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19 Amazing Easter Gifts Your Employees Would Appreciate

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Giving Easter gifts to your employees is a workplace tradition that every company needs to participate in.

Post-2020, every employee needs that extra boost of feeling appreciated for the efforts they put in. Recognition received from their leaders can have a huge impact on how people navigate a period of work-induced stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

With employee engagement being the prime focus of global organizations, it is vital to grab every opportunity that you can to make your people feel valued.

While Christmas and work anniversaries are well utilized by companies to celebrate on a grand scale, the Easter holiday is often underrated for how amazing it can be.

But First, What Is Easter?

To those unaware, Easter is one of the principal holidays that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a festival that symbolizes joy, hope, and new beginnings.

While being a Christian holiday, Easter has established itself as an occasion celebrated by people from various wakes of life. Thus, Easter truly embodies what every company is trying to achieve- workplace inclusion in its simplest form.

For companies looking for new ways to engage their people, sometimes the answer is not expensive and complex.

Sometimes it can be as simple as making your people feel happy and recognized through the simple act of gift-giving during a special occasion.

This article will focus on the best corporate gift ideas for Easter that every employee would love to receive.

List Of 19 Amazing Easter Gift Ideas For Employees

1. Easter Baskets


Easter is synonymous with Easter baskets. Typically meant for children, this versatile gift can be customized to suit the tastes of your employees too. Easter baskets traditionally consist of goodies like Easter eggs, toys, or fruits.

You can adult-ify the whole gift for a corporate setting by including organic nuts, quality chocolates, premium tea or coffee, luxury cheeses, and so much more.

2. Personalized Items

Although practical items such as bottles, mugs, ties, cuffs, scarves are very thoughtful gifts, you can make them more meaningful by personalizing. Receiving such gifts will definitely make your employees feel happy.

3. Gift Cards

Given a choice, everyone would love to receive a gift card. And why wouldn't they?

Gift cards allow an employee the flexibility to choose the gift that they really want. It turns the otherwise simple act of receiving a gift into a fun shopping experience.

For employers, gift cards are incredibly easy to manage, store, and distribute, making them the ideal corporate reward for any occasion.

With reward and recognition platforms such as Vantage Rewards, it is extremely simple to monetarily appreciate your employees, even if they work remotely. Vantage Rewards allows you to publicly and instantly reward employees, ensuring that every small and big win is celebrated.

4. Easter Bunny Decor

Easter without bunnies is incomplete by itself. Even adults will appreciate the adorable bunny designs that are reminiscent of Easter. Look for lamps, flower vases,

5. Charitable Donations

Easter is a festival that encourages people to share their goodwill with others. Making charitable contributions on behalf of each individual employee is a gesture that most workers will appreciate!

6. Sweet Treats


Gourmet sweet treats are something that will appeal to the majority of your workforce. If not for them, their families will definitely approve of these gift boxes of delight.

Chocolate bunny eggs, chocolate-covered strawberries or pretzels, chocolate bunnies- the options are simply endless.

The great news? If you are not that fond of chocolate, there is a range of other selections such as peanut butter cups, Tim Tams, giant cookies, cheesecake bars, and many more.

7. Greeting Card

Sometimes, a sweet card with a message from one's boss can be the most authentic and meaningful gratitude an employee can receive.

However, please note that the more personalized such cards are, the more impact such cards will have on your employees' morale. Ensure that you thank them for standing with you during your tough times and point out the result of their contributions.

8. Snack Easter Hamper

Easter snacks are integral to its celebration. We recommend gifting your employees a curated food hamper consisting of chocolate eggs (a must for Easter), sweet and salty mix, jelly beans, or bunny decorated cookies.

You can also go for a more healthy Easter gifting option by opting for organic, low-calorie food items.

9. Art Supplies


As leaders, you need to encourage your people to go out of their comfort zone, destress, and tap into their creativity. Art is the clear winner in such regards.

Art supplies may seem unusual, but they are an extraordinary gift to give to your people. That is why adult coloring books are in such high demand right now.

10. Egg Cup

Gifting an egg cup might seem odd for any other holiday, but definitely not so for Easter. Often Easter gifts include eggs in some form or the other since eggs represent a new start.

Keeping that in mind, egg cups symbolize the Easter festival and are an excellent gift to your workforce.

11. Electronic Items

Electronic items such as smartwatches, portable BlueTooth speakers, and Kindles are a big favorite among today’s workforce and are sure to boost their spirit.

12. Wellness Items

Wellness products can be a valuable gift, particularly in today's world where everyone's health is a top priority. Meditation app subscriptions, interactive workout courses, wellness app subscriptions, and health trackers are among our favorites.

13. Books

The gift of books is a gift that goes on giving. You can ask employees to share their booklist and also simultaneously pay for their library cards. If you want to go all out, Kindles and audiobooks are quite the rage nowadays.

14. Good Wine

A fine bottle of wine is the ideal accompaniment to every happy occasion. It is also a perk that the staff would undoubtedly enjoy.

15. Plants

Who doesn't like succulents? They are extremely charming and will make an excellent addition to any indoor garden or room decoration. Juniper, pines, spruces, cedars, magnolia, elms, and oaks will all make for perfect bonsai trees.

16. Craft Items

Why opt for mass-produced Easter gifts when you invest in small business items. Handmade craft items are an ideal Easter gift that is meaningful while being ecologically sustainable.

17. Beach Items

With summer rapidly approaching, beach-related goods are another item that we believe would make ideal Easter gifts. Even if you live nowhere close to a beach, you will still need a decent pair of shades, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and shorts.

18. Gift Experiences

Give your staff an experience gift card as a surprise. For instance, luxurious hotel stays, special dinner vouchers, catered lunch at the office, special spa treatments, and so on.

19. Self-Care Package

Among your employees, promote the importance of taking "me" time to care for themselves. Curate a self-care package that consists of lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and such. To instill the spirit of Easter, include items that showcase bunnies, carrots, or eggs.


Being a good boss is essential for a happy workforce. While bad managers cause high turnover, good managers boost morale and are recognised on National Boss's Day! Sometimes, making your employees feel happy during Easter can be a simple way to be a good boss!

Which of the Easter gifts mentioned above do you think your employees would enjoy the most? We'd love to hear it from you!

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This article is written by Barasha Medhi is a content marketer at Vantage Circle. She is always on the lookout for interesting tidbits about the current HR and employee engagement space. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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