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15 Best Employee Recognition Software in 2024: Best Programs, Pricing & Recognition Ideas

A detailed analysis of the Best Employee Recognition Programs in 2024, with a focus on Features, User Reviews, Pricing, Recognition Ideas, and more.

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On average, employees spend one-third of their daily lives engaging with their company and colleagues. Naturally, the right work environment has a significant impact on their overall experience and satisfaction.

An Employee Recognition & Rewards Software helps companies do just that - deliver impactful employee experience. The right Employee Recognition Platform is like the office cheerleader. It helps companies prioritize and celebrate their employees, anytime, anywhere.

What is Employee Recognition Software?

Employee Recognition Software is a digital tool that helps companies proactively recognize and reward their employees. It simplifies employee recognition by automating recognition-based activities across the organization, boosting employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Features of Employee Rewards and Recognition Software

Some of the must-have features of a comprehensive Employee Rewards & Recognition Software are:

Peer-to-Peer Recognition : A social recognition platform to acknowledge each other’s efforts and achievements.

User-Friendly Interface : Easy to use interface across platforms such as web, mobile and Teams/Slack.

Rewards Catalog : A diverse catalog of rewards, both monetary and non-monetary.

LSA Recognition : Dedicated capabilities for Long Service Award Recognition and Rewards.

Mobile Accessibility : Native mobile accessibility across iOS and Android devices.

Customizable Platform : Flexibility in designing customizable recognition programs that align with the company’s values and goals.

Integration Capabilities : Integration with company’s HCM/HRMS system and communication tools such as Teams and Slack.

Analytics and Reporting : Robust analytics and reporting features to track the effectiveness of the recognition programs.

Security and Privacy : Robust data compliance and security with certifications such as SOC, GDPR & ISO.

List of Top 15 Employee Recognition Software in 2024

Vantage Rewards : Best 360-degree rewards and recognition platform

Kudos : Best for fostering a positive work environment

Bonusly : Best for fostering team collaboration

Xoxoday Empuls : Best platform to strengthen working relationships

Awardco : Best for offering value-driven employee recognition awards

Motivosity : Best for creating a culture of belonging amongst employees

Nectar : Best for improving productivity and engagement

Reward Gateway : Best for developing a culture of appreciation

Mo : Best rewards platform for hybrid teams

Kudoboard : Best for celebrating special occasions via e-cards

Workvivo : Best for employee engagement in a fun way

O.C. Tanner : Best for personalized and customizable solutions

Cooleaf : Best for developing strategic recognition

Guusto : Best for purpose-driven recognition

Workhuman : Best for building a motivating work environment

Choosing the Top Employee Recognition Platforms

With 200+ platforms to choose from, selecting the 15 Best Employee Recognition Platforms was a very challenging task! To finalize the Top 15, we conducted an exhaustive analysis of the best-known platforms, collected insights from platform demos, gathered feedback from HRs, and then scored the contenders across 4 parameters, namely Standout Features, Scalability, Integration Capabilities, and User Reviews.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the parameters:

Standout Feature

We looked at the range of features available on a platform without any additional integration. We also reviewed a platform for the functionality of its top features. In addition, we considered features that are unique to a platform.


We considered whether a platform is customizable and flexible to incorporate changes as companies grow. We also analyzed the industry and size range of clients of a product to gauge whether the platform can support diverse organizational needs.

Integration Capabilities

We evaluated platforms for Open-Source API Integrations that help drive product adoption and automate processes such as user identification and data sharing across a range of products. We considered features like SSO and Data Pulling for reporting and analytics.

User Reviews

To gauge customer sentiment and understand what users liked and disliked in specific products, we analyzed customer ratings and reviews of each product from 3rd party review sites such as G2 and Capterra.

Expert Score

We also leveraged our expertise in the HR domain to identify the top platforms in the industry. We structured our judgement around additional considerations such as Reputation, Ease of Use, Value for Money, Customer Support, and Information Security, clubbed together as Expert Score.

Detailed Overview - Best Employee Recognition Software

vantage_rewards logo

Vantage Rewards

Why Vantage Rewards

Vantage Rewards uses AI and Machine Learning to deliver easy-to-use and effective 360-degree employee recognition solutions. Designed to enhance productivity, it simplifies and automates the entire recognition experience.

