necessary for their success. As a result, it has generated a unique challenge for executives to comprehend why and how they should be investing in DEI, as many still do not see the potential.

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In this brand new podcast, we talk about building a diverse and inclusive culture, with guest speaker, Radhika Tomar, HR Director, India at Kimberly-Clark.

About The Speaker

Radhika is a well-rounded HR leader with end-to-end global HR leadership experience across consulting, technology, and consumer durables in strategic HR leadership, business partnering, learning, leadership development, talent roles, and advisory. Prior to joining Kimberly-Clark, Radhika spent almost 10 years in HR leadership and COE leadership roles at Dyson and Microsoft in India, Singapore, and Australia.

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Show Notes

(01:15) About Radhika and her professional experiences.

(03:48) How has the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion changed since the pandemic?

(09:10) About Kimberly-Clark creating an inclusive workplace for its employees.

(13:15) Radhika’s tips to those leaders who want to overcome their anxiety about discussing diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

(20:16) DEI and the Great Resignation.

(24:32) Radhika’s advice for leaders who want to be more inclusive.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition