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9 Best HR Career Options You Should Consider Next

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In the corporate world, the job of HR is one of the most fulfilling ones. This is because they get to play one of the most vital roles in a corporate body, i.e., managing the workforce. The workforce is the lifeblood of a company upon which lies the entire future of the company.

For this reason, proper talent management of the workforce is imperative, and hence the birth of an HR career. From recruiting to mentoring, training, management, and the send-off, an HR's role is immense in each of these stages.

It is also for this reason why the HR career is full of opportunities within the corporate space. Jobs are in abundance, learning opportunities, specialization options, and the list go on.

To shed light on this profession's vastness, today, we are looking into a few opportunities, specifically the specialization and job titles. So, if you're thinking of taking the next big step in your HR career, here are a few options you can consider next.

9 Best Options You Can Consider Next In Your HR Career

1. HR Consultant

Best for: Individuals who want are in this career for monetary gain and financial benefits.

An HR consultant is like a lone wolf who is not a part of any organization but instead offers HR services at a cost. This is increasingly becoming more popular in a world where an HR manager's work is getting magnified.

A company where the HR department doesn't have proper workload management measures will suffer a ton of work without proper management. Here, these companies can outsource a few of the work to ease the HR consultant's workload.

Here, since the HR consultants work alone, they have the privilege to work with whomever they want. After they land a project, they assess their needs and offer the services following the situation. The services can be anything from recruitment to management.

2. International Human Resource Professionals

Best for: Workers looking to travel the world while they work.

This exciting designation of our HR career opportunities is a particularly appealing one for the traveling enthusiast. The job here of an International Human Resource Professionals is hiring candidates for positions all across the globe. Here, one can be in charge of hiring, training, employee development, etc.

The work is similar to an HR Manager but with a broader range of clients worldwide. It is also a very rewarding designation in the Human Resources field and one of the most exciting ones.

3. Human Resource Executive (Chief HR Officer, VP of Human Resources, etc.)

Best for: Individuals looking to climb up the corporate ladder.

This career line is for individuals who are excellent at the job and want to earn a seven-figure salary per month. You can assume the designation in this sector as the topmost HR position in a corporate. To qualify for such a job, one needs a fair amount of experience and an even better track record.

These employees are the senior-most HR role, mainly framing HR and hiring strategies, including policies and systems within the company. If you want to qualify for such a position, it is safe to assume that you will need somewhere around 15-20 years of experience.

4. Training and Development Manager

Best for: The employees who love to teach.

Training and Development Manager looks into the employee training and employee development of the workforce. They do this by organizing corporate events, employee training sessions, workshops, etc. In this role, the managers mainly look into ways to develop a competent workforce through internal training.

5. Employee Education Consultant

Best for: Workers who love to teach and want to work in a consultancy environment.

An Employee Education Consultant combines the work of a training and development manager and an HR consultant. Here, the individuals of this designation offer their training services in a freelance environment. In this case, companies generally hire trainers on a retainer basis for training jobs.

After their work is over with a particular company, they can move on to the next client. It is a great career opportunity who loves their freedom and wants to train a workforce.

6. HR Entrepreneur

Best for: Individuals to start their own business in the Human Resources Field.

Here, you might know these individuals by the name of headhunters. These are recruiters who work independently and feed employees into different companies. However, their services don't only stop at recruiting. They can also be in employee leasing, i.e., lending of workers for a specific time frame.

These individuals can set up shop and start offering their services to various clients for a fee.

7. Executive Recruiter

Best for: People looking to make money while working with high-ranking corporate officials.

An Executive Recruiter's role is to fill the vacancies of high-ranking positions like CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, etc. They are specialists in building relationships and maintaining connections with top corporate employees in higher-level management. These recruiters either charge per recruitment or work as a retainer.

This field is also tough to get into as it is a very rewarding one wherein you must contact with the corporate world's elites.

8. Human Resource Manager

Best for: The entry-level workers who want to get the feel of the entire field.

These are the HR employees who work at the ground level and implement the policies set by top-level management. They are closely knit with the workforce and get to experience the actual workings an HR first-hand. The work of these managers includes recruitment, training, and development, management, etc.

9. Non-Profit Human Resource Expert

Best for: People who would like to go into the charity line and find purpose in helping the world.

As the name suggests, a Non-Profit Human Resource Expert could be a professional in the non-profit sector. These workers do all the work like recruiting, managing, etc., but in a non-profit organizational space.

These were our count of the nine best HR Career moves you can consider next as per your liking.


A Career in HR is one of the most sought after in the current day and age, and rightfully so. You can take the responsibility to train yourself, leadership opportunities to hone yourself, and the authority to steer a company towards success. In short, it has all the necessities of a fulfilling career.

Plus, after looking at the above-mentioned superb career opportunities, the tag of an HR seems sweeter than ever! For reasons as such, the number of HR professionals is growing fast over the years. Also, as long as the world has businesses, the need for HR will never diminish.

In this regard, a career in human resources is also very secure. For this reason, you should work hard and carefully plan your next move to excel in this career path. To do so, we hope this blog helped you gain an idea of how you can progress ahead in your HR career.

This article is written by Jyoti Prakash Barman. He is an in-house Content Marketer at Vantage Circle with interests in music and automobiles. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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