The recognition platform facilitates regular peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition, panel awards and group recognition fostering a collaborative work environment.

With a global catalog and various rewarding options like Swag Merchandise, Experiences and Amazon Store for Rewards, this platform is accessible via both web and mobile applications supporting both Android and iOS formats. The platform also facilitates smooth integrations with various applications, including MS Teams and Slack.

It lets users not just recognize the impact made by co-workers, but also improve, encourage, and motivate exceptional work, and build a positive work culture through Vantage Pulse, a survey tool for collecting employee feedback.

Additionally, the platform helps organizations boost their employees’ physical and mental wellness by incorporating daily and weekly challenges through Vantage Fit, its Corporate Wellness tool.

Best For: Medium and Large Enterprises

Standout Feature

AI-Driven Social Recognition Feed

Manager to Peer Recognition

Dashboard and Analytics Customization

Direct Recognition on Teams & Slack

Mobile-First Platform (iOS & Android)

Multilingual Instant Recognition

SOLI-Based Rewards Benchmarking

SSO & HRMS Integration

Panel Awards & Long Service Awards

Amazon Store & Global Gift Cards

Experiential Rewards & SWAG Merch

SOC, GDPR & ISO Certifications

  • It offers an all-in-One platform for Rewards, Pulse Surveys & Corporate Wellness.
  • It is available as a website, as an iOS & Android App, and within MS Teams and Slack.
  • It is a multilingual platform with Global Rewards, Experiences and SWAG Merch.

Customer Reviews

“Vantage Circle provides a comprehensive employee engagement platform, fostering a positive work environment. Its user-friendly interface simplifies recognition programs, benefits, and communication. It has responsive customer support.” (Source: G2)

  • Sometimes some gift cards are not available for redemption.
  • There are some clarity issues with the offers available at times.

Customer Reviews

“Small denominations of points are not available. For example, the balance of 19 points is not redeemed because vouchers are for 50 and 100 points.” (Source: G2)


  • Tata Communications
  • Capgemini
  • Novartis
  • Wipro
  • Cognizant
  • PWC


Price on Request
Price on Request

Why Kudos

Kudos is designed to enhance company culture and build meaningful relationships where employees can share feedback, express gratitude, and celebrate milestones transparently. Moreover, employees can come together on Kudos to celebrate achievements and teamwork, motivating each other to do their best work.

Kudos emphasizes the value of recognition to inspire true positivity and better engagement, making it a great solution for organizations focused on driving a positive work environment.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

Value-Based Recognition & Flexible Rewards

Custom Awards, Badges, & Certificates

Team Wall

Record Video Recognition

Global & Local Rewards

Digital Gift Cards

  • It provides a channel for open communication where employees can publicly or privately recognize their colleagues.
  • Offers flexible pricing to companies of different sizes
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Customer Reviews

“It's structured like a social feed and very easy to use. Minimal training is required, and implementation and customization was very simple.” (Source: Capterra)

  • The platform could incorporate more options for redeeming points.
  • It offers limited customization options for varied recognition programs.

Customer Reviews

“I believe a bit more flexibility in terms of design and formatting would enhance the overall user experience for my colleagues. There are specific visuals and language that are common in our workplace that could help customize our Kudos.” (Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Atko
  • MU Healthcare
  • Veritone
  • Arch Insurance
  • Fortis BC
  • DHL Global Forwarding


Kudos Plus
Kudos Enterprise
Bonusly logo


Why Bonusly

Designed for users and admins alike, Bonusly facilitates peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition that drives company values. The platform offers custom awards and incentive programs, allowing companies to celebrate specific achievements and milestones. It automates celebrations for birthdays and work anniversaries and provides customizable award options.

Whether it’s acknowledging a job well done or celebrating teamwork, Bonusly provides a fun and effective way to recognize and appreciate colleagues, making it a great option for fostering inter-team collaboration.

Best For: SMEs


Point-Based Rewarding

Custom Rewards

Social Feed

Analytics and Reporting

Digital Signage

Recognition Tracking

  • The platform allows value-based recognition & custom rewarding.
  • It enables monthly allowance to employees to recognize co-workers.

