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Employee Shout Outs- Examples and 20 Ways To Display Them

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Want to make employee recognition more than a habit in your workplace? How about incorporating some regular employee shout outs? Believe us; it’s a total win-win for you and your team!

Modern workplaces are fast-paced, demanding more in less time. Under such circumstances, employee recognition is often overlooked. However, we know recognition can transform dynamics, inspire, motivate, and foster belonging. Here enters the realm of Employee Shout Outs, which stands out for its impact and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

  • What is the meaning of employee shout out?
  • What are some examples of employee shout out?
  • Vantage Circle's collection of employee shout out badges.
  • 20 ways to display employee shout outs.

So, prepare to learn the intricacies of employee shout-outs and transform your workplace into a hub of appreciation and acknowledgment.

What is an Employee Shout Out?

An employee shout out is a special way to let your team members know you appreciate their hard work. It's as simple as giving them a big pat on the back for doing a great job!

You can shout out to one person or the whole team, depending on the situation. It can be for a big achievement, making progress over time, or simply because you think they deserve it!

There are many ways to give shout outs. Like:

  • saying it privately,
  • telling everyone in a meeting
  • or even sharing it online.

You can also make it extra special by giving a small gift. It's all about finding the best way to show your employees you recognize and value their efforts.

Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways. - Dr. Bob Nelson

Employee Shout Out Examples


There are a lot of good reasons to give employee shout outs. Here are some examples of when and to whom you should give some well-deserved praise and recognition.

Thank you

Acknowledge the effort and service of your employees with this heart-warming 'Thank you' to elevate their morale.

Make a Difference

Shout out to your employees for making a significant impact on your team! Their dedication and hard work make the difference in achieving the required goals.

Spot Award

This is a special shout out for your employees’ outstanding performance! It's about spotting/ noticing and accepting their exceptional skills and efforts.

Read our blog on: Spot Recognition: How To Nail A Spot Award Program At Work

Great Job

This is a common phrase but never too old for a shout out for consistently delivering exceptional work! It's for your employees' attention to detail, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence.


Give a round of applause to your employees for their exceptional efforts and achievements with a 'Kudos' message!

Best Team

This is for your amazing team to celebrate their outstanding collaboration and teamwork!

Star Performer

As the name suggests, it is for your star performer who goes the extra mile! It is dedicated to consistent excellence, outstanding skills, and exceptional contributions that have set a high standard for your team.

Pat on the back!

It's like a friendly little tap to support and thank your staff for their devotion, punctuality, and hard work.

Thank You

Your employees' hard work deserves a standing ovation and a round of applause. So, thank them for being an absolute rock stars in the workplace!


Congratulate your staff and coworkers by cheering them up for their extraordinary commitment to their work.

Chief Fun Officer

This one is for the employee who consistently knows how to make work fun.

Health warrior

An honor for your health-obsessed workers who encourage others to lead a healthy life.


You must value each of your coworkers for more than just the work they accomplish and the outcomes they produce. Honor their admirable traits beyond work, such as kindness, dynamism, humor, listening abilities, work ethic, intelligence, and competence.


This one is for the employees who enjoy munching on snacks or are frequently observed doing so at work.

The Comedic Relief

Again, this is for the employee who is always willing to make fun of situations and encourage others to see the good in everything.

The Culture Crusader

This one is for the employees who uphold the business's values and objectives. They work to foster a welcoming and productive workplace culture.

The Empathy Expert

The empathy expert is the employee who consistently listens, comprehends, and develops a stronger connection with others.

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The High-Five Hero

For the employee who gives the best high-fives and joyfully acknowledges each achievement.

The Innovation Ninja

Innovation Ninja consistently comes up with original, creative solutions to challenges and improves the existing procedures.

The Laugh Doctor

Obviously, it is for the employee who always makes everyone laugh and spreads joy.

The Spark Plug

The spark plug is for the worker who inspires others' zeal and vigor.


