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15 Awesome Company Swag Ideas That Your Employees Will Love

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Joining a new company is always an overwhelming feeling. It can be difficult to settle in comfortably with new faces, a new working environment, and new job responsibilities. However, you can alleviate new employees' anxiety by providing them with company swag.

These are goodies that represent your company and the culture that you have. It helps new employees to become a part of the workforce gradually. It gives them the identity that they are now part of and a valued asset of the organization.

But what is it? Let’s have a look.

What is company swag?

Company swag, also known as corporate swag, is like the cool gear companies give out to their team and clients. It's all those branded goodies—think T-shirts, water bottles, and notebooks—that sport the company logo or design. Swag isn't just stuff; it's a way for companies to show appreciation, build brand awareness, and create a sense of belonging.

Here are a few types of company swag:

  • Apparel: From comfy T-shirts to stylish hats, it's all about rocking that company logo.

  • Drinkware: Sip in style with branded mugs, tumblers, and water bottles.

  • Tech Accessories: Stay connected with phone cases, laptop sleeves, and USB drives featuring the company's logo.

  • Stationery: Jot down notes in company-branded notebooks or make your mark with custom pens.

  • Bags and Totes: Carry your essentials in branded backpacks, tote bags, or laptop bags.

  • Office Supplies: Spruce up your workspace with mousepads, desk organizers, and sticky notes—all stamped with the company's logo.

These swag items aren't just cool; they're a way for companies to connect with their people and spread some brand love.

15 Company Swag Ideas For Your Employees

1. Backpacks


Backpacks are super cool, and they are trendy as well, with varied functionalities. It is one of the best company swag items you can include in your list. They allow the employees to carry all their belongings without creating any mess.

Make sure the bag's quality is good and has the necessary branding. Also, ensure that you provide them with a backpack that best suits the present era. For example, backpacks with chargers are trending and have all the basic functionalities millennials need.

2. Diary

New employees in the organization jot down notes constantly to grasp their responsibilities. And to assist them, you can gift them customized diaries with their name and company logos. It is a great company swag idea that will allow the employees to take note of key pointers.

Moreover, if you want to be on the environmentally friendly side, you can opt for diaries that are erasable. Yes, there are erasable diaries now that are cool and fun to use.

3. Customized Headphones

According to research, listening to music while working boosts creativity and productivity. And who does not love a great piece of music? Some might like melancholic ones, while others might prefer rock. But whatever the choice of music, a customized headset is a perfect fit as a company swag.

Gift your employees a personalized headset and let them indulge in the world of music.

4. Portable Chargers

New employees thrive on giving their all at work, which is the standard they set for themselves. That is also true when they work on various electronic devices. Employees expect the devices to perform optimally. However, there may be stumbling blocks in the form of power struggles.

And to address such issues, portable chargers are the ideal solution, which you can gift as company swag. This will ensure that the employees complete their daily tasks without any hiccups.

5. Pens

Pens are your daily essentials to jot down important information during a meeting. And they make up one of the favorite items on the company swag list.

You can customize the pens with company logos or the name of your employees to add a personal touch. Ensure that the pens are of high quality and work smoothly like butter.

6. Reusable Bottles


Keeping your workforce hydrated for the organization and employees is critical. And the vast majority of employees drink water daily. You can give them reusable bottles with your company's logo or personalize them.

The main goal is to reduce single-use plastic and make it more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, reusable bottles have a longer life span, lowering company costs.

7. Snack Bag Sealer

Snacks are perfect for enjoying during breaks or while working. And who doesn't love them? It's tasty, and one can choose from a wide variety of snacks. But employees do not require to finish their snacks in one go. Instead, they can have a serving of their choice, seal it up, and eat the rest later.

Furthermore, these bags preserve the snacks and make elegant alternatives to paper clips.

8. Apparel!

Another great idea for your company swag is to give your employees t-shirts or sweatshirts with your company branding. But be mindful of the design and the material you provide.

Ensure that you select a good design that will add a cool factor and that the employees will love to wear.

9. Self-Care Kit

Another thoughtful company swag item that you can add is a self-care kit. With the growing pollution all around, everyone has become self-conscious. And with this kit, you can assist the employees in caring for themselves.

The kit can include sunscreen, face wash, scrubs, multivitamins, and more. Just ensure that you ask them beforehand if they are allergic to chemicals. You can also opt for a herbal kit free of chemicals that everyone will love.

