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Festive Gifting: Top New Year Gift Ideas for Workplace

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It's December, and if you are still "deciding" what to give your manager and team for this New Year, you have come to the right place.

The New Year offers the perfect opportunity to continue spreading cheer at the office. Finding meaningful gifts tailored to your diverse colleagues can be challenging, though.

That's why we have compiled specially curated ideas to wow every department – whether it's thanking HR, celebrating creative standouts, or motivating sales stars.

Read on for the top New Year gift recommendations to inspire teams as you embark on 2024 together!

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1. New Year Gift Ideas for Managers

Choosing the right New Year gift for your manager can be tricky. Finding something that shows your appreciation without being too personal or extravagant is important. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pro Tip: Consider your manager's personality and interests. What do they like to do outside of work? Don't forget to include a handwritten card expressing your appreciation.

  1. Smart reusable notebook: Eco-conscious managers will appreciate this It allows them to take notes, which are digitized and stored in the cloud.

fitness tracker

  1. Premium pen: A classy rollerball, fountain or ballpoint pen in a classic design or their favourite colour can make for appreciative gift managers will use regularly. Go for reputable brands like Lapis Bard, Cross, Parker or Waterman.

  1. Fitness tracker: Support well-being with the gift of fitness trackers, promoting friendly competition and camaraderie among employees for a healthier New Year.

smart watch

  1. Business card holder: A stylish leather business card holder is a unique idea that suits a manager's professional lifestyle.

card holder

  1. A compact bedside display: Consider gifting an intelligent display to those seeking an upgraded alarm clock that also functions as a sleep tracker and a helpful assistant.

bedside display

  1. Coffee or tea lovers: A gourmet coffee or tea subscription, a personalized mug, or a high-quality coffee maker or kettle.

  2. Snack lovers: A curated snack box with healthy and delicious treats, a personalized cookie jar, or a gourmet snack delivery service subscription.

  3. Travel essentials: A luggage tag with their initials, a travel neck pillow, or noise-cancelling headphones for long flights. These travel-centric presents are a perfect way to wish them a year filled with discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

  4. Gift certificate to a spa or salon: A relaxing massage or facial can help your manager de-stress and recharge.

  5. Pass/Tickets to a sporting event, concert, or show: An experience they can enjoy with friends or family.

  6. Membership to a museum or art gallery: For managers who appreciate culture and the arts.

  7. Subscription to a streaming service or online magazine: For entertainment and learning.


  1. A framed photo of the team: A considerate present that expresses gratitude

  2. Custom-made desk nameplates: A unique way to personalize their workspace.

  3. Kitchen Appliances: Around Festive time, many people look forward to buying an appliance. Gifting them an appliance might brighten their holidays further. Gifting a blender or a coffee machine could be cost-effective.

kitchen appliances

  1. Handmade gift: A personalized card, a painting, or a baked good shows you put extra thought into the gift.

handmade gifts

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2. New Year Gift Ideas for Creatives (Designers, Writers, etc.)

Buying gifts for the creative folk is hard! Finding gifts that truly inspire creative professionals can be challenging. Instead of going the predictable route with generic gifts like chocolates or photo frames, consider something unique that fuels their creative passion. The goal is to pick out something thoughtful that recognizes their one-of-a-kind talents.

  1. Small Computer Desk: A great desk for small spaces.

  2. Computer Glasses: Designers and developers often stare at a computer screen for long hours, which mostly causes eye strain. Computer eyeglasses with advanced lens technology are designed to minimize these ill effects. Not only do the glasses look cool, but they also make a superb addition to designers' accessories!

  3. Projection Keyboard: A great and unique keyboard. This little box of joy is a dreamy reality. This projection keyboard provides designers with a full-size keyboard for typing. Moreover, this keyboard is smaller and easier to carry than a regular-sized portable keyboard. Again, it is a fine present for designers and techies.


  1. Designer T-Shirts: A great gift that makes a statement

  2. Drawing Tablet: A drawing tablet makes a great gift for any creative pro. These handy tablets allow designers to illustrate directly on the screen and edit work digitally or manually.