Customer Reviews

“Bonusly's monthly budget allowance helps foster a culture of continuous gratitude. The platform is very intuitive, and the hashtags and giphy functionality make it fun and feels very natural.” (Source: G2)

  • The analytics offered on the platform is quite basic.
  • There could be added ways of sending notifications to workers.

Customer Reviews

“The notification system isn't the greatest, I only receive an email when someone gives me points. Perhaps it would be good to have some notification pop up or a Google add-on.” (Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Hulu
  • Headspace
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Survey Monkey
  • Assent
  • Baxter


$3/user/month (Billed Annually)
$5/user/month (Billed Annually)
Price on Request
Xoxoday Empuls  logo

Xoxoday Empuls

Why Xoxoday Empuls

Xoxoday Empuls is an all-in-one employee appreciation tool that combines recognition and employee feedback in one place. It offers surveys to gather insights across the employee lifecycle. The platform also helps companies check employee absenteeism and attrition, helping improve employee productivity and motivation.

Whether understanding employee sentiments or rewarding outstanding performance, Empuls streamlines the entire employee engagement process.

Best For: Companies of all sizes

Standout Feature

Built-in Surveys

Reward Catalog

Data-Driven Insights

Security Compliant

Social Feed


  • It provides a wide range of reward options across various categories, such as experiences, merchandise, and other perks.
  • It enables real-time recognition, allowing employees to appreciate each other’s efforts immediately

Customer Reviews

“The incorporation of gamification elements and social recognition within Empuls has enhanced engagement and helped foster a positive work environment by promoting healthy competition and encouraging peer appreciation.” (Source: G2)

  • The platform encounters occasional technical issues, leading to disengagement.
  • The process of integration with other HR tools is quite complicated

Customer Reviews

“Depending on the organization's specific requirements and existing systems, setting up Empuls and integrating it with other HR tools could be a complex process that requires additional effort and technical expertise.” (Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Adobe
  • Pepsi
  • Infosys
  • Freshworks
  • Redbus
  • Dunzo


Xoxoday Empuls  logo


Why Awardco

Awardco streamlines and enhances employee recognition efforts within organizations. The platform offers customizable programs, dashboards, budget and taxes management, automated service anniversaries, and a wide range of reward options.

The platform allows access to many potential employee rewards, thanks to their Amazon Business integration. Employees can also use Awardco points for hotels, tickets, company swag stores, gift cards, and charitable donations, making it the ideal platform for value-driven employee awards.

Best For: Mid-sized to Large Enterprises

Standout Feature

Point-Based Rewarding

Amazon Business Integration

Spot Recognition

Celebrate Events

Customized Rewards

Recognition Tracking

  • It seamlessly integrates with major e-commerce platforms, including Amazon Business.
  • It offers great customer service with efficient program implementation.

Customer Reviews

“The customer service is great, whether for the admin side or the team member side.”(Source: G2)

  • It’s not suitable for organizations seeking highly tailored recognition programs.
  • Some users find the platform initially challenging to navigate, potentially affecting adoption.

Customer Reviews

“At first glance, Awardco doesn't seem user-friendly. However, once the user gets into the program more, it is better.” (Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Amazon
  • Ford
  • JP Morgan & Chase
  • Cornell University
  • Qualtrics
  • Paramount


$2500/year for up to 300 employees
$4000/year for up to 300 employees
Price on Request
Motivosity  logo


Why Motivosity

Motivosity uses the power of social recognition to drive engagement and satisfaction. The platform facilitates real-time recognition and enables team members to attach points/cash when they appreciate their peers. Moreover, its intuitive interface feels less like a software tool and more like a trusted colleague, nudging employees to celebrate each other's wins, big or small.

Whether it’s building a sense of community, recognizing achievements, or empowering managers, Motivosity follows best practices to enhance employees’ journey and create a workplace where people thrive.

