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Ultimate HR Calendar 2024: Key Dates (+How To Celebrate Them)

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As an HR professional, starting the new year by finding, curating, and planning for the upcoming events in the coming months is a not-so-fun start. To make that task easier for you, we have curated an HR Calendar 2024 that contains a comprehensive list of holidays, special events, and culturally significant moments that you should mark (and plan for) in 2024.

From New Year's Day to Christmas— commemorating even some of these holidays can, in some way, become a team tradition that takes your company culture to the next level. We've also added some extra advice as a bonus to help you make the occasion extra special for your employees.

So, without any further ado, let's dive right in.

The Comprehensive 2024 HR Calendar That Needs To Be Pinned Up



National Hobby Month

What do Gmail, Unsplash, and Twitter have in common? All of them were side projects! Hobbies and passions can produce something beautiful that can often change the course of the world.

Set up a mini challenge for National Hobby Month where you ask your team to dedicate an hour of every workday to a hobby and show it off at the end of the month. Assign a prize (preferably monetary) for the best entry.

National Thank You Month

Set up a bulletin board where employees can pin up their thank you messages for the person who is their biggest supporter in the workplace. Alternatively, suppose you don’t want things to be anonymous. In that case, you can ask your employees to write a virtual message for the peer(s) they appreciate and share it in your company’s main communication channels for all to see.

New Year’s Day: January 1, 2024, Monday

Keep it simple by sending a short and sweet card alongside a thoughtful hamper to usher in the New Year.

World Day of Peace: January 1, 2024, Monday

What day is better to hold a conflict resolution seminar than today? Conflicts, like mold, can eat away at the authenticity of your culture until it's too late to fix. Educate employees and managers on handling problems with grace, understanding, and forgiveness to help avoid them.

World Introvert Day: January 2, 2024, Tuesday

Introverted employees are often misunderstood and judged for things beyond their control. Allowing introverted employees to be team leaders for a day can help dispel the myth that introverts are bad employees by allowing their peers to see how processes become more logical, systematic, and productive.

National Trivia Day: January 4, 2024, Wednesday

Office trivia contests are perhaps one of the easiest employee engagement activities to organize. Here is a list of our favorite trivia questions perfect for office events.

Want to organize a new year trivia question session? If yes, then just click here and explore more about it.

Clean Off Your Desk Day: January 8, 2024, Monday

Let's face it. A messy or dirty desk immediately degrades the workplace environment. Make it a requirement for people to clean their desks on Clean Off Your Desk Day. The owner of the most aesthetically pleasing desk wins a prize!

International Thank You Day: January 11, 2024, Thursday

You can go about this in different ways, but our personal favorite is when we assign reward points to everyone in the organization so that they can redeem them on the gift of their choice.

To distribute reward points uniformly across the organization and locations, we use Vantage Rewards- our rewards and recognition platform- that makes reward management as simple as clicking a button.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (#MLKDay): January 15, 2024, Monday

To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, assemble your team to volunteer and carry out acts of service for underprivileged communities, organize food drives, and educate your people about how racism persists in all aspects of our society.

Thank Your Mentor Day: January 21, 2024, Saturday

Mentors usually work behind the scenes, but on Thank Your Mentor Day, they deserve to be lauded and appreciated with the spotlight on them for once. We strongly advise dedicating social media postings to the workers who, more often than not, end up being the ones who support and mentor others in their professional careers.

Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD): January 22, 2024, Monday

This is the day for those who helped build your brand from the ground up. A nice bottle of wine, a sponsored lunch at a nice restaurant, and a personal thank you from the CEO will make these people feel special.

National Compliment Day (United States): January 24, 2024, Wednesday

Ask every employee to compliment that one person who they think goes unappreciated a lot for the efforts they put in.



Black History Month

Black History Month is a monumental part of the American culture and the world, and its implications are not lost on the workplace. Since it’s such a powerful event, we have dedicated an entire article to how you can honor Black History Month at work.

Wear Red Day: February 2, 2024, Friday

A fun theme idea that is easy to execute by having everyone in the office wear red for the day.

Send a Card to a Friend Day: February 7, 2024, Wednesday

Workplace friendships are extremely precious, and this day is meant to honor the ones who keep us sane even when deadlines pile up. Make some lovely blank cards readily available to your employees so they can send thoughtful notes of appreciation to each other.

National Pizza Day: February 9, 2024, Friday

Have a Make Your Own Pizza counter where employees can choose and customize their own pizza. The best Pizza wins a goodie associated with Pizza.