  3. Lap Desk: Classy and functional, this Lap desk is for when you're all up to work while sitting on the bed or couch. Support your lazy lads and offer them a gift of comfort. The ergonomic design of this desk is meant to make their laptop appear cool while giving them optimal space for work and play.

lap desk

  1. Extra Storage / BackUp Drives: Backup storage is a great gift anytime. It is a life-saving gift you can present to your designer friends whose work is their vigour. There's no way they want to lose it; a thoughtful gift idea indeed. So, why not?

  2. Stylus Pen: One of the more practical gifts for graphic designers is the stylus pen. The lightweight stylus is compatible with many devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, e-readers etc.

stylus pen

  1. Graphic Design Masterclass: Help them hone their skills and learn from industry experts with online courses from Skillshare or Masterclass

  2. Grammarly Premium Subscription: Give them the gift of perfect grammar and clarity with a premium subscription to this popular writing tool.

  3. Cosy Reading Nook Essentials: Create a comfortable and inspiring writing space with a comfy chair, a soft blanket, and a stylish reading lamp.

soft blanket

  1. Tickets to a creative workshop or conference: Support your team's professional and personal development through thoughtful education-based presents

3. New Year gift ideas for Tech Teams

Finding gifts for tech buffs and IT pros can be daunting. But you can score extra points by choosing nerdy presents tailored to their interests in coding, gadgets, sci-fi and more! Here are some fun and unique New Year gift ideas your techies and programmers will surely get a kick out of. The key is matching the gift to their tech interests - coding, engineering, IT support, building computers, etc. Combine utility and fun!

  1. High-quality office supplies: A nice pen, a personalized desk organizer, or a comfortable chair cushion can be thoughtful gifts.

  2. Smart water bottle: This helps them stay hydrated and motivated throughout the day.

smart water bottle

  1. Self-heating mug: Perfect for keeping their coffee or tea warm during long coding sessions

  2. Wireless charging pad: This makes charging their phone or other devices convenient without needing to plug them in.

  3. Portable monitor: Gives them extra screen space for multitasking or working on large projects.

  4. Subscription to a tech magazine or online course: Provides them access to the latest tech news and trends.

  5. High-end headphones or speakers: Offers superior sound quality for music lovers and audiophiles.

  6. Gaming console or VR headset: Provides a fun and immersive way to relax and unwind after work.

  7. Subscription boxes: A subscription box service focused on technology, such as ones with electronics components, IT tools, or coder merchandise, would provide surprise tech goodies all year.

  8. Tech-themed puzzles or games are a great way to de-stress and have fun during breaks.

tech theme puzzle

  1. Ergonomic keyboard or mouse: Helps them prevent pain and discomfort from long hours of working at the computer.

ergonomic keyboard

  1. Online courses: Give the gift of learning with an online course membership for sites like Udemy, Treehouse, Codecademy, etc. They can learn new skills for work.

  2. Food gifts: Consider food gifts with a tech twist, like robot-shaped cookie cutters, silicon ice cube trays for nerdy shapes, or ingredients to make programming-themed cocktails.

snack image

4.New Year Gift Ideas for Sales and Marketing Teams

After a successful year of hitting revenue targets and driving business growth, it's time to reward your rockstar sales and marketing squads with gifts that match their savvy skills! From personalized tools to recharge their creative thinking to unique experiences to stay inspired, these handpicked gifts will resonate with any marketing guru's innovative spirit.