Best For: Medium-sized Companies

Standout Feature

Social Feed

Influence Currency

Customizable Rewards

Spot Bonus, Awards & Badges

Milestone Tracker

Performance Management & Tracking

  • The platform provides a robust knowledge base for user support, ensuring that users can find answers to their queries efficiently
  • It offers appreciation prizes for driving a culture of belonging

Customer Reviews

“Motivosity has helped bring our remote workforce together in a positive and engaging way.”(Source: G2)

  • The interface and features are somewhat complex and require time to fully understand and utilize effectively
  • There are integration limits that makes it challenging to integrate Motivosity with other HR systems

Customer Reviews

"I don't like the integration and customization of it. There are certain buttons that are hardwired into the system that we are unable to change to fit our internal language.”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • SalesRabbit
  • Fujifilm
  • Smoothie King
  • Adobe WorkFront
  • Handcock Health
  • KPMG


Rewards & Recognition
Manager Development
Employee Insights
Xoxoday Empuls  logo


Why Nectar

Nectar is a modern solution for building a workplace where appreciation thrives. It helps companies reinforce their core values and drive employee retention. Beyond the points and rewards, it also helps create connections within teams. It encourages camaraderie, celebrates milestones, and provides analytics to track recognition impact.

Nectar helps companies enhance employee engagement, maintain remote work culture, and boost morale. With Nectar, companies can design and maintain a vibrant culture of recognition.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

360 Recognition and Rewards

On-Demand Swag

Rewards Catalog & Gift Cards

Point-Based & Customized Rewarding

Celebrating Events

Wellness Initiatives

  • Companies pay only for the rewards that employees claim. Unused points and allowances are not billed.
  • Employees can choose from a sizable reward catalog, including company-branded swag, gift cards, and charities.

Customer Reviews

“It provides a tangible reward to recognition which is great! It has been meaningful for both me and for the folks I have sent Nectar points to.”(Source: G2)

  • It lacks depth in some advanced features.
  • It lacks flexibility and has limited customization options.

Customer Reviews

“While the platform is robust, a bit more flexibility in customization options for recognition programs could cater to diverse organizational needs.”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • SHRM
  • Heineken
  • Lasko
  • Teachable
  • Sainsbury’s
  • British Airways


$2.75/user/month (Billed Annually)
$4/user/month (Billed Annually)
Price on Request
Reward Gateway  logo

Reward Gateway

Why Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway unifies many features into one branded hub, making it easier for organizations to engage their employees and drive company success. It allows managers to reward employees instantly using points or dollars, amplify recognition with real-time social interactions, and recognize important milestones, birthdays, or anniversaries.

The platform also helps companies attract, engage, and retain their best people with strategic recognition, communications, surveys, and more. Through continuous recognition, it empowers companies to create a culture of appreciation.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

Instant Recognition

Value-based Recognition

Customized E-Cards

Celebrating Events

Amazon Integration for Rewards

Reporting & Dashboards

  • The platform is flexible and easy to use.
  • It provides a dedicated client manager who is available for bi-weekly meetings.

Customer Reviews

“Customer service is very good in Reward Gateway. It has exemplary features which boosts communication and goals among my employees.” (Source: Capterra)

  • Some features are not easy to use, such as sending a message to both managers and all employees simultaneously is a challenge.
  • There are technical glitches while uploading videos with videos getting stuck or not loading.

Customer Reviews

“Sometimes the login system can be glitchy and the ability to navigate the award choices is not always intuitive”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Orbis
  • Five Star Bank
  • ABC Medical
  • SNHU
  • Dental Care Alliance
  • C-Space


Price on Request

Why Mo

Mo streamlines recognition processes, making employee appreciation more impactful. With features like Boosts to build sustaining habits of recognition and communication, and the Assistant that supports managers with key actions, Mo empowers busy managers to meaningfully recognize, engage, and connect with their teams.

Mo’s approach differs from traditional top-down recognition tools. It focuses on peer-to-peer recognition, provides cash rewards in various currencies, and benefits all employees, not just the highest performers.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

Mentions Management


Leader Boards/Activity Tracking

Social Recognition

Profile Management

Rewards Catalog

  • It allows for personalized recognition programs, enabling users to tailor recognition to suit their company culture and employee preferences.
  • It provides real-time feedback and recognition, fostering immediate acknowledgment and boosting employee morale.

Customer Reviews

“I really enjoy Mo because it lets you interact with all the people you work with, and everyone can see the feedback." (Source: G2)

  • Mo has a steeper learning curve, which means new users may need more time to fully utilize all its features.
  • The platform could improve its design for navigational efficiency.