With this shout-out, you may recognize a new hire's onboarding and wish them well for a successful start.

The Puntastic Pro

For the worker who consistently thinks up funny puns and wordplay.

Vantage Circle’s Collection Of Employee Shout Out Badges


Unlock a world of personalization with Vantage Circle's vibrant collection of badges and stickers to amplify your messages. From witty humor to heartfelt appreciation, our badge collection offers a unique way to make your communications stand out. With an array of options, you're sure to find the perfect badge to add that extra touch of personality and creativity.

20 Ways You Can Display Employee Shout Outs

There are different ways to give an employee a shout out and show appreciation to your team members and coworkers. Here are 20 fantastic ways to express gratitude, whether you're working remotely or in person.

1. E-card

Appreciation can make a day - even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. - Margaret Cousins

Send a personalized electronic card or message to convey appreciation for great work. It's an easy and speedy way to make someone's day and express gratitude.

2. Social Recognition Feed


Utilize a dedicated platform or channel where staff members can publicly acknowledge and appreciate each other's accomplishments, big or small. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and boosts morale.

Social recognition provided by Vantage Circle's platform can work wonders for you. It enables peer-to-peer recognition, boosts employee engagement, and offers instant rewards.

Our platform includes the following features that are highly suitable for social recognition:

A. Single sign-on (SSO) and seamless HRMS and chat applications interfaces.

B. You can interact with the recognition posts by liking, commenting, and sharing.

C. It is a points-based rewards system that allows choosing between monetary or non-monetary awards.

D. It supports multi-platform support making recognitions immediate and hassle-free.

E. The gamified features like employee leaderboards and badges encourage friendly peer competition.

Schedule a free demo to see how!

At well led companies, people talk about the strength of the values. At poorly led companies, people complain about the pay & benefits. - Simon Sinek

3. Rewards


Rewards always add an extra touch of appreciation and motivation. And when it comes to rewarding employees, the possibilities are endless! Here are some exciting and creative options to consider:

  • Gift cards
  • Eco friendly corporate gifts
  • Extra vacation days
  • Personalized items
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Team outings or parties
  • Wellness incentives etc.

You can automate your employee rewards and recognition initiatives for ease and simplicity. You can do so with the help of a Rewards and Recognition platform like Vantage Circle.

A well-designed employee rewards and recognition program can help drive an 11.1% increase in average employee performance. Onboard a scalable, customizable, cost-effective employee rewards and recognition platform to meet your organization's goals. - Gartner

4. Peer-to-Peer Recognition


Implement a peer-to-peer recognition program where colleagues can nominate and acknowledge each other's good work. The user-friendly interface and robust features in Vantage Rewards streamline the process, ensuring deserving employees receive the recognition they deserve.

5. Experiences


Surprise your top performers with a luxurious experience. It can include a weekend getaway at a high-end resort or tickets to an exclusive event. This rare and extravagant gesture shows your appreciation and the value you place on their contributions.

The new "Experiences" section of Vantage Circle's rewards program is about creating lasting experiences, escaping the ordinary, and enjoying life to the fullest! Reward your staff with "Experiences of a Lifetime" to generate enduring memories. These can range from bike excursions for sports enthusiasts to vineyard tours for wine lovers, from peaceful and opulent hotel stays to trekking and camping in the middle of nature.


6. Newsletter

Include a section in your corporate newsletter highlighting and honoring staff accomplishments. It makes employees feel proud and allows for public recognition.

7. Shout Out Board

Design a physical or online bulletin board where team members can post messages of support for one another. It fosters a culture of appreciation and improves the working environment.

8. Gratitude Wall

Like a shout out board, designate a wall or digital space where employees can virtually share their positive feedback and expressions of gratitude.

9. Awards Ceremony

Plan a special occasion or ceremony to publicly recognize exceptional accomplishments and provide prizes or certificates to deserving workers. It lends prominence and formal acknowledgment to their accomplishments.