  1. Custom Gift Box: Nothing excites people more about your brand than a customized gift box full of great gifts that reflect your personality! Create a custom basket filled with gourmet snacks, fancy coffee, tea, hot chocolate mixes, biscotti, nuts, chocolates etc. You can theme it around relaxation, gourmet treats or afternoon tea.

gift hamper

  1. Travel/Holiday Packages: In everyone's bucket list and New Year's resolutions, there's a shared goal: the dream vacation destination for the upcoming year. Stepping foot on that dream destination doesn't just bring your employees satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. After two years of pandemic challenges, it serves as a mental and physical rejuvenation.

travel package

  1. Gift cards: Gift cards are a great way to show appreciation for your colleagues and that you value their contributions. Gift cards can be customised to suit your colleagues' tastes and can be used to purchase items such as books, movies, and experiences.

gift card

  1. Customized notebooks/planners: Useful for jotting ideas and notes and tracking sales progress.

personalised planner

5.Online magazine subscriptions: Great for industry updates. Go for marketing publications or broader business reviews, depending on the role.

  1. Ticket subscription boxes: Provide monthly work entertainment like movie or food tickets to help beat stress. Builds camaraderie.

  2. Apparel boxes: Monthly boxes delivering corporate-branded apparel like jackets, shirts, caps, etc., conveying pride in roles.

  3. Industry conference passes: Great for professional development for marketing, especially to stay on innovation trends.

  4. Premium coffee sampler boxes are a useful staple for marketing and sales teams to look sharp on client meetings or cold calls.

  5. Professional mentorship programs: Useful for young sales talent. Gives them structured growth

5. New Year gift ideas for HRs and Administrative Assistants

HR and versatile administrative assistants are the behind-the-scenes heroes who keep companies running smoothly all year! Here is a compilation of gift ideas tailored for HR and admin superstars that go above and beyond. We're talking functional presents to make their work lives easier, relaxing gifts to recharge, and thoughtful touches to inspire them in the new year ahead.

  1. Coffee maker: One of the go-to office gifts, this choice is both practical and thoughtful, demonstrating your consideration for their preferences. For the coffee enthusiasts, consider an espresso machine or French press for a daily dose.

Coffee Maker

  1. Planners: Stylish and practical to stay organized. Choose types catering to work-life planning needs

  2. Ergonomic office accessories: Laptop stands, monitor risers, mouse pads, keyboards, etc., make long hours at a desk more comfortable.

  3. Self-care subscription boxes: Monthly boxes promote relaxation with scented candles, bath bombs, face masks, herbal tea samples, journals and other stress-relieving treats. Etc.

  4. Reusable Writing Pad: Even if they prefer writing with pen and paper, we can never find it in time or lose our notes. This pad solves those problems by letting them write down everything on something sturdy and compact. When they're done, just one button will erase it so it can be used for next time.

  5. Stylish work bag or tote: Choose one with plenty of organizational pockets and compartments to haul their daily essentials in style. Consider personalized options.


  1. Coffee/Chocolate Towers: Indulgent gift baskets with assorted treats to share around the office, contributing to social bonds.

  2. Wellness subscriptions: Calm, Headspace, and FabFitFun Boxes promote self-care moments in busy schedules.

wellness card

  1. Professional development memberships: Memberships to leading HR or administrative associations for continuing education.

  2. Digital photo frames: Loaded with photos of work friendships and good memories to cheer up their office space

digital photo frame

6. New Year Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

Making off-site employees feel included in the New Year's festivities is important. Below are a few gift ideas specially curated for the remote worker lifestyle. From WFH comfort essentials to tools to boost productivity, these presents are perfect for the telecommuting professional and make them feel appreciated.

  1. Self-Care Package: Show your team extra care this New Year by gifting rel**axation-promoting self-care packages. Opt for a ready-made gift box or customize your own with cozy socks, scented candles, calming face masks and a journal for jotting brilliance.

selfcare package

  1. High-Quality Webcam: Remote workers participate in a lot of weekly video calls. A high-quality webcam that produces a clean image will come in quite handy for them.

  2. Company Merchandise: While your team is dispersed, apparel is a great way to celebrate your crew and have them show team spirit with branded laptop stickers, water bottles, and hoodies.


  1. Headphones: Gifting a good Headphone or Earphone to your WFH employees is a great idea, especially if the feature of noise cancellation and a microphone comes with it.

  2. Plant Growing Kit: Planting is a major hobby, and added greenery increases workspace happiness. Send a personalized plant-growing kit to your teammates. Desk succulents, seeds, and planting materials make for a cute, thoughtful gift that keeps blooming throughout the year.