Customer Reviews

“The speed of the system in general could be improved”(Source: Capterra)

Clientele :

  • Starbucks
  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Spotify


Price on Request
Kudoboard logo


Why Kudoboard

Kudoboard serves as a modern alternative to traditional greeting cards that are passed around and signed. With Kudoboard, you can create a digital board for someone on a special occasion. It allows employees to add heartfelt messages, photos, GIFs, and videos to their board. Once you’ve personalized it, you can schedule the delivery and invite others to contribute.

From heartfelt messages to funny anecdotes, Kudoboard encourages genuine connections and celebrates the achievements and milestones of individuals.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

Pulse Surveys


Collaborative Digital Boards

Rich Media Integration

Customizable Backgrounds and Themes

Moderation and Privacy Control

  • The platform provides detailed analytics on employee engagement levels and initiative effectiveness.
  • It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

Customer Reviews

“I've been using Kudoboard for about two years for work and every occasion usually means we get a new kudoboard as everyone knows how to use it and it's so easy to integrate with everyone" (Source: G2)

  • Integration capabilities are not as extensive as some competitors, potentially limiting functionality within broader HR ecosystems.
  • While not the most expensive, Kudoboard can be a significant investment for startups or smaller companies with tight budgets.

Customer Reviews

“I haven't found any downsides so far, except maybe that it's a little expensive.”(Source: Capterra)

Clientele :

  • Nestle
  • Subway
  • Sony
  • GAP
  • Sephora
  • Lululemon


Premium Package
$349/year (100 boards)
Business Plan
$2499/year (451-500 users)
Enterprise Plan
Price on Request
WorkVivo logo


Why WorkVivo

Workvivo emphasizes enhancing organizational communication and collaboration. Its recognition feature allows companies to engage their employees in ways that traditional tools simply can't. They can interact in the social feed, post appreciative messages, and give awards for going above and beyond in the workplace.

It is an integrated employee communication platform designed to build meaningful bonds between teams. It combines multiple fun tools and services into one environment, making it a powerful solution for the future of work.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Feature

Social Feed

Awards, Badges, and Certificates

Employee Segmentation


Integration APIs

Community Spaces

  • The platform offers a very user-friendly interface.
  • It provides features like podcasts, employee shoutouts, and an activity feed, boosting engagement through a social media-like environment.

Customer Reviews

“The platform is easy to use, and user interface is so understandable.” (Source: G2)

  • The platform has certain limitations in reporting capabilities.
  • Its integration with other systems needs improvement.

Customer Reviews

“Workvivo's limited compatibility with other platforms is the only drawback. Better integration with other platforms would be an added advantage.”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Amazon
  • AIB
  • VMWare
  • TELUS International
  • Net Gear
  • Virgin


Price on Request
O. C. Tanner logo

O. C. Tanner

Why O. C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner helps companies create peak moments, appreciate great work, and inspire people to give their best. It is crafted specifically for large-scale employee recognition programs and is ideal for enterprise and global workforces.

The platform offers diverse recognition options, including social recognition, company celebrations, team initiatives, and wellbeing rewards, among others. Its Culture Cloud suite of employee recognition, service awards, and other culture-building solutions helps millions of employees worldwide thrive at work.

Best For: Large Enterprises

Standout Features

Virgin Pulse Integration

Impact Dashboard & Analytics

Flight Risk Model

Individual and Group Recognition

Social Feed

Budget Management

  • It allows administrators to customize to accommodate their unique processes
  • The platform allows for meaningful recognition at multiple levels as well as offers flexible pricing models

Customer Reviews

“Product is easy to implement, pricing models are thoughtful, award catalogue is good, responsive customer support, global reach and compliant to several IT laws several plug-in features” (Source: Capterra)

  • Awards tracking can be an added convenience for users.
  • More gift cards can be added for diverse user needs.

Customer Reviews

“More variety on eCards & gifts for redemptions would make it even better than it is now”(Source: Capterra)

Clientele :

  • American Airlines
  • Taco Bell
  • Starbucks
  • US Army
  • Capital One
  • Halliburton


$7/user/month for 1000 Users (Billed Annually)
Price on Request
Cooleaf logo


Why Cooleaf

Cooleaf is designed with employees in mind. It allows for flexible rewards programs so organizations can tailor incentives to match their team’s unique preferences and needs. It also provides detailed analytics. These insights help gauge employee engagement levels and effectiveness of various initiatives.

