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List Of 25 Companies With Best Employee Perks

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In the current competitive and modern workplace, employees seek more than just a hefty paycheck. Realizing that high pay alone does not suffice them, companies have always undertaken the initiative to provide additional employee perks and benefits. Employee perks have become the primary ingredient for attracting and retaining top talents. However, traditional benefits may not fully meet employees' evolving needs. To gain a competitive edge, companies must provide unique benefits to stand out and gain a competitive edge. Let us uncover 25 such companies with best employee perks.

The section below will showcase how these companies have set their standard in providing their employees with amazing perks and benefits that make their work life more fulfilling.

Key Takeaways

  • A detailed list of 25 companies with Bbest Employee Perks.
  • The approach to ranking the Top Companies With The Best Perks.

1. Apple

Industry: Consumer electronics, software services, online services
Location: Cupertino, California
Number of employees: 164,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Life and supplemental life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Retire health and medical
  • Vacation and time off
  • Commuting costs
  • Gym credit
  • Stock purchase program
  • Tuition and self-improvement
  • Retirement plans

Top Workplaces awards: Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 2022, Best Company Perks & Benefits 2021, Best CEOs for Women 2021, Best Company Outlook 2021.

Job listings: Apple Careers

Apple making it to the list is not a startling fact at all. They have not only established a legacy of offering the best to their target audience, but genuine care for their employees is prevalent in the perks and benefits that employees receive.

Employees get a whopping annual 25% discount on devices. In addition, employees working there for three years get iPhones discounted at $250 and Macbooks at $500.

Glassdoor’s users have rated Apple’s perks a stellar 4.5 out of 5.

Employees are also offered a credit of $300( Rs 21,000) on gym memberships. Also, new hires are provided unlimited vacations for their work contributions.

These kinds of perks and benefits go a long way in motivating employees to work harder and deliver productivity.

No wonder Apple is reigning the market by becoming a market leader of $3.05 trillion. With thriving and motivated employees, Apple is pushing the necessary boundaries.

2. Airbnb

Industry: Lodging
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Number of employees: 6,811

Perks provided by the company:

  • Generous parental leaves
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Premium life insurance
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Provision of healthy snacks for on-the-clock workers

Top Workplaces awards: In 2020, Airbnb won for Best Company Perks & Benefits.

Job listings: Airbnb Careers

Airbnb, with its fresh approach to business, offers lodging that caters to travelers across the world. Founded in 2008, it leveraged the growing market opportunity and facilitated arrangements between lodging providers and seekers.

As per the records of 2020, Airbnb had attained a value of around $3.38 billion. Apart from reaching out to the masses with its newer proposition and benefits, Airbnb equally excels in benefitting its employees in numerous ways beyond salary packages.

Airbnb has secured 4.2 out of 5 for employee perks in Glassdoor reviews.

Employees also tend to receive a $2000 stipend for annual travel that covers travel costs and lodging at Airbnb across locations around the globe.

3. Google

Industry: Internet, cloud computing, computer software, hardware, artificial intelligence, advertising.

Location: California, United States
Number of employees: 139,995

Perks provided by the company:

  • Health and wellness
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Flexibility and time off
  • Family support and care
  • Community and personal development
  • Fitness centers and massage programs
  • 401 k
  • Inspiring workspaces
  • Internet reimbursement

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Google won Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Company Compensation, Best Career Growth, Best Global Culture 2023, Best Company Outlook 2023.

Job listings: Google Careers

The internet’s top search engine, Google, does not only chart the search engine arena, but it equally excels in offering a stunning benefit package for its employees.

The best company benefits support include flexibility and time off, family support and care, and community and personal development.

Google prioritizes employee health by providing onsite wellness centers, fitness centers, and a medical advocacy program for transgender employees.

It ensures growth and learning opportunities through student loan reimbursement financial coaching.

It is open to a hybrid work model with remote work opportunities, ensuring a work-life balance.

The Google office in San Francisco allows employees to bring their pets to work freely.