Chinese New Year: February 10, 2024, Saturday

Host an office lunch featuring Chinese cuisine typically enjoyed on Lunar New Year, like mooncakes, tangerines, and dumplings.

Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2024, Wednesday

Valentine’s Day: It’s the season of love, and why limit it to romantic partners anyway? Show how much you love your team by decorating the office, setting a theme, sending thoughtful cards, and maybe some corporate gift cards to celebrate this day.

Random Acts of Kindness Day: February 17, 2024, Saturday

Have a Secret Santa-esque lucky draw where people pick out one name and do something special for that person.

President’s Day: February 19, 2024, Monday

Because President's Day is a corporate holiday, the simplest thing you can do is send an email wishing your team a happy holiday. However, if you want the email to stand out by adding some extra pizzazz, add some fun animations or videos depicting the history of President's Day.



Women’s History Month

The modern working woman has to face several fights even to stand a chance in the interview process, including being underpaid, dealing with sexual harassment, and having their successes dismissed. This piece offers suggestions for celebrating these superwomen during Women's History Month.

Wheelchair Day: March 1, 2024, Friday

For Wheelchair Day, amp up your inclusivity quotient by adding wheelchair ramps to your office, making it more accessible for differently-abled people.

Employee Appreciation Day: March 1, 2024, Friday

If employee engagement is your aim, this is The Holiday to spend your time, money, and resources. We have an entire article devoted to how you can make the most of this day by making your employees feel like they are an integral part of your company.

Day of Unplugging: March 1, 2024, Friday

Since this falls on a weekend, hold a contest to see which person has the least screen time for this day. The person who wins can get an additional perk, such as an extra day off or the most coveted parking spot for a month.

Dentist’s Day: March 6, 2024, Wednesday

If you are an HR professional working in a hospital or dental practice, this is a significant day to make all the employees, aka dentists, feel special. Blow up the news on your social media channels, share a dental kit with every patient who comes in on that day, and most of all, celebrate by taking the staff out for a luxurious lunch.

International Women's Day: March 8, 2024, Friday

Check out our blog on International Women's Day for a detailed list of ideas that you can adopt to make your company a place that focuses on the physical and physiological safety of your female employees.

First day of Ramadan: March 10, 2024, Sunday

Ramadan, a month-long fast observed by practicing Muslims, can be difficult to get through owing to the numerous sensitivities associated with it. Here's how you can make Ramadan a little easier for your employees who are fasting.

National Organize Your Home Office Day: March 12, 2024, Tuesday

Giving your employees something to liven up their home workspaces, whether they work remotely or not, motivates them to go through an otherwise routine dull day. We recommend high-end chairs, a new monitor, or even a succulent for the plant parents.

National Good Samaritan Day: March 13, 2024, Wednesday

Do you know one individual at work who is always willing to lend a hand? Yes, that nice Samaritan is the focus of the day! Hold an anonymous vote where the top 3 winners—those who people think have the largest softies and the most giving hearts—are given something special. A corporate-sponsored vacation sounds good, doesn’t it?

St. Patrick’s Day: March 17, 2024, Sunday

Deck your office with green everything— streamers, balloons, and bite-sized treats. Also, ask people to dress up in green and give bonus points to anyone to comes as a leprechaun.

International Day of Happiness: March 20, 2024, Wednesday

Happiness is elusive, and it has become an impossible goal for many. Call in a mental health expert to hold an active discussion on what happiness can mean in a world as chaotic as ours. Request that the expert assists your employees in navigating how to avoid unrealistic expectations of what it means to be happy and having a breakdown when they cannot meet those expectations.

International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination: March 21, 2024, Thursday

The main focus of this day should be to have a 1:1 with your racially diverse employees and review their experience in your company. Remember not to be defensive and have the reviewer panel include a diverse group so that no unconscious bias is formed.

Earth Hour Day: March 23, 2024, Saturday

If your company isn't already sustainable, make a commitment to start. Begin by recycling all office waste or planting more trees around the office.

Holi Festival: March 25, 2024, Monday

If you have any Indian-origin employees in your workforce, celebrating Holi- the festival of colors- sends the message that you honor their heritage. Here are some easy ideas for celebrating Holi in the workplace.

International Transgender Visibility Day: March 31, 2024, Sunday

Commit to being more inclusive, starting right from the hiring process. Meanwhile, conduct an employee poll to determine how many employees in the office are open to working with a transgender person. If the numbers are really bad, the culture needs a major overhaul, and you should plan accordingly.



