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6 Ways An Office Dog Can Boost Employee Morale

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Nothing competes with the ridicule our pets get up to when it comes to funny anecdotes. While sharing stories is always fun, nothing can beat first-hand experience. These four-legged friends are not just a mood booster but also help keep you calm and relaxed. So why confine them to your house only? Get an office dog and observe the transformation of your business.

Research from the University of Lincoln shows that employees who often bring their dogs to work report a 22% higher satisfaction with their working environment.

While there are some concerns that dogs in the office may be a distraction, it has been discovered that individuals who bring their dogs to work report higher levels of concentration (33.4%) and dedication (16.5%). Work engagement has also shown an overall increase of 14.4%

Overall, far from being a distraction, office dogs seem to be a mood booster, bringing joy and calm to the employees and surprisingly enhances employee productivity and work.

Benefits Of Having An Office Dog


Working with furry emotional support makes challenges manageable. A strong support network aids in overcoming whatever challenges one may encounter, whether on a personal or professional level. What could possibly be a better pillar of support than a pet, particularly a dog?

1. Stress reducer

Several studies have shown that intersecting with animals showed a decrease in cortisol levels (a stress-related hormone) and an increase in the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Because of this, pets are great stress reducers.

An office pet is perfect for those who are not ready for the responsibility of bringing a full-time pet home. Research by Virginia Commonwealth University shows that people reduce stress levels when there is more interaction with a dog.

2. Pets Help With Healthcare Savings

Not only does interacting with pets help reduce stress, but it also has several other health benefits. The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) found that pet ownership is responsible for saving $11.7 billion yearly. 132.8 million pet owners save $11.37 billion on physician office visits. In comparison, 20 million owners who walk their pets 5 times a week show lower obesity and save $419 million in healthcare.

Pets can now be identified as a proactive method of staying healthy and avoiding health issues, thus saving money on a personal, professional, governmental, and medical scale.

3. Helps In Team Building/ Social Engagement

Without some icebreakers, not every employee is as open or successful in relating to others. An office dog is a great icebreaker. What could be better? All pet owners will have the opportunity to share tales about their animals. Pet lovers, on the other hand, get to enjoy some quality time with a dog without taking on the whole burden of pet ownership.

In 2017 Engage Research carried out research for Purina with thousands of pet lovers across Europe to find out what they thought of Pets at Work.

  • 40% of people with Pets at work say it enhances work-life balance
  • 24% of people with Pets at work say it improves relationships in the workplace
  • 45% of people with Pets at work say it creates a more relaxed atmosphere
  • 50% of employees without a Pets at Work scheme would see it as a benefit
    The evidence speaks for itself.

4. Increase productivity


Working for short periods with a high focus is more productive than working for a long period. Studies have shown that a human brain can only focus at a high level for 50 minutes. Having an office dog compels employees to take short breaks, thus breaking the monotony, which keeps them from losing focus.

A 2016 study by Banfield Pet Hospital found that 67% of employees who took pets to work agreed that their pets made them more productive. Pets bring a sense of responsibility to their owner's life, which translates well to work.

5. Expresses company culture

A dog-friendly office is like a siren call for the millennials. They can't seem to resist the fun, relaxed environment it signifies. Having an office dog at work signifies care, support, and healthy work/life integration.

Since adults spend most of their time at work, creating a synergy between all areas that comprise "life": work, home/family, personal well-being, and health becomes imperative. The workplace has become more like home now with food, exercise space, and in some cases, pets.

The more open and accepting an office culture is, the more employees it will attract and retain. Pet-friendly office screams a relaxed atmosphere as you cannot possibly remain tense in front of such overwhelming cuteness.

6. Rescue dog from the shelter


Adopting a dog or several dogs will benefit your staff and the environment in your office, as well as provide the canines with a safe home to live in. Taking on rescues from shelters or retired police dogs gives them a happy home with lots of attention.

Your office can even have regular tie-ups with animal shelters, allowing your employees to interact with several animals, not just dogs. This might facilitate more adoptions from the shelters in the long run.

Things to keep in mind Before Getting An Office Dog

  1. Have an open discussion with all on how comfortable everyone is. Some might be scared of dogs or allergic to other pets. Make sure to have a dog-free zone dedicated to those employees so as not to cause them trouble.

  2. Make sure to have the dog's office trained, so there are no unnecessary accidents. If there are any accidents, ensure ample cleaning supplies are on hand.

  3. Clear rules and regulations are required to run all operations smoothly. Have a schedule that divides all the responsibilities among the employees, so everyone gets enough time with the pets and the responsibilities.

  4. Dog proof the office. Keep important documents and fragile things to avoid any mishaps. Attach doggy doors so that the pets have access to the safe areas of the office

In Closing

Pets are adorable, and interacting with them makes your heart lighter. However, they are also a huge responsibility. Before getting an office dog, have a clear and open discussion with your employees and get all their input.

A dreamer and an idealist in a long-term relationship with food and sleep, Lopamudra is more than thrilled to be part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. When she is not in the vicinity or thinking about food, you can find her curled up in a corner with a good book and music. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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