It started inspiring other tech giants to offer free food to employees but was later scraped off due to cost-cutting measures.

Google ensures that the employees’ needs are fulfilled by providing vendors who visit the campus to give employees haircuts, car washes, and other services.

4. Hubspot

Industry: Software
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Number of employees: 7433

Perks provided by the company:

  • Unlimited holiday
  • Remote work options
  • Five-year sabbaticals,
  • Mental health support
  • Parental benefits
  • Fitness and nutrition options
  • Employee stock purchase
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Leadership and development opportunities
  • Community support
  • Many virtual staff events.

Top Workplaces awards: Best Work-life Balance 2023, Best Company Perks and Benefits 2023, Best Workplaces for Women 2022

Job listings: Hubspot Careers

Hubspot is not only one worthy platform for scaling businesses, but it does not leave a stone unturned to cater to its employees' needs.

The company is open to three work options for its employees: "at the office," "flexible," and "at home." In all of these options, HubSpot takes care of its employees' needs, no matter where they choose to work from.

Hubspot also has its mental health resource center called Hubcare. The clinicians at Hubcare can be contacted through phone, email, or video chat for improved assistance throughout.

401K is another perk on the list that allows HubSpot to outshine others.
By matching employees' contributions at 12%, the company showcases that it cares and gives importance to its employees' future.

5. Netflix

Industry: OTT streaming
Location: California USA
Number of employees: 12,800

Perks provided by the company:

  • Unlimited parental leave
  • Six weeks of paid time off
  • $1.5 million employee life insurance policies and a health savings account.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2021, Netflix won Best Company Culture. In 2020, Netflix won Best Company Compensation and Best Leadership Teams.

Job listings: Netflix Careers

Netflix made its entry into the business scenario back in 1997, and it has never turned back since then.

The company has achieved its growth backed up by the expanding customer base. Starting off as a physical video rental venue, it has transitioned itself to becoming the leading online content streaming platform today.

Apart from being a leader in the entertainment provision, Netflix stands tall in offering benefits to its employees without fail.

Employees receive extraordinary benefits ranging from paid leaves to insurance policies and much more that elevate the overall employee experience.

6. Spotify

Industry: Audio streaming podcasting
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Number of employees: 6,500

Perks provided by the company:

  • Flexible work options
  • Generous parental leave
  • Employee jam sessions to epic concerts
  • Free concert tickets

Top Workplaces awards: In 2021, Spotify was named Newsweek's most loved workplace in America.

Job listings: Spotify Careers

Spotify is deemed the top digital provider in the music entertainment industry. Listeners subscribe and listen to various audio content through different electronic platforms worldwide.

Apart from grooving the world through its audio streaming services, Spotify entitles its employees to above-average perks and benefits.

There’s a dedicated assistance program, a self-care hub, and extensive learning opportunities for the employees.

Spotify does not miss an opportunity to strike a chord with its employees. It takes the lead to provide free lunches regularly, including a range of snacks to keep them satiated.

In addition, the striking offering the company provides its employees is fertility assistance programs that encompass paid egg-freezing and other expensive fertility services.

7. Starbucks

Industry: Coffee Shop
Location: Washington, USA
Number of employees: 402,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Family expansion reimbursement program
  • Complimentary dry-cleaning services
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Free Spotify subscriptions
  • Healthcare and wellbeing programs.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2022, Starbucks won Best Company Work-Life Balance. In 2021, Starbucks won Best Places to Work in Seattle.

Job listings: Starbucks Careers

Starbucks has been reigning in the market for ages, becoming the global coffee empire. Its estimated net worth amounts to $84.6 billion.

Apart from having a chain of restaurants worldwide, with a wide range of customers hooked to its services, Starbucks is generous in providing perks to its employees.

Employees can also enjoy a free pound of coffee every week. The company is generous in offering a family expansion reimbursement program, tuition reimbursements, healthcare, and well-being programs catering to different requirements of employees.