  3. Fitness Equipment: Take it up a notch and gift some gear ahead of time, from yoga mats, water bottles, stretch bands, or towels. You can get everything branded with the company logo, too, or with on-demand printing like with product company Dreamship. You can also create your design or slogan to encourage everyone to keep moving.

  4. Essential oil diffuser: An essential oil diffuser can be a great gift to help unwind

  5. Ergonomic laptop stand: Upgrade their work-from-home experience with stands that provide better posture and improved visibility.

  6. Audiobook subscription: Treat your team to the gift of on-demand audio storytelling with a subscription to Audible or a similar audiobook service. An endless library of fiction adventures, self-improvement guides and fascinating biographies unlocks joy for any interest through expert narration they can listen to anytime, anywhere.

  7. Throw blanket: For those in cooler climates, inspire your team to get comfortable and relax with a charming throw blanket. Opt for a playful design or customize one with your brand colors to foster a sense of unity within your community.

  8. Charging Station: Ensure your team members always have power with a home office desktop charging station. The time saved from searching for the right charger can be better spent relaxing with an audiobook or savoring an extended lunch.

  9. Online course subscriptions: Explore educational platforms such as Udemy or Masterclass to acquire new skills for personal or professional development.

7. New Year Gift Ideas for Teams

Ring in the New Year with thoughtful gifts beyond the ordinary for your exceptional teams. From practical items that boost productivity to tokens of gratitude that bring smiles, these gift ideas will foster camaraderie and motivation as your teams embark on another successful year together.

  1. Team lunch or dinner: A great way to celebrate the holidays and build team spirit.

team lunch

  1. Customized Team Merchandise: Create custom T-shirts, mugs, or hoodies with your team's logo or a motivational slogan to foster a sense of unity.

  2. Group activity classes: Arrange corporate rates for cooking, pottery or cocktail mixing classes. Trying new things sparks creativity.

  3. Ticket subscription boxes: Surprise with monthly boxes with event tickets like movies, theme parks, food tours, etc.

  4. Shared digital subscriptions: Purchase organizational access to learning/entertainment platforms like Masterclass, Headspace, and Audible so all can enjoy.


  1. Desktop arcades: Mini tabletop arcades, air hockey, or ping pong sets bring recreational breaks full of competition and bonding.

desktop arcade

  1. Group fitness trackers: Sponsor-friendly fitness tracker challenges around steps, activity, etc. Fosters health awareness.

  2. Cocktail mixing kits: Provide cocktail shakers, ingredients and recipes for teams to unwind with custom drink mixing sessions.

  3. Digital games gift cards: Allow game downloads so teams can bond over friendly contests across devices in free time.

  4. Group music subscriptions: Shared streaming music accounts let teams create pumped-up playlists jointly.

  5. Customized Calendars: Create personalized calendars featuring the past year's team achievements, milestones, and memorable moments.

The key is to make the gift memorable.

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8. Budget-Friendly New Year Gift Ideas

Embrace the spirit of giving without breaking the bank this New Year! Explore a range of budget-friendly gift ideas that are as thoughtful as they are economical. These clever, affordable finds make a thoughtful impact, from desk accessories to self-care treats. Keep reading for unique yet budget-friendly ways to ring in 2024 with presents tailored to every personality!

  1. Mugs & Cups: Most of us begin our days with a hot coffee or tea. With a gift like a mug, companies can remind their names daily with these gifts.

coffee mugs

  1. Workout Gear: Being restricted to the inside of your house hampers physical activity. Gifting your employees a sturdy yoga mat or a nice sweat-absorbent T-shirt may trigger their desire to take care of themselves.

  2. Desk Calendar: A desk calendar is a great way to show your employees that you're thinking about them and their business goals for the upcoming year.

  3. Personalized Gifts: A keyring with their name, a Custom T-shirt or a hoodie will resonate well.

  4. Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: A pocket-size speaker is the perfect little sidekick for setting all the music vibes while on the go.

