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24 Easy Ways To Honor National Boss's Day 2024

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We've all had our share of bad bosses. But there were also others who believed in us and gave us a chance when no one else would. Thus, on the occasion of National Boss's Day, it's only natural to show your gratitude to those great leaders and great bosses.

But First, What Is National Boss's Day?


National Boss's Day in the United States has been celebrated annually on or around October 16th since 1962. If October 16 falls on a weekend, it is observed on the following working day.

This day was created to show your appreciation to a great boss who inspires and supports you. It is an excellent opportunity to fortify the employee-employer relationship.

A Little History

For the history buffs, here is a brief timeline of how National Boss's Day came about:

  • In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered "National Boss' Day" with the United States Chamber of Commerce. At that time, she worked as a secretary for her father at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. She chose October 16 because it was her father's birthday.
  • Four years later, in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner backed Haroski's registration and officially proclaimed the day.
  • It wasn't until 1979 that Hallmark Cards released a Boss' Day card.
  • By 2007, Hallmark Cards expanded its National Boss' Day line by 28 percent.
  • Even though it is not a federal holiday or a non-working day, National Boss Day or Bosses Day is now considered a public holiday. Thus, a special day observed in 1958 quickly became an integral part of the office culture.

When Is National Boss's Day 2024?

National Boss's Day 2024 falls on a weekday i.e. Monday, October 16, 2024.

Things To Remember While Celebrating National Boss's Day 2024


First, it's great that you want to appreciate your boss. It shows that you believe in appreciating others for their efforts.

But is appreciating your boss similar to recognizing your peers?

Well, it is, but there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Take your boss's personality into consideration while planning the celebration. Some bosses don't like public displays, while others seem to love them. Keep the celebrations understated or loud- depending on what your boss likes.
  • Giving a gift is meaningful, but there are also chances of it getting mistaken for flattery. Any expensive present should be a crowdfunded effort. Again, the tip here is to read the room. If your boss finds personal gifts meaningful, go ahead and give them one.
  • Appreciating your boss should not be limited to Boss's Day. If you have a fantastic leader, be sure to express your gratitude to them.

Now that we have nailed the basics, let's get down to business.

24 Amazing Things To Do In Honor Of National Boss's Day 2024

We know what it's like to be clueless. And we never want that for you.

That's why we'll be listing down some meaningful things you can do to make October 16 extra special for your boss.

1. Boss Day Cards

The simplest yet effective way to express your gratitude to your boss is to compose a handwritten note with a heartfelt message on it.

Irrespective of having an introverted or extroverted boss, a Happy Boss's Day card is a safe bet to play.

For introverted bosses, you can leave the card at their table. For extroverted bosses, you can go for a handshake (or a hug) while handing over the card.
But do you find it difficult to express your feeling?

Here is a list of fantastic thank you messages for bosses.

2. Saying "Thanks" Goes A Long Way


How often do you actually say "thank you" to your boss?

The typical answer is "sometimes" or "never."

This Boss's Day, go over to your boss and say:

Thank you for your support and guidance. I appreciate it every day.

Trust me when I say that any good boss would consider this the best gift you can give them.

3. Gift Them Their Favorite Snacks

Everybody has got a favorite snack‚ÄĒ even your boss.

Of course, it can be a healthy option, such as roasted beet chips rather than the peanut butter cups you consume.

But, healthy or not, the team can send over an assortment of snacks that you have seen your boss indulging in often.

4. Order Them Their Favorite Lunch


Have you spotted your boss drinking a cup of boba tea over and over again? Or have you seen them go to that Mexican restaurant that serves those delectable tacos?

In a non-pandemic world, I would have suggested taking your boss out for a delicious meal after work.

However, since this is no longer an option, the next best thing is to deliver a special lunch to their house.

If you don't have your boss's home address, you can arrange this through the help of the HR personnel.

5. Write A Glowing Recommendation On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most impactful mediums for a professional. Advocacy or praise on LinkedIn is the social media equivalent of a solid referral for a new job.

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to "Recommend" someone. So go on and let the (professional) world know that your boss has been a pillar of support to your career. Upload a thoughtful post on your LinkedIn feed and tag your boss.

6. Keep Doing Excellent Work


If you believe your boss is extraordinary and someone you admire, chances are that all they want from you is for you to succeed.

I'm not exaggerating.

It's clear that you've been an excellent employee so far. So, keep doing a great job, and it might be the greatest gift you can give to your manager.

7. Make Their Day Easier

Do you know how on Mother's Day, we give them a day of rest and do all the tasks by ourselves?

Adopt the same mentality for Boss's Day.

Drop off the coffee to your boss. Pick up their lunch from the lobby. Pay attention during the meetings. Print out any documents that need.

All these tasks might seem minor, but trust me, they will make their day.

8. A Good Bottle Of Wine


Here's a classy and (expensive) way to appreciate your boss. Give them a good bottle of red, white, or rosé.

But if your boss is not a wine person, consider gifting a liquor of their choice.

The cost would be minimal if the entire team pitched in, and it would make your boss feel genuinely appreciated.

9. Create A "Yearbook"

The team, with your boss at the helm, has gone through many ups and downs.

Most of the time, we fail to understand the enormous risks and blame our leaders bear for the team's sake.