10. Smartwatches


If you have an extensive budget, you can opt for this uber-cool company swag gift. Smartwatches are in trend, and the millennial workforce will love them.

Not only are they customizable, but they provide a lot of functionalities that are quite useful in the present era.

11. Stickers and Patches

Stickers and patches can be your add-ons to the primary company swag item. Provide the employees with a wide range of cool patches and stickers. These include famous TV shows, sports personalities, favorite football teams, and much more.

12. Sneakers


We are fond of this one, and it is a unique idea to include it in your company swag list. Everyone loves sneakers. And your workforce is now dominant with mostly millennials; gifting them sneakers is a good idea.

They are comfy, easy to wear, and trendy, and you can choose from various styles. Try to go for the branded sneakers if you have the budget so that it lasts for a long.

13. Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speakers are great company swag items you can add to your list. You can choose from a wide range of products available in the market. Just ensure that it is of the best quality and it runs for a longer period.

And for customization, you can add your brand's name with a super cool logo to make it catchy.

14. Coffee and Tea Kit

With the hustle and bustle, your employees need to take some time out to relax. And to help them out, you can provide coffee or tea kits based on their preferences. It is a thoughtful company swag idea that fits well with the list. The kit can include various types of coffee beans, tea bags, and cookies to enjoy.

Let them sit back and enjoy a sip to rejuvenate themselves and become more productive.

15. Desk Plants


We personally love this one. Desk plants give a fresh look to the workspace and let employees indulge in something other than work.

There are a plethora of desk plants that you can choose from. But remember that some are seasonal, and some are available throughout the year.

Benefits of using company swags

Imagine your team proudly sporting your company logo, turning every coffee run and gym session into a marketing opportunity. Company swag isn't just about free stuff—it's about building pride, loyalty, and connections, both inside and outside the workplace.

Brand Awareness

Company swag isn't just about spreading the word about your brand; it's about your employees proudly representing the company they love. When they wear or use branded merchandise, they become walking billboards, sparking conversations and connections with others.

Employee Appreciation

Getting free stuff is always a win, right? But beyond the perks, company swag shows employees that their hard work is noticed and valued. It's like a high-five from the company, boosting morale and making them feel like part of the team.

Customer Loyalty

Who doesn't love a freebie? When customers receive branded merchandise, it's like getting a little gift from the company. It creates a positive experience and keeps them coming back for more, building loyalty and trust in your brand.

Company Culture

Company swag isn't just about slapping a logo on a t-shirt; it's about expressing what makes your company unique. Whether it's quirky slogans, inside jokes, or symbols of your shared values, swag helps employees feel connected to something bigger than themselves—a community they're proud to be a part of.

Tips for choosing best company swag

  • Quality Matters: Invest in swag items that reflect the quality and excellence of your brand. Choose well-made products that showcase your commitment to excellence and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

  • Relevance: Tailor your swag selection to your audience's interests and preferences. Consider their demographics, lifestyle, and needs to ensure your swag resonates with them and adds value to their lives.

  • Functionality: Opt for practical items that offer utility and convenience. Whether it's a versatile gadget, a useful tool, or a stylish accessory, prioritize functionality to ensure your swag becomes a go-to essential for recipients.

  • Creativity: Think outside the box and choose swag items that captivate attention and spark excitement. Get creative with unique designs, bold colors, and innovative customization options to make your swag stand out and leave a memorable impression.

  • Sustainability: Demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility by selecting eco-friendly swag options. Choose sustainable materials, recyclable packaging, or products with minimal environmental impact to align with your company's values and contribute to a greener future.

Elevate your company's swag game with Vantage Circle. We offer premium, personalized, and purposeful swag solutions tailored to your brand and audience. From customized apparel to innovative gadgets, we handle everything from design to delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Let us help you make a lasting impression with our creative and high-quality swag options. Get in touch today to take your brand to the next level!

Summing it Up:

It would be best if you focused on company culture to have a good reputation among your competitors. Having company swag will also make your company appear cooler to potential candidates. Companies frequently need help to have a marketable promotional product. However, with these ideas in hand, your company will not only benefit from showcasing its super awesome culture but also increase its branding.

Make sure that before handing out a few gifts, ask the employees what they would like from the list.

So, use these suggestions to build a company that everyone admires.

Mrinmoy Rabha is a content writer and digital marketer at Vantage Circle. He is an avid follower of football and passionate about singing. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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