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60 Top Creative Employee Award Titles: Explained With Types and Examples

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Every great work done and milestone achieved by an employee deserves the utmost appreciation and respect. And nothing is better than giving out creative employee award titles for extending your gratitude.

In this blog, I'll discuss the importance of employee awards and their types. Also, I’ll be sharing some example creative award titles which are meaningful as well that you can consider.

Let’s begin!

Giving out a lucrative salary package may attract some really good and talented employees to work for you. Having such employees by your side may make you believe that everything is on track. Initially, it is true; everyone is working hard, punctual, disciplined, and most essentially motivated.

However, the same qualities of those employees and their level of motivation often tend to fade away in the long run. And the sole reason for this is none other than disengagement at work.

According to a Gallup poll, actively disengaged employees cause U.S. companies between $450 ‚Äď $550 billion in lost productivity per year.

A disengaged workforce is the direct result of poor employee engagement practices followed by employers at their workplaces.

However, adopting good employee engagement policies make sure that the employees stay engaged and motivated. Moreover, it also helps to bring down the employee turnover rates, workplace dissatisfaction and at the same time strengthen workplace relationships.

Though there are many elements and ways for practicing employee engagement. One among them is bestowing your employees with awards and titles every time they achieve a milestone or complete a challenge.

Importance of Employee Awards Titles

Modern-day employees can seldom say they had an easy day. With the ever-increasing workload, the level of efforts and hardships endured at the job are also rising. And these hardships deserve appreciation more than anything.

This is where the need for "Employee Award Titles" or hosting ‚ÄúEmployee Award Programs‚ÄĚ comes into the picture.

Employee award titles are the formal or sometimes creative terms that employers bestow on their employees who outperform the workforce.

These titles convey what the employee has achieved and carries the message of motivation for the other team members. Likewise, it also makes the employee stand out from the rest of the workforce as someone who is diligent and has done their job with dedication.

Moreover, giving out employee awards is an integral part of employee recognition programs. These awards are often given out at the end of the month or a year based on the employer's convenience.

Here are 3 Types of Employee Award Titles along with examples


Performance awards are primarily based on an employees' efficiency in the workplace.

Most employee recognition awards given out by employers are based on their employees' overall performance.

Every time you acknowledge an employee for their efforts, it raises the bar for others to achieve. Thus, promoting healthy competition within the workplace.

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Recognizing employees based on their performance is also the fairest way to acknowledge their efforts. Moreover, it acts as an element of motivation for others to give their best and earn the title.

Examples of performance-based award titles:

1. The Employee of the Month

The employee of the month award recognizes those workers who outperformed others in the workplace during a given month. This is the most usual form of award which almost every employer gives their employees.

Organizing such monthly awards gives a boost to productivity by encouraging others. Moreover, it also allows employers to recognize their top talents and nurture their skills even more.

2. Stand out Performer

A stand-out performer is one who constantly gives their best at work. It reflects the dedication of an employee towards his or her work.

Employees who receive the title of stand-out performer are often the best candidates for a team leader or manager position.

3. Go That Extra Mile

Every employer wants their employees to perform above and beyond their capabilities ensuring maximum productivity. However, it is easier said than done.

It takes a good amount of motivation to push the employees to do so. However, employees getting frequent recognition never hesitate to go the extra mile to get the job done. And the Go That Extra Mile title is for those employees.

4. Most Improved Performer

Learning and improving over time is a lifelong process. The same principle applies to your workplaces as well. Employees learn from their failures and improve their skills at work.

The title of the Most Improved Performer is for those employees who display exemplary improvement at their respective work. This title fuels the zeal amongst the other employees to rise above their current status. Therefore, paving the way towards ensuring a healthy workforce.

5. Best Customer Centricity

In many businesses, employees stand as the first line of interaction with the clients. These employees are held responsible for generating clients, keeping the present ones happy, and retaining clients.

The Best Customer Centricity title identifies those employees who offer the best customer service. Moreover, this title establishes these employees as role models from whom others can learn and add more to the business growth in the long run.