So, on this Boss's Day, do something simple. Create a virtual Yearbook in which all of your memories, challenges, and milestones associated with your boss are recorded in a meaningful way.

10. "World's Best Boss" Mementos


Yes, these are cheesy, but they are great fun too.

Mugs, notebooks, and t-shirts with customized "The World's Best Boss" designs are a fun and quirky way to celebrate this holiday.

Another great idea is that all team members can wear "World's Best Boss" caps or t-shirts on October 16th.

11. Appreciate On Surveys

Even bosses have their bosses.

But unlike us, our manager's performance is judged by the feedback that we give them.

Thus, if your company has any employee surveys going on, be sure to share positive feedback about your manager.

It'll help them get the praise, bonus, or hike that they deserve.

12. A Piece Of Cake


The cake is seen as the quintessential symbol of celebrations.
Find out which treat your boss is particularly fond of and have it delivered to their address.

There is no shortage of sweet, crumbly sweets here, including dark forest, lemon pie, cream meringues, and red velvet.

If your boss isn't a massive fan of sweets, you can swap out the cake for something more savory like "sushi cake."

13. Give Them A Self-Care Basket

Bosses may appear intimidating, but they, too, have hard days at work.

A self-care basket designed to reduce stress is the ideal gift that your boss will appreciate having during such days.

The amazing part? It is incredibly customizable.

Candles, sweets, warm socks, an oversized hoodie, and a box of delicious coffee- the possibilities are endless and cost-effective.

14. Make A Donation On Their Name


Doing good for others is a feeling money can't buy.

If your employer is empathetic and supportive, donating to a charity of their choosing is the perfect gift for them.

15. A Meaningful Gift That Suit Their Tastes

Have you heard your boss mention a fantastic Amazon find? Or did they mention a brand-new gym they've been dying to check out?

Go ahead and use these pieces of information to give your boss a gift that they will love.

16. Be More Proactive


Appreciation is not only voiced but also shown.

To show gratitude and respect for your boss, you can try to be more proactive with your efforts.

That task you've been putting off? Finish it.

Have you been considering a new idea but have been hesitant to approach your boss? Share it.

That meeting scheduled for 3 p.m. today? Be the first person to arrive.

All these small gestures will make your manager feel good about mentoring such a responsible individual. It tells them that the work they have been doing is yielding results.

17. Got A Communication Platform? Appreciate Them There.

Public appreciation is always nice to receive.

If your company has an intercommunication channel, use it to send a considerate message to your manager.

It will make your boss proud to be acknowledged by the team in front of their peers.

18. Gift Cards


Is your boss a movie buff? Or are they more likely to be found hiking during the weekend?

Giving gift cards to their favorite places or experiences is an excellent way to express gratitude to bosses with particular hobbies and interests.

Gift cards can also save you from making a colossal mistake.

For example, are you thinking about giving hiking books to a seasoned hiker? Really? They probably have enough of them.

Instead, give your boss a gift card to their favorite outwear store, and then they can select the gift that they want.

19. Hold A (Virtual) Party

Most times, it's your manager who appreciates you on your birthdays, work anniversaries, or during Employee Appreciation Day.

But now, it's your turn.

Hold a virtual gathering and invite your teammates and boss to attend. Everyone can take turns sharing their fondest recollection of their boss. Meanwhile, you can display placards with the words "Most Amazing Boss In The World" inscribed on them.

With the pandemic and the work-from-home scenario, your boss is likely feeling stressed out and will be blown away by this gesture.

20. The Team Portrait

Believe it or not, for a boss, their team is a source of pride and joy. This Boss's Day, go the traditional route and present a framed team portrait as a memento of all the good and bad times spent together.

21. Video Tributes Always Works!


A photo is well and good, but a video is a more personal and touching testament to how much your boss is loved by the team.

Make a short 5 min video and let your boss be the star. Ask your team members to share some memorable moments that involve your boss. You might very well be surprised to see your boss’s reaction when you show them the video.

22. Dress Like Your Boss


One of the most entertaining ways to celebrate this day would be to have everyone dress up as the boss. However, only do this if your boss is open to humor and enjoys a good laugh, as this idea borders on a prank.

23. Gorgeous Flower Bouquets

Flowers might be old-school for a reason. They work.
A beautiful bouquet is a wonderful way to communicate gratitude, especially when you wish to thank someone for their support.
However, there are choices to hire a professional to create intricate flower arrangements, given that you would be gifting it to your boss (and provided you have the funds for it).

24. Desk Plants


Is your boss a certified plant parent? Are they constantly stressed? Or do they need to brighten up their workspace?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then giving your boss an office-friendly plant (such as succulents) is a great way to show your appreciation.
However, unless you're giving it to a gardening whiz, make sure the plant you're gifting is low-maintenance.


Celebrating Boss's Day 2024 is a once-in-a-year opportunity to thank all of the managers, bosses, and leaders who have always had your back since Day 1. Thus, mark your calendars and express your appreciation for your boss's unwavering support and motivation annually on October 16th.

This article is written by Barasha Medhi who is a part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. Barasha can be found either searching for interesting HR buzzwords to write about or looking at pictures of cozy Bel Air mansions. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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