10. Private Meeting

Arrange a one-on-one meeting with the employee to convey your appreciation and discuss their contributions personally. It allows for a more intimate and meaningful exchange of gratitude.

Be mindful that some employees might prefer public recognition, so act accordingly.

11. Special benefits and perks


Provide unique benefits or perks to say "thanks" for a well-done job. This can be more vacation time, more flexible working hours, or access to special services or occasions.

You can choose from many available platforms for a cost-effective employee benefits platform with global discounts and cashback.

But with Vantage Perks, apart from the benefits, you can also explore detailed information with its interactive dashboard feature. It prioritizes financial well-being, helping employees save money long-term. Access 100+ top brands and 1000+ exclusive deals, and redeem points for gift cards from a wide range of catalogs.

12. Appreciation Lunch or Event

Organize a special lunch or event to recognize and celebrate the exceptional work done. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to come together and spend some quality time without discussing work.

13. Mentorship or Training Opportunities


Provide the individual or team with opportunities for professional development. Such as mentorship programs, specialized training, or workshops related to their area of expertise. What can be a better shout out than helping them to upskill or boost their interests?

14. Employee Spotlight Podcast

Create an internal podcast where you interview employees who have excelled in their roles. It allows them to share their experiences, insights, and success stories with the rest of the organization.

15. Surprise Appreciation Video

Assemble a compilation of video messages from colleagues, managers, and company leaders expressing their appreciation and recognition. Present it as a surprise video montage during a team meeting or special event.

16. Social Media

Social media is like giving them a standing ovation in front of a digital audience! It's a fun and engaging way to celebrate their accomplishments and let the world know how awesome your team truly is. So, get ready to hit that "post" button and watch the likes, comments, and virtual applause roll in!

Bring in a professional photographer to capture your team's moments of triumph. Let the photographer capture their award-winning expressions. Then, proudly share these glamorous shots on social media or display them around the office. Because who doesn't love some fabulous photos of superstar employees? It's time to make your rock stars shine brighter than the paparazzi's camera flashes!

17. Surprise Office Makeover


Transform the individual or team's workspace as a surprise gesture of appreciation. It could involve redecorating their area, adding personalized touches, or upgrading their equipment or furniture.

18. Name a Conference Room

Dedicate a conference room or meeting space to honor the person or team. This permanent recognition serves as a lasting tribute to their contributions and accomplishments.

19. VIP Parking Spot

Designate a reserved parking spot close to the entrance for the employee or team. This special privilege serves as a visible reminder of their outstanding performance.

20. Executive Shadowing Opportunity

Arrange a day for the person to shadow a high-level executive or leader in a different department. It offers valuable insights and expands their knowledge within the organization.

FAQs About Employee Shout Outs

1. How should you give a shout out professionally?

  • Do not force it. Shout-outs shouldn't be used unless there is a real accomplishment you wish to recognize a team member for; otherwise, it will feel forced.
  • Please be specific.
  • Remove all buzzwords.
  • Be affirmative.

2. Are employee shout outs effective?

When done right, staff shoutouts are one of the best ways to keep workers happy and motivated. It gives them a sense of worth and appreciation for the work they accomplish.

3. How do you express gratitude at work for a shout out?

You can express your gratitude in person, in writing, or by purchasing a modest gift for the individual who gave you a shout out at work.

4. How to make a shout out board?

To create a shout out board for employees, buy a bulletin or white board , designate a visible and accessible space in the office or shared workspace. Encourage team members to write positive messages or shout outs on sticky notes and pin them to the board. This simple yet powerful gesture can foster a sense of appreciation and recognition among colleagues, contributing to a positive work environment.

This article is written by Susmita Sarma, a digital marketer at Vantage Circle. She was involved with media relations before shifting her interest to research and creative writing. Apart from being a classical music buff, she keeps a keen interest in anchoring and cooking. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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