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3H In The World Of HR

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When we talk about the 3H framework, we generally relate to the head, the heart, and the hands- the three areas where human change takes place. But our guest today has something more to talk about 3H, going beyond head, heart, and hand. And talking about the corporate world, combining this newly propounded 3H is the secret to a productive, successful company. So, what are these 3Hs?

Let’s know about it from Gauri Das, an HR expert, and TEDx speaker with innate support for women empowerment.

More About the Speaker

Gauri Das is an engineer turned HR Professional with double Masters in Human resources and Psychology.

Gauri is a strategic Multi-Award-Winning HR leader with 16+ years of experience crafting and aligning HR strategy with business goals. She supports businesses in setting the right culture, driving performance, reinventing employee experience, and improving capabilities. She carries a wealth of experience with both start-ups and well-established organizations. She loves high energy and a growth-focused environment.

She has a track record of consistent success in leading organizational change, talent management, D&I talent acquisitions, and building executive teams aligned to deliver business objectives.

Trusted advisor to senior executives, delivering critical leadership to build new ventures, accelerate growth, revitalize non-performing operations, and deliver strong financial results. Recognized for developing and implementing advanced systems and techniques to automate and digitalize HR processes, improving efficiency and saving time/cost. Strong business acumen with skills in understanding and dealing with complex business situations. Served as a consultant to all levels of management.

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Show Notes:

(01:17) About Gauri’s background and experiences in her own words.

(07:05) What are the 3Hs in HR?

(15:50) Gauri, you have graced multiple national and international forums as a keynote speaker and panelist. You are a TEDx speaker, and your talk is about creating a possibilitarian mindset; simultaneously, you are passionate about women’s empowerment. What have been your experiences of weighing in favor of women in the workplace? What suggestions do you have for our listeners, employees, and HRs who can make a difference in women's lives in the workplace?

(18:28) How do you define success at work, and how can we keep evolving continuously?

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