  5. Photo coffee mugs: Personalized mugs with fun printed photos build community.

  6. Digital Alarm Clock: Everyone loves a good multi-function product. A pretty alarm clock with a built-in wireless charger for devices is a perfect gift.

digital clock

  1. Jackets and Hoodies: Apparel gifting is a great practice if you know the preferences and the size of the people you buy it for. In the workplace, giving your employees a similar custom-made jacket or hoodie can serve as a useful gift that makes them feel connected to the workplace as a team.

  2. Planters: Having a good plant in the office or home can add a positive vibe to the surroundings. Gifting your employees a nice piece of planter pot, plants, microgreens, or seed pencil can brighten things up for them.


  1. Photo Frames: Labeled as one of the most affordable options, you can buy cute photo frames at very low prices. Whether they use it to put a picture of their family to see them at work or a group picture of the team, it is a gift indicating a sweet gesture

9. New Year gift ideas from Amazon

Amazon offers a diverse array of presents to suit every taste. Find below some suggestions that can be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

  1. Amazon Gift Card: What better way to let them decide what they want? This holiday season, give the flexibility of choice with an Amazon gift card. Their endless inventory means you don't have to guess interests or try predicting preferences.

  2. Amazon Echo Dot: The reasonably priced Amazon Echo Dot boasts excellent voice control features. This compact yet powerful device enables your clients, employees, and their families to enjoy favorite music, receive reminders, stay connected with loved ones, and control connected devices. It's an ideal gift for all!

echo dot

  1. Laptop Accessories: Laptop accessories like laptop sleeves, skins, stickers, and bags are unique New Year gifts for your employees and colleagues.

  2. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad: This convenient mouse pad lets them charge their phone wirelessly while they work, reducing clutter and boosting efficiency.

wireless charging pad

  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Protect their eyes from harmful blue light emitted from screens with these stylish glasses, improving comfort and productivity.

  2. Desk Organizer: Keep their desks tidy and clutter-free with a sleek organizer, promoting a more organized and productive workspace.

  3. Portable Chargers : Business clients are always on the go, and their mobile devices are essential for keeping in touch with colleagues, clients, and loved ones. A portable charger is one of the much-appreciated New Year gift ideas.

  4. Chocolate Box: Chocolate boxes are not only a delicious treat but also a beautiful and elegant presentation. You can choose from various sizes and styles to find the perfect match for your budget and needs. Best of all, chocolate boxes can be easily shipped, so even if your people/ clients are far away, they can still enjoy them.

  5. Earpods: A great pair of headphones is a must. A pair of noise-cancelling Wireless Studio Buds make for a perfect gift item.


  1. Personal Care Products: Personal care products are another employee gift idea to consider. However, ensure the right type of products for the employees or clients. Make sure you know about their likes and dislikes and any allergic reactions they may have before gifting personal care products.

  2. Fun Desk Items: Desk items could also make corporate gifts for employees you work with. Gifting them magnetic paper clip holders, pen holders, cute post-its, LED lamps, organizers, etc., reminds them of the company or peers' effort.

  3. Aromatherapy Candle: Creating a unique and personalized aromatherapy candle can make a thoughtful and meaningful gift


The start of 2024 is full of exciting potential, fresh initiatives, and ambitious goals across the board. But before diving into new strategies, remember to celebrate the top talent that will drive results through thoughtful gift-giving. These handpicked presents energize individuals while bringing teams closer together through camaraderie and inspiration.

The ideas shared equip you to make each employee feel truly valued while fueling performance with customized tools for success. Behind every great company are even greater humans worthy of recognition and motivation.

Move into the new year powered by the cumulative gifts, talents, and strengths of an empowered workforce ready to thrive. Then watch how showing appreciation through tailored gifts allows your organization’s purpose to shine brighter in 2024!

To learn more about other aspects of gifting in a professional setting, check out this Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifts.

Supriya Gupta is a new mother and communications pro at Vantage Circle. She is passionate about sports, news, climate change, and the power of storytelling. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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