National Volunteer Month

Plan and organize CSR activities throughout this month. Donate a certain amount to their favorite charity to make this month feel even more impactful for your employees.

National Autism Awareness Month

Autism awareness should come from someone who has firsthand experience with autism or has researched its impacts. To dispel common misconceptions about autistic persons, enlist the help of an autistic public speaker or a medical professional who specializes in autism. Include a Q&A session to make it a lively conversation.

International Fun at Work Day: April 1, 2024, Monday

Even if your company culture gears towards being more traditionalist, here are some ideas on adding the “fun” element to your employees’ lives and boosting morale.

April Fool’s Day: April 1, 2024, Monday

A harmless prank from the HR team is the perfect way to start the fiscal year. Here are some safe office pranks that you can take inspiration from.

World Autism Awareness Day: April 2, 2024, Tuesday

Take a leaf out of Microsoft's books and launch a dedicated neurodiversity hiring program.

Equal Pay Day: April 9, 2024, Tuesday

If you expect transparency from your employees, the reverse also stands true. Send a detailed notice on how salary ranges are calculated across the company (exact numbers are not required) and allow your employees to ask any questions regarding it.

Last Day of Ramadan: April 09, 2024, Tuesday

The last day of Ramadan marks the end of the holy month for Muslims and signifies that it’s Eid.

National Pet Day: April 11, 2024, Thursday

Nothing says "National Pet Day," like permitting your employees to bring their furry friends to work.

National Grilled Cheese Day: April 12, 2024, Friday

Bring in grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone to enjoy, but make sure to account for any dietary preferences or restrictions.

Patriot’s Day: April 15, 2024, Monday

It is appropriate to have a memorial wake in honor of the troops martyred in the 1775 battles of Concord and Lexington, which took place close to Boston.

National High-Five Day: April 18, 2024, Thursday

When you want to thank someone for being a delight to work with, high-fives are far superior to handshakes. Make it mandatory for people to high-five at random on this day.

Volunteer Recognition Day: April 20, 2024, Saturday

Do you have a coworker who has always supported and advocated for societal causes and communities? Donating to their favorite charity is the most meaningful way to show that you appreciate and support their efforts. Though such selfless people rarely brag about their accomplishments, remember to recognize their efforts publicly.

Administrative Professionals Week: April 21-27, 2024, Sunday-Saturday

Check out this list of Administrative Professionals Day ideas for ways to honor the team that keeps the office running smoothly so that others can work in peace.

Administrative Professionals Day: April 21, 2024, Sunday

Administrative Professionals Day (APD) is a chance to show genuine appreciation for the amazing people who keep the wheels turning in your workplace. You can share handwritten thank-you cards, small gifts, public recognition or run errands for them. Check out our list of Administrative Professionals Day ideas to show them the necessary acknowledgement.

Earth Day: April 22, 2024, Monday

A plantation drive, sustainability development training, or even a challenge to staff to use as little plastic as possible for a week are all plausible ideas to observe Earth Day at the workplace.

Take Your Daughter/Son to Work Day: April 25, 2024, Thursday

Enabling your employees to show off what they do to their children is perhaps one of the most pivotal connections of loyalty you can foster.



Mental Health Month

The biggest stigmas for most people dealing with mental health problems are admitting it exists, talking about it, and reaching out for help. Asking a seasoned mental health professional or even a survivor to shed light on navigating life while dealing with such issues can be eye-opening for many. Meanwhile, appoint an in-office counselor so that your employees have someone to talk to.

Asian American and South Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

To commemorate this day, make a short presentation in which your AAPI employees walk everyone through the history and significance of their communities. Additionally, you can gift corporate care baskets to everyone with content sourced from local AAPI communities to help these brands thrive.

Jewish American Heritage Month

Aside from awareness (where you can visit nearby Jewish museums or have a virtual keynote speaker detailing the history of Jewish Americans), one of our other favorite ideas is to host a Jewish-themed potluck.

May Day: May 1, 2024, Wednesday

For May Day, we love to give some virtual reward points to our team so that they can spend them on the gift that they actually want.

World Password Day: May 2, 2024, Thursday

Send a gentle reminder to your employees to renew their old passwords and have your IT department walk them through the basics of cyber safety.

International Firefighters Day: May 4, 2024, Saturday

Call in one of your local firemen to educate your team on the importance of fire safety, and don’t forget to laud and celebrate the heroics of the esteemed guest. Notably, you can also donate to your local fire department.

Cinco De Mayo: May 5, 2024, Sunday

You can go all out for this day and host a massive Cinco De Mayo-themed costume party.

Thank A Teacher Day: May 6th, 2024, Monday

We have already shared some great ideas on celebrating the teachers in your life in this article. Have a read and implement your ideas by taking inspiration from the article.

National Nurses Day: May 6, 2024, Monday

Write thank you notes to all of the nurses on your team. Dedicate your social media posts for the day to the nurses, or better yet, post a video that explores the numerous challenges they face on a daily basis.

National Receptionists Day: May 8, 2024, Wednesday

For the lovely receptionist at your workplace, this day can be made extra special by decking up their desks, taking them out for lunch, and rewarding them they won’t forget for a long time.

Mother’s Day: May 12, 2024, Sunday

Juggling, a mother and a working professional, deserves some extra appreciation, such as these Mother’s Day gift ideas.
Love a Tree Day: May 16, 2024, Thursday

For every employee, plant their favorite tree with their names attached to it.

International HR Day: May 20, 2024, Friday

It’s not easy being an HR and always appreciative around the workplace. Here are a few ideas that C-suite leaders can use to make their most selfless team feel like a million bucks on International HR Day.

Geek Pride Day: May 25, 2024, Saturday

The geeks on your team will love receiving personalized gift baskets with some branded products showcasing their favorite characters.

Memorial Day: May 27, 2024, Monday

For Memorial Day, invite local veterans to share stories of their experiences and help the employees understand the sacrifices the national troops put in daily.



LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

Pride Month is all about spreading awareness of the LGBTQIA community and how the world has progressed in recent times. You can educate the employees about it and showcase how workplaces are now more open to the community and accept people of that particular community.

Global Parents Day: June 1, 2024, Saturday

Dedicate this day to the working parents and the efforts they put into parenting. You can create a small package to help them raise their child financially.

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day: June 2, 2024, Sunday

This day commemorates the iconic ice cream flavor enjoyed with great zeal and fervor. You can celebrate this day by placing an ice cream counter in the cafeteria specially designed to hand out ice cream.

Leave the Office Early Day: June 3, 2024, Monday

Wrap up the work early on this day take the workforce out for a sumptuous dinner, and award their efforts in the workplace.

World Environment Day: June 5, 2024, Wednesday

Dedicate this day to raising awareness about the importance of having a clean and green environment. Do a plantation drive with the collaboration of different NGOs and do your bit to save the environment.

National Donut Day: June 7, 2024, Friday

Donuts are your go-to snack to have with coffee. Organize a counter in the cafeteria with a variety of donuts from which employees can choose.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: June 7, 2024, Friday

Indulge in celebrating the most loved ice cream flavor by having an ice cream bar installed for the day. Also arrange goodies for the employees like ice cream kits and ice cream themed t-shirts.

Flag Day: June 14, 2024, Friday

Flag Day commemorates the date in 1777 and honors the national flag of the United States when the design was first approved. You can celebrate this day by decorating the workplace with the national flag colors and organizing events that will spread the history of the national flag.

Father’s Day: June 16, 2024, Sunday

Host a special lunch for all the Fathers of your employees and hand out gifts to make them feel special on this day.

International Yoga Day: June 21, 2024, Friday

Organize yoga sessions where employees can join in and practice yoga. On top of that, educate them about the benefits of doing yoga on a daily basis.

National Selfie Day: June 21, 2024, Friday

Create a selfie booth where employees can take fun selfies with their co-workers and make unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever.

National Take a Dog to Work Day: June 21, 2024, Friday

Allow the employees to bring their furry friends with them and hand out gift hampers that they can use to pamper their dogs.

International Pride Day: June 28, 2024, Friday

Align the celebration of this day with the LGBTQAI+ month celebrations and make the workplace aware of the community.



International Joke Day: July 1, 2024, Monday

Share jokes (good or bad) with everyone in the workplace and spread joy all around.

Independence Day: July 4, 2024, Thursday

Decorate the workplace with the national flag colors.

National Workaholics Day: July 5, 2024, Friday

Dedicate this day to the employees who work the hardest.

World Chocolate Day: July 7, 2024, Sunday

Gift your employees an exclusive chocolate hamper that will light up their day.

World Emoji Day: July 17, 2024, Wednesday

Ask the employees to handcraft the emoji of their choice and stick it on their cubicle walls.

National Ice Cream Day: July 21, 2024, Sunday

Place ice cream counters for the workforce to enjoy the day.

International Self-Care Day: July 24, 2024, Wednesday

Promote the importance of self-care and hand out self-care goodies.

National Intern Day: July 25, 2024, Thursday

Welcome the interns with notes and goodies to help them settle while introducing each other in the workplace.

Parents’ Day: July 28, 2024, Sunday

Organize a special lunch for your employees’ parents and hand out gifts.



National Wellness Month

Organize a month-long wellness campaign and incentivize it.

International Day of Friendship: Aug 4, 2024, Sunday

Keep a bowl of friendship bands so that employees can gift their closest friends.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: August 4, 2024, Sunday

Hold a cookie competition to bring out the cook in the employees.

Book Lovers Day: August 9, 2024, Friday

Turn your lounge into a library for a day and let the bibliophiles explore a wide range of books.

National S’mores Day: August 10, 2024, Saturday

Hand out marshmallow goodies to everyone in the workforce and give them an opportunity to go camping.

Left-Handers Day: August 13, 2024, Tuesday

Organizing a campaign that will spread awareness about having a dominant left hand is normal. You can do it too and ask your employees to become left handers for a few hours.

National Financial Awareness Day: August 14, 2024, Wednesday

Encourage the workforce to focus on the importance of financial wellness and how they can get wealthy.

National Relaxation Day: August 15, 2024, Thursday

Announce in the organization that everyone can just chill out and relax for this special day. No work needs to be done!

World Photography Day: August 19, 2024, Monday

Hold a photography competition and select the photographer that stands out in the workforce.

Women’s Equality Day: August 26, 2024, Monday

Acknowledge and give special rewards to the women employees and recognize them for their contributions.

Eat Outside Day: August 31, 2024, Saturday

Take the workforce to an engaging place for a delicious lunch where everyone can sit back and relax for the day.



Hispanic Heritage Month

Signify the importance, history, and culture of Latinos and make the workforce aware of it in the workplace.

Labor Day: September 2, 2024, Monday

Appreciate the workforce and hand them a small bonus for their hard work and commitment.

National Payroll Week: September 3-7, 2024, Tuesday-Saturday

Let the workforce know how critical they are to the organization by thanking them for their efforts.

National 401(K) Day: September 6, 2024, Friday

Re-evaluate your employees' retirement plans and curate a perfect plan for them. As a token of appreciation you can create add-ons to their retirement plans as well.

Patriot Day: September 11, 2024, Wednesday

Pay homage with flowers in the workplace to the ones who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

National Working Parents Day: September 16, 2024, Monday

Commemorate and recognize the working parents financially on this auspicious day. Keep it a surprise!

National Cleanup Day: September 21, 2024, Saturday

Collaborate with NGOs that work around waste collection and ask the employees to volunteer towards a cleaner earth.

National Indoor Plant Week: September 15-21, 2024, Sunday-Saturday

Make the workplace green by gifting succulent plants and colorful flowers to employees.

IT Professionals Day: September 17, 2024, Tuesday

Honor your IT department for keeping the technological jargon intact in the workplace. You can give them things they love. Ask them right away!

International Equal Pay Day: September 18, 2024, Wednesday

Highlight the issue of the gender pay gap and raise awareness in the workplace. Be more transparent about it!

World Gratitude Day: September 21, 2024, Saturday

Organize a gratitude dinner for the entire workforce and show gratitude towards them.

Human Resources Professionals Day: September 26, 2024, Thursday

Show your appreciation towards the HR department for their precise decision-making that helps keep things intact in the workplace.

Women’s Health and Fitness Day: September 25, 2024, Wednesday

Make this day memorable and spread awareness of how crucial Women’s health and fitness is in the present workplace.



Global Diversity Awareness Month

Spread awareness about the importance of diversity and how workplaces are evolving. You can go for an interactive drama script with a valuable message.

National Learning and Development Month

Learning and development never stop. Provide the employees with plans that will help them learn their favorite courses and enhance their learning capabilities.

National Do Something Nice Day: October 5, 2024, Saturday

Doing something nice shows compassion and the aspect of being a human. You can celebrate this day by doing something nice for the employees, like taking them out for lunch, showing appreciation for their hard work, rewarding them with monetary incentives, and much more.

National Work Life Week: October 7-13, 2024, Monday-Sunday

Promote the significance of a healthy work-life balance and develop strategies to support the cause.

Indigenous Peoples Day: October 14, 2024, Monday

Set a dress theme that will commemorate the history and culture of the indigenous people. Award the best dressed employee for the day and acknowledge them socially.

World Mental Health Day: October 10, 2024, Thursday

The focus here is to heed mental health and how employees can approach leading a stress-free life.

National Dessert Day: October 14, 2024, Monday

What a day to celebrate in the workplace. Organize a dessert party for the workforce to enjoy the day.

National Bosses Day: October 16, 2024, Wednesday

It’s time for the employees to show appreciation towards their boss on this auspicious day. They can come up with their own ideas and make the boss happy.

National Business Women’s Week: October 14-20, 2024, Monday-Sunday, Third week of October

You can celebrate this week by organizing a week-long campaign that acknowledges the accomplishments of women in the workplace.

National Mentoring Day: October 27, 2024, Sunday

A perfect day to guide the workforce in becoming future leaders. Give them tips and tricks on how they can become successful. (P.S. You can do that every day though.)

Halloween Celebration: October 31, 2024, Thursday

Time for everyone to bring out their spooky attire and become the character they desired for the day.



National Gratitude Month

The month of November is all about showing gratitude towards your employees. Appreciate them, reward them, compensate them well, and you can do much more the whole month.

National Native American Heritage Month

For the whole month, you can organize a campaign that will enlighten the younger workforce about the history, culture, and traditions of Native Americans.

National Career Development Month

Employees need Career enhancement to help them explore the different career paths according to their skills. Dedicate this month to enhancing the learning process of the employees and aligning their careers with the jobs they love to do.

International Stress Awareness Day(First Wednesday of November, 6th of November, 2024, Wednesday)

Employee stress can be daunting. Organize stress awareness campaigns through which employees can tackle the growing stress that has been plaguing them.

National Stress Awareness Day: November 6, 2024, Wednesday

You can do the same things like International Stress Awareness Day and do the needful to curb the stress of your employees.

Veterans Day: November 11, 2024, Monday

Commemorate and dedicate this day to veterans and their families by handing them gifts and care packages.

World Kindness Day: November 13, 2024, Wednesday

Life is all about giving and being humble towards each other. It’s a human aspect that should be taught to everyone. And this is the same thing that you can do in the workplace. Hold sessions for a day to enlighten the employees about how kindness can be a part of their everyday lives.

Thanksgiving Day: November 28, 2024, Thursday

Organize cooking competitions with the Thanksgiving theme. Award the best dish with Thanksgiving gift hampers for the whole family. Also, don't forget to send heartfelt Thanksgiving messages to everyone in your team.



World AIDS Day: December 1, 2024, Sunday

Spread the awareness of how AIDS has evolved and what the medical community is doing to curb the disease.

International Day for People with Disabilities: December 3, 2024, Tuesday

Help people with disabilities by providing them with things they need the most. Collaborate with NGOs and financially aid them.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day: December 4, 2024, Wednesday

Teams are pivotal to the success of an organization. Award the teams for their extraordinary contributions and dedication with goodies of their choice.

(Tip: You can give them team bonuses as well.)

National Cookie Day: December 4, 2024, Wednesday

Organize a baking competition and ask the employees to join to celebrate national cookie day. Hold a prize distribution ceremony at the end of the event to make it more engaging.

International Volunteer Day: December 5, 2024, Thursday

Encourage the workforce to show their appreciation and support to the volunteers who tirelessly work worldwide in making the world a better place to live in.

Human Rights Day: December 10, 2024, Tuesday

Educate the workforce about the human rights that exist and how the world is tackling to solve the issue of human rights violations. It will be an important lesson to help them spread the word about human rights.

National Ugly Sweater Day: December 20, 2024, Friday

Mark your calendars, ugly sweater enthusiasts! Ask the employees to wear their ugliest sweater to work. Award the employee who wears the ugliest sweater and make it a fun day at work.

Christmas Celebrations: December 25, 2024, Wednesday

A beautiful time of the year, as usual. Decorate the workplace and hold a competition to see who dresses the best on this day.

(Note: Organize a Zoom meeting for this if your team is remote.)

Read more: 60 Meaningful Christmas Messages To Employees For 2024

National Thank You Note Day: December 26, 2024, Thursday

Send thank you notes and goodies to the employee's home and make them feel valuable.

This article was co-authored by Mrinmoy Rabha and Barasha Medhi, who are part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. For any queries reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com.

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