Cooleaf tackles common challenges such as lack of recognition, poor engagement, and inadequate feedback mechanisms, making it an ideal choice for organizations aiming to strategically enhance employee recognition.

Best For: Mid-sized to Large Enterprises

Standout Features

Customizable Rewards Programs

Automated Admin Tasks

Custom Engagement Challenges

Performance Benchmarking & Awards

User Friendly Interface

Detailed Engagement Analytics

  • It allows for flexible rewards programs, enabling users to tailor incentives to fit their team’s unique preferences and needs
  • It has an intuitive interface, making it easy for both employees and administrators to use the platform efficiently.

Customer Reviews

“Cooleaf is web based which makes it very easy to implement, integrate and use.” (Source: G2)

  • It could consider certain areas of improvement in areas like adding more options to redeeming points
  • The mobile app often forgets the user password, potentially causing disengagements in the app

Customer Reviews

“Better way to reference how many Cooleaf points have been awarded and to whom. The 'remember my login' information doesn't work.”(Source: Capterra)

Clientele :

  • Aprio
  • Bark
  • Net Health
  • MountainSeed
  • StateServ
  • Soltech


Price on Request
Guusto logo


Why Guusto

Guusto helps organizations create unique and purpose-driven recognition programs for their employees. Its point-based redemption system allows full credit reimbursement on unclaimed gifts. Furthermore, employees can utilize the pay-forward option to transfer gifts to their colleagues. Moreover, for every gift rewarded, Guusto donates one day’s worth of clean water.

Guusto’s unique offerings of flexible rewards and powerful budget controls optimize employee rewards and help boost employee engagement and morale.

Best For: SMEs

Standout Features

Pay Forward Option

Budget Reports

Value-based Recognition

Actionable Reports


Purpose-Driven (Social Impact)

  • The balance amount in Gift Cards can be combined for a larger valuation.
  • Redemption of Gift Cards is easy and streamlined with a range of options.

Customer Reviews

“What I like about Guusto is the easy access to gift cards. Amazing gifting. Simple, flexible gifting option.” (Source: G2)

  • It offers limited integration capabilities with other applications.
  • Certain geographic regions have limited gift cards options.

Customer Reviews

“There were not a ton of local options, mostly larger chains. I live in Vancouver and wish more of the Vancouver only chains were on the platform like JJ Bean or Nook.”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • Harvard University
  • The Body Shop
  • Levis
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Pilgrims
  • Seaspan


$120/month for 30 users
$400/month for 80 users
Workhuman logo


Why Workhuman

WorkHuman Social Recognition platform helps create a culture of excellence where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated for their work. It helps peers and managers participate in continuous recognition activities, boosting work relationships, happiness, and engagement.

With Workhuman, leaders gain unparalleled insights into what drives organizational goals, and HRs are able to build a motivating work environment.

Best For: Companies of all sizes

Standout Features

Community Celebrations

Service Milestones

Data Analytics & Insights

Global e-Commerce Network

Point-Based Rewarding

Inclusion Advisor

  • It allows users to compare survey results to industry benchmarks, helping identify areas for improvement.
  • Its customization options and integration APIs enable tailored experiences for organizations.

Customer Reviews

“Straightforward user interface. Good customization. It has eliminated the headache of shipping awards globally and unlocked and enabled peer-to-peer recognition” (Source: G2)

  • It’s an expensive program in comparison with other recognition platforms.
  • The platform could incorporate more products and gift cards for redemption.

Customer Reviews

“The thing that can be improved regarding Workhuman Social Recognition is the addition of more products in the store so that once our colleagues redeem their points, they get some more exciting options. Also, the no. of vendors can be increased for gift cards.”(Source: G2)

Clientele :

  • LinkedIn
  • Moderna
  • Cisco
  • Minto
  • IHG Hotels and Resorts
  • Allied Irish Banks


Basic Plan
Custom Plan
Price on Request

Benefits of R&R Software

The main benefits of onboarding an effective Employee Recognition Software are:

Higher Employee Retention : The right software can reduce turnover by making employees feel valued and appreciated.

