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40 Unique Halloween Trivia Questions To Ask At the Workplace

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Halloween is right at your doorstep with its eerie and mysterious vibes. It is now time to fend off evils not only from your mind but from the workplace too, with spooky decorations and themed costumes. Alongside traditional Halloween celebrations in the workplace, you can also add another unique way of celebrating. The idea of Halloween trivia questions at work can be your additional layer to the festivities.

The main focus of these trivia questions is to assess your employees' knowledge about Halloween while making it more entertaining. This will enable your employees to gather extra information on Halloween and engage them in the workplace.

So, let’s delve into the trivia questions you can ask your employees during Halloween celebrations.

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40 Halloween Trivia Questions To Ask Your Employees


1. Name the country where Halloween first originated?

Ans: Ireland.

2. What was the name of Dracula’s sidekick?

Ans: Renfield.

3. What is the meaning of the name Dracula?

Ans: Son of the Devil.

4. What was the real name of Dracula?

Ans: Vlad- the Impaler.

5. Which phobia means you have an intense fear of Halloween?

Ans: Samhainophobia.


6. Which vegetable was first used to make Jack O' Lanterns??

Ans: Turnips.

7. Pumpkins first originated from which part of the world?

Ans: Central America.

8. Who wrote the novel Frankenstein?

Ans: Mary Shelley.

9. Halloween originates from which ancient Celtic festival?

Ans: Samhain.

10. Is Pumpkin fruit or vegetable?

Ans: Fruit.


11. What is the significance of seeing a spider on Halloween?

Ans: It is believed to be the spirit of a loved one guarding the person who discovers the spider.

12. Which country celebrates the Day of the Dead starting at midnight on Oct. 31?

Ans: Mexico.

13. What special ability does a person born on Halloween have, according to superstition?

Ans: The ability to converse and see spirits.

14. How many Oscars was Psycho nominated for?

Ans: Four.

15. Who wrote the classic novel Dracula?

Ans: Bram Stoker.


16. What do New Englanders call the night before Halloween?

Ans: Cabbage Night.

17. Which ancient priests were the first to celebrate Halloween?

Ans: Druids.

18. What is the first name of Dr. Frankenstein?

Ans: Victor.

19. What does the term "Hallow" mean in relation to this holiday?

Ans: Saint.

20. What are the other names of Halloween?

Ans: All Hallows eve, Samhain, The Feast of the Dead.


21. What is the origin of the term "Jack O'Lantern"?

Ans: The term "jack o'lantern" comes from an Irish folktale about a poor man named "Stingy Jack" who struck a bargain with the devil.

22. In which place the world’s longest haunted place is located?

Ans: The Haunted Cave in Lewisburg, Ohio, is 3,564 feet long and 80 feet below ground!

23. What was candy corn originally called?

Ans: Chicken Feed.

24. What prompted people to begin dressing up in Halloween costumes?

Ans: Many Europeans, including the Celts, dressed up in costumes to ward off spirits who they believed returned to Earth on Halloween.

25. What medieval English custom gave rise to trick-or-treating?

Ans: The poor would go "souling" on All Souls Day, knocking on doors and offering prayers for residents' deceased loved ones in exchange for food.


26. Which First Lady was the first to decorate the White House for Halloween?

Ans: Mamie Eisenhower in 1958.

27. Which famous magician died on Halloween?

Ans: Harry Houdini.

28. Which country has produced the largest pumpkin ever?

Ans: Switzerland. They were able to produce a pumpkin that weighed 856 kilograms in 2015.

29. What year will the next Halloween be celebrated with a full moon?

Ans: 2039. The previous Halloween with a full moon was in 2020, so the next full moon on Halloween night will be after 19 years.

30. What ghost was allegedly seen by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the White House?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln, according to a story widely told by Churchill.


31. Which item is banned during Halloween in Hollywood?

Ans: Silly String.

32. What location holds the Guinness World Record for the most jack-o'-lanterns lit in one location?

Ans: Keene, New Hampshire, United States.

33. What do the Halloween colors of black and orange represent?

Ans: Orange represents harvest and warmth, while black represents death and darkness.

34. Which mammal that is capable of flying is associated with Halloween?

Ans: The Bat.

35. What was the first mainstream Hollywood film to feature a werewolf?

Ans: Werewolf of London, released by Universal Pictures in 1935.


36. In what year was Halloween celebrated for the first time in the United States?

Ans: 1840s.

37. What city in the United States was the first to organize an official Halloween celebration?

Ans: Anoka, Minnesota.

38. How many calories are in a typical trick-or-Halloween treater's stash?

Ans: 11,000 calories.

39. When did the modern version of Halloween candy trick-or-treating become popular?

Ans: 1940s.

40. According to superstitions, how can you get rid of a ghost?

Ans: Walk around the ghost nine times, and it will disappear.

Summing it Up!

Halloween celebrations should not just stop with this set of trivia questions. You can add more to it and organize fun activities to make Halloween memorable. Remember that your main goal is to increase workplace engagement, which will help reduce work-related stress and rejuvenate your workforce.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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