8. The Body Shop

Industry: Cosmetics
Location: London Bridge, London, UK
Number of employees: 10,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Company store discount
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Life insurance
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Incentive trips
  • Product allowance
  • 50% staff discount.

Top Workplaces awards: The Body Shop won silver in DrivenxDesign Awards 2020

Job listings: The Body Shop Careers

The Body Shop, as a beauty and skin brand, has always been driven by passion. Hence, it is not surprising that its work culture is rather unique.

It nurtures a caring environment that ignites a sense of dedication among the employees, thereby promoting a fun and fast-paced atmosphere.

The company's commitment to sustainability has made its etch on the business world, befitting its position on the list.

Behind this motivation and dedication among the employees lies a series of perks and benefits that the company provides to its employees.

9. Campbell Soup Company

Industry: Food Processing
Location: Camden, New Jersey, USA
Number of employees: 19,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Complete health care coverage
  • On-site fitness centers
  • Daycare centers, kindergarten, and after-school programs
  • Employee assistance program
  • Health and dependent care accounts

Top Workplaces awards: 2023 Campus Forward Award Winner

Job listings: Campbell Soup Company Careers

Founded in 1869, Campbell Soup Company, as a food producer, takes pride in selling products such as soups, baked goods, canned meals, and beverages.

The company has managed to cater to different socio-economic and cultural areas. Likewise, it caters to the interests and needs of the employees.

Employees receive better-than-normal benefits such as adoption assistance, company-sponsored daycare services, and after-school programs for kids up to 12 years of age.

In addition, the company’s approach toward a health-focused direction is achieved by offering cent percent healthcare coverage, life insurance, etc.

10. Adobe

Industry: Software
Location: California, USA
Number of employees: 29,239

Perks provided by the company:

  • Sanctions employees $10,000 per year for tuition and books for courses
  • Certificate programs
  • Graduate programs.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2022, Adobe won Best Company for Women, Best Company Culture, Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Company Work-Life Balance.

Job listings: Adobe Careers

Adobe is heavily generous concerning the perks and benefits it wishes to offer its employees.

Apart from the retail discounts and commuter programs, Adobe goes a step ahead to provide educational grants. This effort in itself makes a big difference in retaining top talent.

The company developed a disaster and epidemic time off policy, expanding to the COVID-19 time off policy.

It allows 20 days off in a year in scenarios that require employees to take care of their family members or are themselves experiencing vaccine side effects.

Adobe allows employees to keep pre-tax savings for their children’s college education, making financial aid officers accessible.

It prioritizes the significance of family by allowing employees to set aside up to $5,000 pre-tax per year for child daycare expenses. It can be equally used for elder care and offers $1200 per year to facilitate childcare expenses for children up to 13 years.

Doing something good for society is one such positive move that Adobe has committed to helping its employees do. It is ready to match all donations and volunteer time up to $10,000 annually.

11. Atlassian Inc.

Industry: Software
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Number of employees: 10,726

Perks provided by the company:

  • Annual learning budget with ample educational resources
  • Health and life insurance
  • 100% monthly premium payments for employees and eligible dependents
  • An annual fund for fitness and wellness reimbursements
  • Paying employees to volunteer at a charity.

Top Workplaces awards: US Best Workplaces for Women 2023, Great Place to Workℱ, Best Workplaces for Women, 2022 Fortuneℱ

Job listings: Atlassian Inc. Careers

Atlassian Inc., a software company that originated in Australia, is renowned for its flagship project management software, Jira, and corporate wiki program called Confluence.

In addition, they provide vast and varied benefits for their employees.

Atlassian stands out in providing employee support services that cover personalized care plans for maintaining and improving mental health.

Employees working from home receive equal attention. Financial support is granted to them if they require any extra resources to establish a suitable work-from-home environment.

Also, its partnership with Bright Horizons Childcare ensures backup care for the children.

Atlassian even offers flexible spending and health saving accounts so employees can compile pre-tax funds.

The company provides an employee assistance plan, such as counseling and parenting resources, that goes on to cover the family members of the employees.