Some more creative employee award title examples:

6. The Eccentric Performer

7. The Star Employee

8. Achiever of the Month

9. The High Flyer

10. The Ace Employee

11. The Mountain Mover

12. The Growth Driver

13. The Iron Man

14. The Ultimate Contributor

15. The Growth Booster

16. The Alpha

17. The Wolf of [Team name/Company Name]

18. The Front Runner

19. The Conquerer

20. Keep on the Bull Run

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Employees' shouldn't only be gauged on their performance. The behavior and work ethics of an employee are also an important aspect that employers need to track.

Employees who are highly diligent, punctual, and honest deserve equal recognition as someone who is highly productive. Moreover, such employees bring goodwill to the organization with their professionalism and their will to serve better.

Some examples of creative award titles based on behavior:

21. Best Team Player

This title is for employees who display extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their team members. There may be a lot of problems that the teams may face. With this title, let your employees know that keeping the team afloat is well noticed.

Moreover, doing this will likely encourage all the others to follow the suit and strengthen teamwork within the organization.

22. The Brainiac

This title is for employees who pitches the most innovative ideas to solve problems and issues. These employees act like the think tank of the organization and also deserve appreciation for their abilities.

23. Best Attendance Award

Punctuality is a very important skill which not everyone possesses but can be nurtured with motivation.

The efficiency of an organisation also depends on its punctuality which passes on to the employees. Consider awarding this title to those employees who are always punctual and carry out their day to day duties on time.

24. The Engagement Champion

Every employer desires to have active and engaged employees.

This award title is for the employees who are highly engaged at their jobs. These are the employees who receive frequent appreciation in their workplaces. Moreover, the Engagement Champion title helps put forward the alpha employee who can act as a role model for others in the workforce.

25. The Social Contributor Award

It is also imperative to recognize your employees for their deeds outside their workplace. Recognizing off-work achievements gives employees the confidence for keeping up their good work as a human. Moreover, providing such awards impacts the organization's stand on social commitments.

Here, consider giving these awards to the employees who go the extra mile to serve society.

Some more creative award title examples:

26. The Holy Heart

27. Superb Presence

28. The Hero With A Tie

29. The Trend Setter

30. The Heart of a Saint

31. The Dumbledore

32. The Moral Hero

33. The Game Changer

34. The Motivator

35. The Hidden Gem

36. All Smiles

37. The Jedi of [Team Name/Company Name]

38. The People’s Choice

39. High Five From All

40. Mr./Ms. Always On Time


Finding someone who is both loyal and hardworking is hard to find in today's work environment. Service or tenure award is dedicated to those employees who are devoted towards his or her organization. This award recognizes and applauds the years of service dedicated by an employee, making them feel appreciated.

Moreover, you can create custom employee service awards based on the number of years they have served.

41. The One Mile Down

The One Mile Down award title is for those employees who successfully mark their one-year work anniversary.

42. Running The Marathon

A marathon signifies long runs that one needs to keep running with a steady pace towards the finishing point. You can use this to recognize those who have dedicated five or more years of service to the organization and are still on.

43. Forever With Us

As the name suggests, you can bestow this title on those few employees who display true loyalty towards their organization. Especially those employees who keep on working for the same organization for more than a decade.

44. The Iron Pillar

In tenure awards, you can accord this on an employee who stood by the organization through thick and thin since they joined.

45. The Collared Diamond

Time and pressure turn coal into a precious diamond. The same goes around with your employees as well. The time and the work pressure endured by the employees eventually make them the most experienced. And such skilled employees are no less than diamonds in the corporate world.

Some more award title examples:

46. Most Determined Employee

47. Let's Grow Old Together

48. Outstanding Service Record

49. Unmatched Dedication

50. Company Excellence Award

51. To The Moon and Back

52. The Ultraman Employee

53. Incomparable Service Award

54. Salute to Loyalty

55. The Ultimate Guide

56. Thank you Everything

57. Golden Goose of [Team name/Company name]

58. 21 Gun Salute

59. Mr./Ms. Indispensable

60. Beyond Grateful

These were some of the creative employee award titles that you can consider for your workforce. However, you can too come up with your own employee award ideas based on your workplace scenario.

Employee recognition award titles are very important as it adds value to an employees’ efforts and works, at the same time elevating your company culture.

Moreover, such titles also act as proof for the employees that they can show their peers about their achievements.

Working as a SEO Analyst and Content Marketer at Vantage Circle, Angshuman always stays curious and is passionate about learning new things. Got any question? Drop a mail at editor@vantagecircle.com

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