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22 Best Ideas For Holi Celebration In Office

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Are you ready to bring Holi celebration to your office? Can you imagine the fun, colors, and joy that such a festive occasion can bring? What about the delicious dishes,the music, and dancing? Are you looking for a way to make your office Holi celebration unforgettable? If so, then you have come to the right place.

What Is Holi?

Holi is an ancient hindu tradition that is also a popular indian festival till date. The festival also signifies the triumph of good over evil as it commemorates the victory of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha over Hiranyakashipu.

Holi is also celebrated to bid adieu to winter and welcome spring. The vibrant colors of Holi are all about spreading happiness and color in your life and the lives of all near and dear ones.

So why not spread the same positive emotions with your colleagues and make them a part of this spirited festival? If you still need to decide, let us see the advantages you can reap by making this festival prevalent in the office.

Why Celebrate Holi In Your Workplace?


Celebrating any festival at the workplace is a great way to keep your employees engaged. This is especially true for a festival like Holi, which is synonymous with sweet treats, games, live music, and dancing.

Bringing these fun festivities to your workplace is likely to skyrocket your engagement as it will bring out the happiness of your employees and create the warmest of bonds. After all, everybody needs a break from the continuous grind of excel sheets and meetings.

There is more to Holi than meets the eye- it is a time for inclusivity, acceptance, and togetherness as the colors blend together. Holi fosters a sense of community celebrated by people of all backgrounds, allowing everyone to feel a part of something bigger. This friendly atmosphere of excitement and revelry makes Holi a festival that brings people together and makes us feel truly included.

18 Ways To Celebrate Holi In Office


1. Face Is Your Canvas

During Holi, putting colors on the face first is a 'never to miss' ritual. Why not let this coloring be a fun-filled activity by allowing your coworkers to use your face as a canvas and let their creativity out?

2. Handprints And Holi


Every person wants to leave their mark positively. Be it professionally or emotionally. Why not let your employees leave their imprint in a permanent and displayable way?

Let your employees fill in a wall or huge canvas with their handprints. Not only can it work as a colorful addition to your office decor, but it will also be a reminder of an engaging and happy memory.

3. Guess The Colour

Every color is associated with meanings. Why not associate those colors with your coworkers?

Take their dominant trait to assign a color for the day. This is a fun exercise that will allow you to know your colleagues better and find out how the team views you.

It will allow for better communication and understanding within the team, which will likely transfer to better team collaboration.

4. Dance Party


When it comes to festivals, dance can never be far away. If you are planning to host an after-office party, then dancing is the day's call.

Groove to old-time Bollywood Holi numbers to immerse yourself in the true essence of Holi.

5. Find The Colors

A scavenger hunt for colors. What can be a more appropriate game for the festival of colors?

Set up a scavenger hunt but not for objects. Only the color should matter. Have fun with the different objects collected of the same color. Maybe you can award the one with the maximum number of the same colored objects.

6. Sweeten The Deal


The theme of the day colors. Adding sweets to it is a given. Usually, sweet varieties like gujiya, kheer, malpua, phirni, and many others are dominant in Holi celebrations but let's not limit it to that. You can have any sweets or even a cake to add to the wholeness of the celebrations. Trust me; there is nothing a little sweetness can't solve! Have a sweet off and rate the sweets by your coworkers in a tasty competition.

It is not necessary to have every sweet be homemade. You can also have a category for the best sweet find.

An ideal way to do that is to adopt a flexible R&R platform. Celebrate, recognize and reward your employees with a platform designed to honor, recognize, reward, and celebrate your teams and employees during this special time.

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7. Nail Bar

Too vibrant nails might be a distraction in the workplace. However, when it comes to the festival of colors, it can be an exception for the day. You can set up a nail bar with professionals or a fun DIY booth to bring out the inner nail artist in your employees.

8. Paint Your Soles


Face painting, while fun, is temporary. Why not paint something a little more lasting, like shoes?

You can collaborate with children's homes, orphanages, or homeless shelters that will accept your donations and bring smiles to those in need with colorful kicks.

9. Colorful Potluck

Assign a color to all the potluck participants and ask them to bring that for an office potluck. It will take some effort to organize, but why not give a little this Holi? You can always prepare an easy-to-cook list of recipes to make it easier for your colleagues.

10. Mehendi


Mehendi is an integral part of all Indian festivals and celebrations. That said, mehendi during Holi signifies the festive air, charm, and colors. So, don't deprive yourself of this simple pleasure.