Teamwork : Recognition can foster a positive work environment, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

Company Values : By recognizing behaviors that align with company values, you can reinforce those values across the organization.

Employer Branding : Recognition can enhance your reputation as a great place to work, attracting top talent.

Motivation & Productivity : Recognizing employees’ efforts can boost their motivation, leading to increased productivity.

Recognition helps create a positive environment where people value each other’s efforts, qualities, and strengths.

Challenges of R&R

Some challenges that an organization might encounter with a sub-optimal Employee Recognition Software are:

Disengagement : Employees may feel less invested at work if the recognition program is not engaging.

Lack of Personalization : A generalized, and one-size-fits-all recognition program may not resonate with many employees.

Poor Communication : Ineffective platform communication/notifications may affect platform adoption and usage.

Inconsistency : Inconsistent recognition may lead to perceptions of bias and affect employee performance.

Irrelevant : The rewards offered may not be relevant and meaningful to the recipients.

These challenges underscore the significance of a thoughtfully designed and correctly executed recognition program.

How to Choose the Right Platform?

Choosing the right Employee Recognition Platform is a very important decision. It can make people feel valued, work better, and stay in the company longer.

But with so many options available, how do you make the right choice?

Start by identifying your needs. What are your goals for employee recognition? What features are most important to you? Most importantly, look for a platform that can help drive your company culture and values.

Next, consider the provider. Are they reputable? Do they offer good customer support? What are others saying about their platform? Don’t forget to consider cost but remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best.

To conclude, choosing the right employee recognition platform can help your company grow by leaps and bounds. By carefully weighing your needs, you can find a solution to help your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Here are 5 easy yet highly effective Employee Recognition Ideas that you can implement in your organization using a recognition platform:

Peer Recognition : Encourage employees to appreciate each other’s work on the company’s social feed.

Spot Awards : Give immediate rewards for notable efforts through badges and points.

Employee of the Month/Year : Recognize outstanding performance monthly/yearly with an employee leaderboard.

Personalized Rewards : Offer rewards that align with each employee’s interests via gift cards and experiences of choice.

Work Anniversary Celebrations : Celebrate the tenure of employees in the company with automated appreciation posts and milestone awards.

FAQs About Employee Recognition Software

Q: Why should my company invest in Employee Recognition Software?

A: Companies need to make a mindset shift when it comes to Employee Recognition. It is no longer just an HR exercise or simply a nice thing to do. It is about making a difference in employee engagement and retention.
Having a flexible, customizable, and accessible app that provides on-the-go recognition features can take motivation levels up many notches. Also, managers can use reports to link recognition with Goals and ROI.

Q: How to get started with Recognition Software?

A: Vantage Circle's ‘Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Rewards & Recognition Program’ can help you choose the best employee rewards platform for your company.
This detailed buyer’s guide is compiled from years of experience and insights on how to choose a Rewards and Recognition Solution that will best reflect your company’s personality and priorities.

Q. Do a need a dedicated Employee Recognition Software?

A: Having a dedicated Employee Recognition Software will help you answer critical questions like:

  • How many times did you provide recognition in the last 3 or 6 months?
  • How many employees did you recognize?
  • Which employees recognize each other regularly?
  • Does this recognition impact performance?

Thus, digital tools will streamline your recognition efforts to make recognition frequent and impactful.

Q: Are there any free Employee Recognition Softwares?

A: Yes, some Employee Recognition Softwares come with a free version. Many also come with a free trial version that has a few useful features.

Q: How do I measure the success of my Employee Recognition Platform?

A: You can measure the success of your Employee Recognition Platform by taking direct feedback from employees by conducting quick polls and employee surveys. You should consider questions like:

  • What percentage of the workforce has adopted the tool?
  • How many are active users?
  • What is the redemption rate of the rewards?
  • How has recognition influenced job performance?

The best employee work recognition Platforms come with robust tracking and analytics systems.

This article is written by Shabana Shahnaz who is a Product Research Analyst at Vantage Circle. A post-graduate in Applied Sociology, Shabana is passionately interested in people dynamics. She enjoys writing pieces that strike conversations and is obsessed with what’s next in culture, relevance, and the Internet. To get in touch, reach out to editor@vantagecircle.com

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition