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24 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas To Celebrate Motherhood At Work

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Mother's Day is observed on the first Sunday of May across the world, as we all know. You've come here to look for Mother's Day gift ideas because you admire the incredible women in your life for their strength and compassion. But it's rare that we think about celebrating it in our workplaces as well.

But we believe every working mom deserves recognition. So today's article is about celebrating the power of motherhood in our workplaces too.

Women and mothers are fifty percent contributors to the US workforce.On a regular basis, these women successfully balance their work and personal lives. If that doesn't deserve to be appreciated, we don't know what does.

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As per the study of Pew Research, seven out of ten mothers with children less than 18 years of age are in the US labor force.

We can’t deny the challenges mothers face while juggling career and family at the same time. It is full of sacrifices, hurdles, and stigmas. Noticing such signs of hard work, many modern organizations recognize and appreciate their working mothers in their workforce by looking for perfect Mother's Day gift ideas and ways to honor working mothers

As an employer, you must understand the importance of rewards and recognition for every employee. Recognizing employees is an essential part of your HCM strategy. It helps elevate motivation, reduce stress, and enhances employee engagement along with employee retention.

With the help of this article, unleash new ways to appreciate your working mothers with some amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas, but first, let’s understand:

The Portrait of a Working Mother

If we were to combine office hours and family chores, an average working mom puts in a total of 98 hours a week. Thus, the pressure to become successful both at work and home are real. We see many women work even after having a baby, but we also see many highly qualified women quit their jobs only to take care of their families.

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Working moms who love to work- desire a workplace culture that supports both personal and professional growth. Many leading businesses have shown support by offering flexible work hours, child care benefits, work from home, and other necessary amenities for an easy transition between work and family life.

Why You Must Recognize Working Mothers

In simple words, employees who get recognized for every small or significant contribution they make at work show a higher level of job satisfaction and increased employee productivity. When you appreciate the mothers in your workplace, you create a safe place that recognizes the value they bring to the table.

Recognition is also important for mothers because they represent a diverse group of sexual and gender minority. For example, mothers are of different types- biological, foster, adoptive, trans and LGBTQ parents who don’t beilive in gender norms. Thus, it is essential to respect every employee and treat everyone with equality, honour and pride.

Keep in mind that rewards and recognition develop a higher level of trust among employees towards managers and the organization as a whole.

Now that you know the importance of corporate gifting and appreciating the working mothers in your workplace, let’s take a look at the mother’s day gift ideas:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Coworkers and Employees

Apart from mother’s day, the Girl Scouts Heart of the South started something called National Working Mother’s Day, which falls on the Friday right before Mother’s Day in the US.

We suggest this is the perfect day for you as an organization to say “thank you” for everything these working mothers do, both at work and home.

Here are 24 Mother’s Day gift ideas and tips for celebrating mother’s day at work:

1. Write a Cute Little Note

There’s nothing more precious than a handcrafted note. Hand out a handwritten note or an email to the super awesome mothers in your office.

2. A Bouquet

Surprise your colleague with a bouquet the moment they walk in. You can also keep it at their desk with the handwritten note, or just send it to their address if they work from home.

3. Give Them a Treat

Order some delicious food or give them coupons to their favorite restaurants. You can either join them for a (virtual) lunch at work or gift them a high-end dining experience that they can enjoy with their families.

4. Movie night

sponsor some movie tickets and give them the day off to watch a movie while spending time with their children.

5. Reward points

Digital rewards and recognition is the best gift for moms working in your organization. You can appreciate their efforts by presenting them with online redeemable points, and in turn, they can choose the reward that they actually want.


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6. A Coffee Mug

This is indeed a thoughtful gift. You can give a customized coffee mug that they can use during travel or even at work. Use a bit of creativity to print something extraordinary on the mug for the awesome moms!

7. A Reusable Water Bottle

Working moms have many things to look after, and while they juggle between work and family, hydration is equally important. This is a good mother’s day gift idea as it will make their day-to-day lives more accessible and keep them hydrated.

8. Deliver a Basket of Goodies

Thanks to the pandemic, remote work has become our new norm! Physical celebration or appreciation is not possible for many organizations. You can send them a basket of goodies like chocolates, coffee, etc., directly to their homes in such a scenario.

