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A Short Conversation on Servant Leadership for Aspiring Leaders

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The servant leader is first and foremost a servant. It all starts with their innate desire to serve first. And it is believed that if a company wants to boost employee engagement, servant leadership could be the key to success.

For this episode of the Vantage HR Influencers Podcast, we welcome Marcel Schwantes to talk about servant leadership, which has become a prominent leadership practice in business today. Here, we cover different aspects of servant leadership, including its power in making the modern workplace more human.

According to Marcel, servant leadership is all about empowering people to achieve company goals. Its aim is to foster a sense of belonging and community in the workplace. And, employees who believe there is a genuine sense of belonging in the workplace, take up more responsibilities and participate by being creative and imaginative.

About The Speaker

Marcel Schwantes founded Leadership From The Core to help organizations transform their leaders and work cultures through the business principles of servant leadership and positive psychology.

Marcel is an international speaker, executive coach, and syndicated columnist, attracting over 1.5 million readers monthly to his thought leadership. His work has been featured in Inc., Time, Business Insider, Fast Company, The New York Daily News, CNBC, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, and many other global media outlets.

Marcel has shared virtual stages at the Inc. 5000 Vision Conference with Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Michael Strahan, and Marshall Goldsmith. He speaks passionately about the human side of business and how cultures of care, connection, and belonging power companies to thrive and outperform the competition.

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Show Notes:

(01:24) Please give us a brief about your journey in the corporate world.

(02:25) Tell us about your foundation Leadership From The Core and its objectives.

(03:55) What is servant leadership? How is it different from other types of leadership?

(05:15) There is a direct relationship between leadership styles and employee engagement. How would you describe the role of servant leadership on employee engagement?

(06:28) Studies showed that during the pandemic, employees were less anxious when their managers demonstrated servant leadership. Would you like to add to this by exploring the sustainability of servant leadership in the COVID-19 era?

(09:29) Overall, is it very challenging to be a servant leader?

(10:11) Examples of real-life brands that embrace servant leadership.

(12:18) Are there any cons of this leadership style that you want to highlight?

(15:27) What suggestion would you give to the leaders so that they become more responsive to the needs of employees?

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