12. Zappos

Industry: Retail
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Number of employees: 1500 above

Perks provided by the company:

  • Generous parental leave
  • A thriving work culture
  • Onsite gym and office parking
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Paid vacation and time-offs.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2017, Zappos was awarded Cult Brand of the Year

Job listings: Zappos Careers

Founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn, Zappos has come a long way in a short time. From being a simple online shoe-shopping site, Zappos has evolved tremendously to accumulate a net worth of over $1 billion.

Zappos, handling over 5,000 calls monthly, prides itself on customer service. To have satisfied customers, you need to have happy employees.

Zappos has left no stone unturned to ensure employee satisfaction. It understands the value of a sustainable work environment and provides the best employee benefits and perks. The employees feel that too!

Employees get a flat 40% off on all their products. If that is not enough, they are provided with free food.

13. J Crew

Industry: Retail
Location: New York City, USA
Number of employees: 9,400

Perks provided by the company: Best Employers for Diversity 2023, Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality 2022

  • Medical Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Paid time off
  • Parental leaves
  • Life insurance.

Top Workplaces awards:

Job listings: J Crew Careers

Founded in 1947 by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles, J Crew is now one of the largest retailers in the world. It is now valued at over $1 billion.

It is a given that one cannot become a billion-dollar company without satisfying its employees, and J Crew pulled it off by taking its employees along the path to growth.

You can pick 5 full-price items each month to get a 50% discount; after that total merchandise price is 30% off.

For employees, that is 50% off again.

On top of that, J Crew maintains a list of slow-selling items every week where employees can get 60% off.

Every month, people can choose up to five regular-priced items at a 50% discount. After that, everything they choose will be 30% off. But for employees, there is an additional discount of 50 % on top of that.

In addition, J Crew offers a weekly list of slow-selling items with a whopping 60% discount for its employees.

It also offers commuter benefits to employees where they undertake public transportation to work, and the Health Equity Commuter Account will save them money on their commute by paying transit and parking expenses with pre-tax dollars.

14. Best Buy Co. Inc.

Industry: Retail
Location: Richfield, Minnesota, USA
Number of employees: 90,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Medical insurance
  • Digital self-care program
  • Employee discounts
  • Incentive pay
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition assistance.

Top Workplaces awards: Best Buy made it to Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies for the fourth year in a row in 2022.

Job listings: Best Buy Careers

It's no surprise that all the companies mentioned here are the warriors of their respective industries. They know how to treat their employees right and keep them satisfied.

Boasting global revenues of 6.3 billion U.S. dollars in the company's 2023 fiscal year, the company has managed to establish itself as the largest consumer electronics retailer globally.

Earning a stellar rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Glassdoor for its employee perks, it is proving itself to be a strong contender to Apple.

It provides a discount on products as well as services. Giving employees a 30% discount on all products(except Apple products, Xbox/PlayStation) sets Best Buy apart with its approach to benefits.

In addition, there is a provision for a significant discount on cables. As per Indeed, a $120 HDMI Monster cable can go as low as $28.

Interestingly, the holiday season peaks the discount ratings, going as high as 50% off the wholesale price.

15. Whole Foods

Industry: Grocery store, health food store
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Number of employees: 500+

Perks provided by the company:

  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga lessons
  • Language classes
  • Gym membership
  • Fitness classes
  • Working from home
  • Part-time office durations.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Whole Foods Market won for Best Career Growth

Job listings: Whole Foods Careers

In 1978, two young enthusiasts, John Mackey and Renee Lawson, borrowed $40,000 from family and friends to open a small, natural, organic food store in Austin, Texas. Forty years later, their endeavors bore fruit, and Whole Foods is now worth over $13 billion.

Whole Foods boasts 3.6 out of 5 in Glassdoor ratings of employee perks. It has such a robust program that Fortune even covered an article about its perks!

