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9 Amazing Ways To Celebrate National Pizza Day At Work

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February is a fantastic month since it includes a significant occasion that allows you to celebrate your one true love- pizza! Yes, the 9th of February is National Pizza Day. A full day devoted specifically to praising the delectable carb that nearly no one can live without.

So now is the time to find out more about National Pizza Day. Even so, for those searching for ways to celebrate the day at work, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

A Little History About The National Pizza Day

While it's impossible to be certain, some believe National Pizza Day originated in the 10th century in Naples, Italy. This is the first time that records the presence of what is now known as modern-day pizza.

In 1905, pizza made its debut in America. A pizzeria called Lombardi's in New York City ignited the spark that would kindle hearts across the country from then until now - with no end in sight.

On the contrary, it is speculated that the first National Pizza Day occurred somewhere in the early 2000s, but it is unknown who initiated it.

But no matter when it began, it is now celebrated yearly!

The National Today data science team polled 1,000 people on their pizza consumption patterns.

You will undoubtedly enjoy this special day by scarfing down a slice after work. But there is so much more you can do to appreciate the magnificence of pizza fully. We have a few ideas to help you.

But before that, you would love to know about these pizza consumption patterns, as surveyed by The National Today data science team.


Typically, there is much discussion over pizza toppings too. Here's what the team got.


9 Ways To Celebrate National Pizza Day At The Workplace

1. Enjoy pizza day with colleagues.

Because National Pizza Day is on a Tuesday this year, you'll most likely be at work. Order some pizzas, leave work early and enjoy each other's company. Or simply invite the individuals to enjoy lunch at the local pizzeria.

"Eating as a team can boost team cohesion and develop meaningful professional relationships," according to a Human journal study. This, in turn, can increase production.

Hence, this National Pizza Day might be a good opportunity to increase employee engagement and productivity. In addition, you can have some beverages with it and take the heat off from work.

Offering a balanced and healthy working lunch or breakfast can promote a healthy food environment. Dr. Johns says, "a diet low in nutrient-rich foods can affect employee's levels of concentration, mood, and performance." So offering treats like pizza may only be good occasionally.

2. Brush up on your pizza knowledge with these fun trivia facts.


Pizza trivia questions is another great way to celebrate National Pizza Day at work.

Spend time with your fellow pizza lovers salivating over these hilarious and flavorful facts. These fascinating pizza facts can help you improve your pizza knowledge.

Pizza Trivia Facts!

  1. When you think pizza, you think Italiano; however, pizza has been around since ancient times. Greeks and Egyptians made pizza-style flatbread and topped it with olive oil and spices. The "modern pizza" as we know it emerged in Naples, Italy, in the late 18th century, when tomato was included.

  2. Every second, the United States consumes 350 slices of pizza.

  3. The world's most costly pizza costs $12,000.

  4. Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping.

  5. Tofu is the most popular pizza topping in India.

  6. The Russian Space Agency was paid almost a million dollars in 2001 to deliver a six-inch pizza to the International Space Station.

  7. Nobody knows where the word pizza came from.

  8. Pizza is a $37 billion industry.

  9. Pizza is the subject of a mathematical theorem. The Pizza theorem states the equality of two areas that result when a disc is partitioned in a specific way. Who would have guessed that pizza could help with basic geometry?

  10. Pizza did not become popular in America until after WWII.

  11. In Cambodia, "Happy" pizza, cooked with marijuana, is a popular delicacy.

  12. In 2013, Domino's Brazil launched a promotion with ten rental outlets to distribute DVDs that smelled like pizza when you used them.

  13. This may appear strange, yet it is correct. One 18-inch pizza is equivalent to two 12-inch pizzas.

  14. Pizza Hut is the country's best-selling pizza chain.

  15. Sure, the sauces and crusts of Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's differ. But if you've thought the cheese at all three chains tasted the same, you're not incorrect. According to a Forbes story from 2017, Leprino Foods supplies mozzarella to all three chains.

3. Make pizza resolutions.

Consider this the first day of the new pizza year. What are your pizza-related ambitions for the coming year? Some resolutions might be:

  • To eat healthier pizza (baby spinach on top! do it! )

  • To broaden your pizza horizons and try new styles,

  • To be more comfortable sharing pizza with your friends,

  • To overcome your phobias, and try toppings you don't think you'll enjoy, and so on.

A London restaurant serves a pizza cocktail in addition to mainstream pizza recipes. So, think beyond the box and use pizza ingredients to make something unique for your meal.

The next idea is to help you out with that!

4. Try a dessert pizza.


Pizza for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and pizza for dessert! Is it a yes or a no?

Gooey cheese, doughy crust, and savory toppings are usually the first things that come to mind when most people think of pizza. However, if your coworkers have a sweet craving, there are several alternative ways to enjoy pizza.

Dessert pizza is a developing food trend, and there's no reason the office can't have an afternoon party with these on a platter. Raspberries, a chocolate drizzle, nuts, and more of your favorite toppings combine to create a wonderful pizza experience.

What exactly is a dessert pizza? This masterpiece is handcrafted on a crisp sugar biscuit. This dish is nearly too lovely to eat, with its sweetened cream cheese and artistically placed fresh fruits.

5. Involve your customers in the celebration.

Consider how you would feel if Amazon gifted you a free pizza coupon for being a good customer? In your opinion, how would Amazon's brand improve? Do you think you'd ever consider using another e-commerce platform after that? Probably no, because it will create a sense of loyalty which will compel you to use Amazon frequently.

Consider your customer in the same situation. So, by choosing to send the pizza coupons, you are showing your consumers that you value them.

6. Why not a Pizza movie day?

Movies are one of the most basic forms of entertainment for enjoyment at Work Day. Infact, a movie screening is a very low-maintenance but pleasant approach to entertaining staff.

Interestingly, there are many wonderful pizza movies to pick from, and what better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than to watch some of your favorites while eating pizza?

7. Pizza-themed gifts are great too!


People exchange gifts on holidays such as Christmas, so why not on National Pizza Day? Personalized pizza serving boards, pizza-themed aprons, pizza pattern socks, pizza print tees, pizza design mugs, pizza lip balms, and many other options are available online for your diverse workforce.

8. Create a funny post to share!

Another great way to celebrate National Pizza Day is to share a hilarious post. Look for pizza memes or, if you're feeling creative, make your own amusing post. You can list down the pizza toppings for coworkers that reflect their personalities. Be creative since you might receive a lot of shares!

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9. Hold a Pizza naming contest.

You read that right! Why not conduct a contest to see who can come up with the craziest pizza titles on National Pizza Day (or whenever the craving strikes)? Even better, you can vote on the coolest pizza idea and then cook it! It's a terrific approach to engage the entire office and help them interact with one another.

This article is written by Susmita Sarma, a digital marketer at Vantage Circle. She was involved with media relations before shifting her interest to research and creative writing. Apart from being a classical music buff, she keeps a keen interest in anchoring and cooking. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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