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8 Ways To Make Holi More Memorable For Your Employees

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Holi is one of the most awaited Indian festivals. It is a festival that marks the beginning of spring and is usually celebrated in the month of March every year. Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated with much pomp and zeal to the beat of good music, colors (also known as gulaal), mouth-watering delicacies, sweets, and thandai (an Indian cold drink).

With so much happiness around, it's the perfect time to give corporate holiday gifts to employees and clients. In the corporate world, it's important to make your employees, clients, or potential clients to be made to feel special from time to time. It goes a long way in making them feel valued and cared for. Simultaneously, it also helps in team building and contributes to a positive work environment.

Take this festival as an opportunity to create that atmosphere at work before the Holi holiday. Reach out to your employees, business associates, and potential clients alike. Let your brand message spread as freely as the cheerful colors of Holi.

Here are 8 Holi gift ideas for corporates that are easy on the pocket:

1. Gift Sweets And Gulaal

No festival is complete without sweets, especially not Holi. The smell of gujiyas lingers in the air all day. You must have real self-control not to get your hands on one.

Since your company consists of employees and clients coming from various religious backgrounds, it's highly likely that gujiyas are not made in their house. It makes gujiyas the best sweet to give during Holi so that you make them feel a part of your culture and make them feel like being part of an extended family.

You might also send Holi gift baskets that include a variety of Indian sweets, such as barfis and rasgullas, as well as organic Holi colors. Colorful dragees also work well with the Holi colors and make a good corporate gift for Holi, especially when they come with a personalized card.

2. Thandai And Chocolates

One thing that sets Holi apart from all other Indian festivals is thandai. The innocent thandai has become so infamous courtesy of Bollywood Holi songs.

It seems like a magic potion that, once consumed, makes you enjoy the festivities a lot more. This makes it the perfect holiday gift for employees. Give them a Holi kit with the heavenly combination of thandai and chocolates, making their Holi celebrations even better.

3. Personalized Gifts

A Holi kit for corporates can also be in the form of a personalized gift. They are a hot favorite among gift-givers and receivers. As a corporate gift, it goes a long way in showing that extra attention to detail, care, and bonding with your employees and clients.

You may not know your employees on a personal level, but some personalized gifts, especially those depicting the many colors of Holi, are a good option for bulk gifting. Some of our favorites are luxury coffee, mugs, cushions, caricatures, and wooden jigsaw puzzles. They are used and much appreciated by many.

4. Tote Bags

Eco-friendly tote bags are completely in vogue and are gender-neutral. Gift your employees some lovely colorful canvas bags with quirky quotes on them to liven up their day. What more? You can even personalize them!

With the entire world making an effort to go green, this is your chance of sending out a strong environmental message along with your bulk corporate holiday gifts.

5. Desk Organisers

Irrespective of the occasion, this is an apt gift for corporate gifting. Be it work from home or office cubicles— a neat workspace works wonders.

Desk organizers help keep things in order and add to the charm of otherwise boring-looking desks. They come in various designs and can be personalized too.

Choose vibrant colored desk organizers to add a splash of color to the monotonous days. Let it remind them of the essence of fun and enthusiasm in their lives, just like the festival of Holi.

6. Colorful Cakes

Why only limit cakes to weddings, anniversaries, or as a happy birthday gift? Why not give a colorful Holi cake to your clients and employees too? This way, they get to take the cake home to their families and celebrate the joy of Holi with them as well. It certainly looks like a win-win situation to us.

7. Plants

Plants are becoming an increasingly common choice for gifting, especially when it comes to bulk gifting like that for Holi corporate gifting. It spruces up the workspace.

Succulents add to the greenery in the working environment. Other than cleaning the air, some of them also have a symbolic and spiritual meaning.

When it's paired with a ceramic pot and chocolates, it's much more charming. You can also personalize the ceramic pot with a message relating to Holi.

8. Dry Fruits Basket

Typically, the trend of gifting packets or boxes of dry fruits is the most prevalent on Diwali but it is perfect for Holi too. Instead of the same old cans of dry fruits, give your employees small jute bundles filled with cashews or almonds this time. The concept is novel, and the employees will undoubtedly appreciate it.


Employees are the backbone of any business. They are the resources that, by their efforts, provide greater benefits to the organization. As a result, businesses or organizations must entertain their employees during the festive season of Holi. Whether it be a box of chocolates, decorating the house dinner table with festive sweets, or giving your loved ones a box filled to the brim with sweet treats, there is no wrong way to celebrate this festival.

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