All employees get 20% off on all their products. Whole Foods takes the concept of employee health to a whole new level! If the employees meet their cholesterol, smoking, and BMI index criteria, they are entitled to 30% off on their products.

Meeting the criteria is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer, where not only is the discount met, but the health also gradually improves.

Other than that, it has a load of perks, which range from massage therapy, yoga lessons, language classes, gym membership, fitness classes, etc.

Also, employees are sometimes offered the luxury of working from home and part-time office durations.

16. Gap Inc

Industry: Retail
Location: San Francisco, USA
Number of employees: 117,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Healthcare
  • Merchandise discount
  • Commuter benefits
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Financial well-being
  • Family care
  • Volunteering and community development

Top Workplaces awards: In 2019, Gap Inc. won for Best Company Work-Life Balance.

Job listings: Gap Inc Careers

Gap, a well-known brand worldwide, is a San Francisco-based clothing and accessories retailer. Founded in 1969, GAP, worth almost $16 billion, is known for its quality product and stellar employee discount program.

GAP has a solid rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Glassdoor on its employee benefits package.

Employees are entitled to 50% off on all Gap, Old Navy, and Banana merchandise. They also provide 30% off on all outlet products and 25% off on Athleta products. And these benefits also extend to their spouse or domestic partner!

With this sort of discount, GAP employees are often known to redesign their wardrobe every season.

For the icing on the cake, their healthcare benefits cover everything, from dental to vision, which is a bonus for the employees.

17. Bloomberg

Industry: Technology, Financial technology, mass media
Location: New York, USA
Number of employees: 20,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Healthcare and well being programs
  • Unlimited, free meals
  • Pretty impressive life insurance
  • Family care that matters

Top Workplaces awards: Bloomberg won the Best Place to Work in New York 2022

Job listings: Bloomberg Careers

Bloomberg’s genuine approach to employees’ health and well-being has earned itself a position in this list of companies with the best perks.

It launched the BWELL program and similar other programs that promote a healthy lifestyle, thereby nurturing the mind and body.

The comprehensive healthcare and well-being programs for employees have brought a significant reduction in the frequency of sick leaves.It has resulted in a healthier workforce performing its best.

Apart from prioritizing health, Bloomberg is equally renowned for providing unlimited and free meals, life insurance policies, and family care plans.

With the proper care and nurture the employees receive at Bloomberg, no wonder they experience less stress, are happier, and are focused on their careers.

18. Cisco

Industry: Networking hardware and software
Location: San Jose, California, USA
Number of employees: 84,900

Perks provided by the company:

  • A full day off on birthdays
  • An extension of support for parents regarding paternity, maternity, and adoption leave.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Cisco won for Best Company Perks & Benefits and Best Leadership Teams.

Job listings: Cisco Careers

The networking and digital communications technology company Cisco ensures its employees all kinds of support by prioritizing their needs and catering to them. Also, the company is open to collecting feedback and working on them.

During Covid, Cisco surveyed the employees seeking their workplace experience and further used the feedback to better the workplace.

Social events are given a heavy weightage as part of the company’s perk packages. Cisco offers each department a stipulated budget to do what it pleases.

Cisco is a step ahead in positively reinforcing its employees through its dedicated recognition platform, allowing employees to appreciate and recognize their peers for their contribution to the company and beyond.

The prizes allotted to the recognition make it more appealing to the employees.

It is open to reimbursing for lab fees, books, or courses undertaken at universities or other accredited educational institutions.

19. Facebook

Industry: Social Networking service
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Number of employees: 87,314

Perks provided by the company:

  • Providing four months of parental leave for mothers and fathers within the first year of the birth or adoption
  • Three weeks of paid vacation per year.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Facebook won the Comparably award for offering the best perks and benefits to their employees.

Job listings: Facebook Careers

Being one of the potent tech companies, Facebook does not disappoint in the provision of perks and benefits among its employees.

At the breakthrough of the pandemic, Facebook extended financial assistance of $1000 to help its employees.

