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What is Employee Content Sharing, and how does it Work on Linkedin?

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Many companies see LinkedIn as a social network for finding employees. But LinkedIn is much more than just finding employees - it is a way of finding clients. According to LinkedIn, 56% of marketers use the network for marketing activities because it has 800 million active users. You can post links to previously published materials or write articles on the platform for bloggers.

LinkedIn graciously provides a platform for publishing long articles. They appear on the user's profile and in the first circle's contact feed. If your community likes, comments, or shares the article, your second-circle contacts will see it. This article will discuss what employee content sharing is and what benefits it brings.

What is employee content sharing?

Employee content sharing implies sharing your branded content and employees' expertise with their subscribers. In such a way, several times more people get acquainted with your business, and you build your business's expertise. According to Expandedramblings, about 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly. Blogging and employee content sharing can be an essential part of your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn?

Your content on LinkedIn is accessible to your target audience and:

  • You can post content on your corporate LinkedIn page, increasing its authority, attracting potential customers, informing employees, finding partners, and sharing your ideas.

  • LinkedIn provides blogging capabilities so that many employees can become your "ambassadors" online.

  • You share experiences to attract new clients and build your professional network.

  • Users who are not part of your network can follow you because your new content appears in their news feed.

  • LinkedIn ranks well with search engines, so your articles are more likely to appear in Google search results.

These are the main LinkedIn advantages for content publishing. Now let's discuss how employee content sharing on LinkedIn will benefit you.

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How does employee content sharing work on LinkedIn?

You can solve at least three business problems by encouraging active employees on LinkedIn:

  • You'll save money on recruiting. When posting information about open positions on the company's internal website, add "share on social media" buttons. Send out information about open positions to employees for sharing.

  • You'll increase trust in the company and its expertise. Make guidelines for employees on what to write about on LinkedIn to make them look professional. Share information and content with them, so they have something to talk about: analytics, data, infographics, facts, and accomplishments. Talk about topics to talk about, and remind them of the company's ethics and values.

  • You will increase sales. Develop instructional materials on LinkedIn sales for the sales department. The instructions should include a step-by-step warming up of customers, from making connections to arranging a personal meeting.

Now let's discuss how employee content sharing solves these 3 business problems.

With Employee Content Sharing, Employees Become Authority Figures in the Industry

Your employees know the essence of business processes and products better than any content manager. They can provide truly prompt and high-quality information assistance to users.

To get the most out of employees who share your brand's content, help them optimize their social profiles to present themselves and the business most authentically and professionally as possible. If necessary, allocate resources to organize a professional photo shoot and video recording, if that makes sense. Remember that content sharing and communication still fall on your employees, but with proper organization and professional mediation, this work may take little time or effort.

Employee Content Sharing Increases the Reach of Company Content

Content on behalf of a company employee is shared 24 times more often than from its official page. Such LinkedIn content is trusted six times more. This principle of LinkedIn content sharing also applies to a company's top executives.

The statistic numbers shouldn't be surprising: people want to communicate with people, not with a logo. If you want to create a community of loyal people around the company - involve employees in content sharing.

Every company profits from an employee's sharing content because business content will get more views. Suppose an employee has 300 connections and shares a long read. It gets 300 more potential clients or employees (and this is without other-level connections). And when you have 10 employees with 300 connections sharing your content, your benefit becomes even more.

Employee Content Sharing Builds Domain Authority

LinkedIn has high domain authority in Google. As a result, it frequently shows LinkedIn posts in search results. When employees link posts about their job to the business website, it organically supports building the business website domain authority. Accordingly, you improve the SEO of your website.

Employee Content Sharing Increases Brand Awareness & Grows Company Page Following

A brand advocacy program stimulates employees to convey their expertise to the business and industry. In such a way, LinkedIn connections become aware of the company.

What to talk about to increase brand awareness and attract customers? Content is quite varied: industry analytics, expert comments and reviews, case studies, and testimonials from satisfied customers. You can also turn to essay writing by EssayTigers for qualitative writing assistance. Other components contribute to increasing loyalty to the company: a well-designed profile, discussions on the topic, and mentions from key opinion leaders.

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Employee Content sharing Increases Employees' Industry Knowledge

Sharing business content on LinkedIn helps employees remain up-to-date with the business and discover something. LinkedIn is a perfect instrument for expanding knowledge. Employees can use this benefit to evolve by connecting with other industry experts and interacting with their posts.


Employees can include links to web pages, PDF files, presentations, and videos in their profiles. These steps will help employees turn their profiles into a treasure trove of valuable information for clients and increase users' trust in seeking advice.

Once your employees have optimized their profiles, advise them on maintaining accounts to attract subscribers. The more effectively they expand their audience, the more opportunities they have to distribute branded content and strengthen brand marketing.

The motivation system can be built differently, but it turns out that the lack of real financial interest of employees leads to only formal execution of the task. Employees grudgingly answer questions from users. And the irregularity and optionality kill the idea of building continuous communication with users on LinkedIn.

Haley Osborne is an active freelance writer. She is interested in management, web design, and writing. Regularly touches on the topics of self-development and modern trends. Her goal is to provide quality and inspiring content. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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