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How to Organize Culture Events for Employees

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Communication is an extremely effective tool, particularly when combined with group activities. Employee culture events demonstrate their effectiveness in all areas of the workplace, providing employees with a positive working environment, well-being, and life satisfaction.

Especially now that most of us are working from home, it allows people to know each other better in a virtual setting and also enhances a company’s culture. Let's look at why it's important to organize cultural events for employees and how to make them a huge success.

Importance of Culture Events For Employees

To build workplaces that want to enhance their employee retention rates, holding culture events for employees is a great way to do so. There are many benefits of holding in-team social events, so let's explore the reasons why it is vital for your company.

1. Improved In-Team Communication

Firstly, spending time with your colleagues in informal settings when doing group activities helps build stronger relationships. You get to know each other better, contributing to comfortable communication on a more personal level in a workplace.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Relaxing and communicating with colleagues contribute to a higher employee productivity level. Employees' good communication skills allow them to solve challenges and work on projects with less friction easily.

3. Boosted Morale

Culture team-building events and fun activities at the workplace positively influence employer-employee relationships. Managers have the opportunity to express their appreciation for employee service and encourage employees to achieve new goals, ensuring that everyone feels valued.

4. Leaders Debut

Another great advantage of cultural events is that it helps to identify all the potential leaders. Employees that are actively involved will have the chance to demonstrate the interpersonal qualities that make them valuable to the company.

5. Enhanced Culture

Team-building activities boost employee engagement and help to establish a reputable workplace culture. An organization’s involvement in its employees' wellness, relationships, and work-life balance is demonstrated when it hosts entertaining company events.

6 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas That Actually Works

There are so many employee engagement activities ideas, such as happy hours and lunch and learns, that it may be challenging to choose the best one for your employees. This shortlist will help you make the right choice and enjoy team-building group activities.

1. Team Challenges

Seek extraordinary office event ideas that employees can do at home with pleasure? Then you should arrange team challenges like giving creative tasks and completing them to earn points. Such friendly competitions are an excellent way to have fun and boost team spirit, especially if you make up teams. Send photos or compete in an online mode if you like.

2. Escape Room

This activity is a wonderful choice for people looking for fun activities at the workplace. Escape rooms have become an online culture event, so you can choose whatever activity mode you find appropriate. Employees will unite to solve riddles and get out of trouble together. Besides, this engaging activity enhances cooperation and strategic thinking.

3. Book Night

A book night event is one of the most desired office event ideas. The pandemic brought books back into our lives, and people started to read significantly more. Employees can discuss books they've recently read and recommend to each other what to read next. Another wonderful idea is to read one book and discuss it together. You can do it in the office or arrange online meetings.

4. Movie Screening

If you seek classical office event ideas, organize a film screening at the workplace or online. It'd be great to watch the old atmospheric film, for example, converted from old cassettes, so consider using this conversion tool. Question employees what genre they want to watch and choose a powerful motion picture.

5. Board Games

It is one of the group activities that you can do both online and in real life. Most board games are available online now, so choose your favorite game and enjoy a team-building event.

There are a lot of enticing games that may be connected to your profession or the ones that help develop the critical thinking and intuition necessary in the workplace.

6. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is among the best fun activities at the workplace, allowing employees to relax and discuss important matters. You can invite a sommelier who will make it a special event.

You can also dress up as if you're going on a virtual tour of one of the world's most famous wine regions. You can enjoy the occasion by substituting non-alcoholic drinks such as cocktails or coffee for the wine.

What To Think About When Planning A Company Cultural Event?

Whether you organize an in-person or online event, there are crucial things to consider that will make your team-building meeting enjoyable and unforgettable.

1. Set Goals

Culture event planning requires setting clear goals for your team-building activities. Define with your colleagues what aspects you expect to improve and make a concerted effort to make your plans true. When making an event scenario, you can add inspiring quotes to unite the team under a common goal.

It enables you to select an appropriate activity for your team that will bring people enjoyment while also helping in achieving the desired results. Your meeting may be aimed at building relationships, improving communication and connection, boosting morale, or simply having fun in an informal setting.

2. Plan Budget

Another crucial element in a team-building plan is setting an event budget. It should entail all your expenses to satisfy everyone's needs and expectations. Make sure the budget doesn't run out of control, and your team plans everything.

However, sometimes it's challenging to predict how much a realization of an event idea may cost.

Proper event planning must cover unexpected expenses so that no one is inconvenienced before or during the celebration. Mind that a virtual team culture event requires less cost, but you have to be creative to hold it at a decent level.

3. Delegate Tasks

Organizing a cultural event for all employees is a daunting task if one is doing it on their own. Event planning is a team-building activity by itself, so make the most of it. You should delegate responsibilities and discuss the future event altogether, and it gives employees a feeling of self-importance and belonging to the team.

But mind that tasks delegation should not be a burden to people, and it'd be better if they are enthusiastic about doing something. You know your colleagues' characters and have an idea of what some of them can do the best.

4. Choose Engaging Activities

Once the goals are set, you understand what activity ideas are better to embody in your team. It's vital to discuss with employees what they like and how they want to spend time together. Choose engaging activities that will allow you to distract and enjoy the interaction.

In this article, you can find the most popular ideas for building a team spirit in your company when holding a cultural event. You should not limit your pastime to activities and have time to enjoy communication.

5. Define Timelines

Here you must care for both the timeline of event preparation and holding. Mind that organizing an in-person event takes you more time than an online team meeting. Plan your preparation time wisely to have everything done perfectly for the event.

Another aspect to consider is the time of an event holding as it should fit every team member. Make sure employees are not tired after work or have their own plans for a weekend. It's really challenging if you work remotely and some of the employees live in different time zones. Your task is to find a win-win timeline for the cultural event.

6. Coordinate Location/Logistics

The last but not the least point in your team-building plan is a location for in-person and logistical set-up for online events. Try to choose a location that will suit every team member and the activity you plan. When holding an online event, here comes the question of a stable connection and a good platform.

Let's focus on what to consider when holding an online culture event. You can use a popular remote corporate tool or meet on your favorite platform.

Employees should have the right software if they plan a special activity requiring a computer or smartphone. Send invitations to call participants or provide them with access to the conference.


Now you know how to effectively increase employee engagement by properly organizing a cultural event.

We hope that these creative event ideas and a step-by-step guide will enable you to hold a great meeting full of positive emotions and unforgettable moments.

This article is written by Svetlana. Svetlana is a writer with a passion for modern technology and marketing. After getting her Master's degree in Journalism, she became a regular contributor to numerous IT-related publications. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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