Parenthood is celebrated and respected at the company. There is a provision of up to $4,000 in “baby cash” for new parents. Along with it, it reimburses for egg-freezing and adoption fees.

The headquarters situated at Menlo Park is the epitome of perks and benefits. Right from a full arcade valet parking to a barbershop, employees receive no less than royal treatment at Menlo Park.

20. Indeed.com

Industry: Job search engine
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Number of employees: 14,600+

Perks provided by the company:

  • Free deductible plans for all full-time employees.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Indeed won for Best Leadership Teams.

Job listings: Indeed Careers

As a popular job-seeking platform worldwide, Indeed understands the importance of retaining top talents and has taken care of it with some amazing perks to offer its employees.

Indeed ensures a work environment that is relaxing to its core, allowing lax dress code, private work spaces, collaborative team spaces, and a social culture that bonds coworkers as friends.

It has taken the food element quite seriously as it facilitates the provision of free meals to another level. Impressive meals and unique snacks are available for the employees every time they wish to quench their hunger pangs.

21. Intel Corporation

Industry: Semiconductors, computer hardware, automation, artificial intelligence.
Location: Santa Clara, California, USA
Number of employees: 131, 900

Perks provided by the company:

  • It offers career advisors, mentors, networking events, workshops, tuition assistance,certifications, and internal development opportunities for everyone at the company.

  • In addition, there are provisions for innovative health coverage, onsite health and fitness centers, wellness programs, nutritious options, and local community events that support a healthy lifestyle for all employees.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2022, Intel Corporation won for Best Leadership Teams and Best Places to Work in Phoenix.

Job listings: Intel Corporation Careers

Intel is one of the technical hubs willing to spend on employees, for it values its employees above all.

With the skill shortage on the rise that worsened the scarcity of top talent, Intel immediately took the best step by increasing the compensation of employees by $2 billion ( $1 billion in pay and $1.4 billion in stock compensation) to retain dedicated employees.

It further went on to conduct surveys to gather their preferences on working arrangements. After 90% responded to wanting a hybrid working arrangement, the company decided to alter its policy to “hybrid-first.”

Intel always prioritizes little things that never go unnoticed, therefore making a big impact among the employees.

Intel has successfully etched its mark among the employees by taking care of little things such as on-site conveniences, ticket giveaways for local sporting/cultural events, travel perks, discounted shopping programs, and much more.

22. LinkedIn

Industry: Professional network service
Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Number of employees: 21,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Fertility and adoption assistance
  • Childcare, eldercare, pet car subsidy, paid parental leave, and survivor support.
  • Provision of a $2,000 “Perk Up” bonus for fitness classes, massages, and even child care.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2022, LinkedIn won Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Leadership Teams, and Best Places to Work in the Bay Area.

Job listings: LinkedIn Careers

The challenges of retaining talent are best understood by none other than LinkedIn. As a renowned job searching platform, LinkedIn is more than active and profound in keeping its employees by offering great benefits.

LinkedIn comes up with useful initiatives, out of which, InDay is one that allows employees to set aside any one Friday of the month to focus on “yourself, our company, or the world.”

Apart from the generous allotted vacation time, LinkedIn recognizes 17 national holidays that allow employees to spend more time with their families.

Unlike any other company, LinkedIn provides financial classes to their employees to help them set budgets and invest.

23. Microsoft

Industry: Information Technology
Location: Washington, USA
Number of employees: 238,000

Perks provided by the company:

  • Flexible working schedules for staff
  • Subsidized and discounted childcare
  • Backup care for children, adults, and elderly members of employees' families.
  • Taking a unique move, Microsoft allows employees to check-out footballs, basketballs, bocce balls, and even bicycles during the day.
  • Provision of electric car chargers.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2023, Microsoft won Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Company Compensation, Best Leadership Teams 2023, Best Company Outlook.

Job listings: Microsoft Careers

With the founder being one of the richest men in the world, the employees of the company are inevitably in store for some amazing perks and benefits.