9. Work Essentials and Stationery

It gets difficult for us to get out and buy essentials during this COVID-19 outbreak. You can reduce their burden by sending them office essentials and stationery.

10. Make a Playlist

For all the moms who love listening to music, this is the perfect gift. Make a playlist of their favorite songs and send it to them, or you can pay for an online streaming channel like Spotify, and they can groove to their favorite beats whenever they want to.


11. Custom Photo Album

Create a photo album of the mother with their child/children and give them this mother’s day. This photo album can be a scrapbook, collage, or anything. This is a thoughtful gift that will make them feel nostalgic and happy

12. Don’t forget the books

Many mothers love to read but do not get the time. Gifting them a book by their favorite author would encourage them to read often and spend some leisure time. If paperback books are hard to handle you can always give them kindles and ebooks.

13. A laptop Case

One benefit for a work-at-home mother is that they can take their work wherever they go. So gifting them a stylish laptop case can be of much help!

14. Desk Chair

Whether they work from home or the office, gifting a comfortable chair for new mothers or moms-to-be is wise. This will ensure they are at comfort when they work.

15. Essential oil kit

This mother’s day gift idea is suitable for new moms or women who are about to deliver. They tend to become sensitive to certain smells; thus, gifting them their preferred essential oil kit may help them cope with morning sickness.


16. Cradle and newborn supplies

The best mother’s day gift idea for new moms and moms who are about to deliver. Shower them with all the support and love by gifting a cradle or newborn supplies like towels and nappies for the new member who arrived or is yet to arrive.

17. Plant or a Flower Pot

A thoughtful and eco-friendly gift for all working mothers. A plant is a source of positive and fresh energy. As mothers, they will have the nurturing trait and will feel connected to the plant itself

18. Virtual Tea Party

Organize a virtual tea party with all the team members if you’re working from home due to the pandemic. A great way to enhance employee engagement, as you wish the moms a happy mother’s day and spend an evening with lots of talks and gossip while you sip on a cuppa tea!

19. Take your Child to Work Day

The US celebrates a day called “Take Your Child To Work Day” on 22nd April. But, many companies organize this event on various other days of the year, too. So, this Mother’s day, encourage your working mothers to get their child to work physically or virtually and let them spend the day to see how their mother works. You can also make this exciting by introducing games and discussions—a fantastic gift for the mothers and their children.

20. Self-Care Box

We all know different moms have different priorities. But if you know a type of mom who loves make-up, this is the best mother’s day gift idea. Gift her a customized self-care box so she can dazzle at the home, office, or everywhere she goes.


Few Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day At Work

21. Respect Non-Hegemonic Family Structures

Keep in mind, every employee of yours might not have grown up in the same family environment as yours. Some might have been raised by two mothers, stepmothers, or grandparents. Some might not even have parents, or might have lost their parents recently. You must educate yourself on such matters and celebrate them for what they are.

22. Take Their Opinion Before you Organize the Celebration

We’re saying this because Mother’s day falls on a Sunday, and chances are people might not turn up as they might want to spend time with their families. Most women might not want to celebrate this day in office, so you must know their preference.

23. Involve the Family

This is an occasion that gives you a great opportunity to invite parents or children of your working mothers to the workplace. It would be great if you organize a few family-friendly activities and welcome kids, partners, and parents of the working mother employee to join the celebration.

24. Avoid Shallow Gestures

Kindly remember, wishing women a happy Mother’s day and organizing fun activities for the day does not mean you’re supporting them for the whole year. Celebration is only a step towards building a positive and equal workplace for all. A step towards diversity and inclusion that leads to organizational success. Remember to provide flexible work hours, child health benefits, and emergency family day-offs for all working mothers.


These were the unique 24 mother's day gift ideas and tips to celebrate mother's day at work. It's time to celebrate working mothers for all their efforts they make to become succesful both at work and at home.

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This article is written by Gautam Gayan. He works as a Content Marketer at Vantage Circle. Apart from being a passionate content creator for HR services and employee engagement, Gautam is a theatre enthusiast, an avid reader and an aspiring poet. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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