These don't have to be your traditional mehendi designs. Let your imagination flow and come up with some cool designs. You can also win amazing prizes for the most creative design.

11. Wash Away The Dark Colors

"Bura na mano Holi hai "is an age-old adage that has frankly been used one too many times to get away with misconduct during the celebrations. Why not spin this positively and use it to clear away past conflicts? Use Holi to bring colleagues with conflicts and solve them and encourage them to shake hands, Afterall, it is rightly said, 'let bygones be bygones'.

As an HR manager, you can use the iconic line to resolve past conflicts for better team cohesion.

12. Compete In Colors


Rangoli is a huge part of the whole Holi experience. It adds a splash of color to brighten up the whole place.

Let your employees compete to create the best and most colorful designs to win the prize. This can be an individual activity or a team exercise. Either way, it is a fun-filled activity to get your employees involved and increase engagement.

Holi Games For The Office

How can a festive occasion be complete without games that will get your team members to come together and make Holi at work more fun?

13. Holi Hurdle


This is for the more active members of the staff. Prepare a race track with hurdles/tasks like filling a bucket with a pichkari (piston) or carrying a slippery water balloon for a certain stretch.

This is an amazing race as it is not only the participants that get to enjoy it but setting it up is also super fun.

14. Color Filled Bingo

Adapt the traditional bingo to be more color filled this Holi. Instead of numbers, fill in the colors to win colorful prizes.

15. Build Yourself A Coin Tower

This might not sound like a typical Holi game, but it is challenging and fun. As the title suggests, you must build a tower of coins in a small plastic bowl while floating in a bigger bowl filled with water.

You can see why this will be a challenge! The winner takes home all the coins they found as part of their reward and success.

16. Holi Special Antakshari


From Rang Barsey to Balam Pichkari, cover the different decades of filmi-Bollywood goodness in a Holi-themed antakshari and start the office party.

17. Find The Coin

Fill a tub or big bowl with colored water and let the participants dive in to find the hidden coin. You can compete one-on-one or make it more competitive by making it a group challenge to see who can gather the most coins.

18. Rangeela Tambola/Housie

A Holi game list will only be complete with the mention of Tambola, a bingo-styled game. It is a super fun multiplayer game that never gets old. So get yourself a set and start playing!

Virtual Holi Celebration ideas

Let's not forget our offsite colleagues and remote workers during the festive season.

19. Walk Down The Colorful Memory Lane

A picture is worth a thousand words, which has never been truer when conveying memories.

Everyone has a memorable Holi moment. Let your employees share those special moments. Make it competitive by voting for the best image and rewarding the winners with a special prize.

20. Capture Colors In One Frame

Similarly to the activity above, you can challenge your employees to capture the most colors in one frame.

They can use props, fancy hats, wigs, and oversized sunglasses to add an extra oomph!

21. Color Award Ceremony

Acknowledging achievement, big or small, positively affects employees. So, why not use this season of colors to acknowledge your employees in color?

In this activity, every color will represent a certain emotion. For example:

Red: Passion, Love.
Orange: Energy, Happiness.
Yellow: Happiness, Hope.
Green: New Beginnings, Abundance.
Blue: Calm, Responsible.
Purple: Creativity, Royalty.
Black: Mystery, Elegance.
Gray: Conservative, Formal.

You can nominate your employees for color awards according to their personalities. This gives a personal and festive touch to employee recognition.

22. Rangoli Making Workshop

Let's make the festival of colors even more colorful with a rangoli-making competition. The more colorful and elaborate the design, the better the chances of winning!

Wrapping It Up

Holi is a festival that breaks existing social barriers and allows people to let their guard down. People on this day forget about their differences and come together to celebrate this festival. This makes a Holi party an important engagement opportunity, even in the workplace.

Holi is an important celebration that should be observed in the office. Not only is it an excellent way to bring everyone together to enjoy themselves, but it is also a great way to foster team building, build relationships and increase camaraderie between employees. This will positively affect workplace morale, performance, and productivity. Therefore, celebrating Holi in the office can greatly increase unity and collaboration among staff, thus leading to a more productive and successful business.

A dreamer and an idealist in a long-term relationship with food and sleep, Lopamudra is more than thrilled to be part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. When she is not in the vicinity or thinking about food, you can find her curled up in a corner with a good book and music. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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