Apart from the reimbursements employees receive for tuition and textbooks for work-related courses, Microsoft goes a step further to offer internal resources such as technical, management, and professional development classes, a visiting speaker series, TechFest, along with the provision of its library.

When the pandemic had reigned its terror over humanity, many companies recognized how benefits and perks would not solely suffice at a crucial time where financial support was the need of the hour.

That’s when Microsoft decided to offer the one-time monetary gift of $ 1,500 in the summer of 2021.

24. Paypal

Industry: Financial Technology
Location: San Jose, California, USA
Number of employees: 29,900

Perks provided by the company:

  • Provision of education programs such as the Emerging Leadership Program and Technology Leadership Program, along with a 2-year rotational program offered to qualified superstar technologists.

Top Workplaces awards: In 2022, PayPal won for Best Company Perks & Benefits.

Job listings: Paypal Careers

PayPal does know how to take care of its employees. And their approach to looking after their employees is the key to retaining them.

Paypal has a dedicated portal of benefits relevant to COVID-19 that covers guides to help employees manage their money during uncertain times like the pandemic, including information about flexible working arrangements that can help facilitate staff caring for family members, at-home learning resources, etc.

At times, it can be very confusing for the employees to understand the overall functioning of the healthcare coverage provided to them by the company.

Well, PayPal is one such organization that provides and offers support through Stanford Navigator. The tool helps employees in researching healthcare providers and understanding different health conditions, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions about their health care.

Paypal wants its employees to participate in the donations and volunteer time. Also, the company promotes skill-based volunteering to help their employees grow while helping the community.

25. Salesforce

Industry: Cloud computing, enterprise software, consulting.
Location: San Francisco, California, US
Number of employees: 79, 390

Perks provided by the company:

  • Creation of three different ‘types' of working arrangement (Flex, Fully-Remote, and Office-Based) for employees to choose from.

Top Workplaces awards: Best Large Workplaces for Women in 2021, World’s Most Admired Companies¼ in 2021.

Job listings: Salesforce Careers

During the pandemic, Salesforce emphasized and expanded the family care leave and offered a one-time payout for all the covid expenses covering the hotel rooms required for isolation.

They gave an extra $250 per employee for the provision of office tools and equipment along with backup childcare offerings.

It addresses the issue of student debt by helping them out with refinancing services.

Ride the Wave is an initiative designed to celebrate the number of years at the company (one, three, five, ten, and fifteen). With amazing prizes and fun badges on the line, employees are more thrilled to be associated with the company.

To ensure safe and obstacle-free travel for their employees, Salesforce is committed enough to assign its corporate security team to utilize various internal resources, private corporations, and government agencies to maintain oversight of worldwide events that may impact employees traveling on business.

Ranking Criteria: How We Ranked The Top Companies With The Best Perks

Before we step into any further discussion, we want to address the questions that might be lingering in your mind.

You might be wondering whether the rankings above are shoved randomly or if they have a pattern to them.

Well, as a mindful reader, these questions are natural to occur, and we would be more than happy to answer them.

To be precise, ranking the companies with the best perks is quite a daunting task.

But with thorough research, we were able to assemble the list and present it to you.

It was found that the companies had a pattern of allotting perks that matter to their employees.

Our list in no way is trying to portray the best or worst companies, but just a testament to how they perceive their employees' importance and likewise come up with ways to address their needs.

It showcases how each business has a similar yet unique way of leading its industry by approaching employee perks.

Let us look at the factors of how companies approach employee perks differently and add a personal touch to them.

1. Companies Prioritize Educating their Employees

Employee education is crucial to several companies for their company’s growth. They perceive education and development as essential elements for keeping employees engaged and happy.

Hence, they make sure to provide and compensate for the courses and study materials that employees take for upskilling themselves.

This is one highly beneficial perk for the employees that allows them to learn more and navigate their career trajectory to an upward scale.

2. Companies Prioritizing Social Responsibility

Companies are very much invested in contributing to a social cause to showcase their care for the community.

They take the initiative and encourage their employees to contribute to the larger community.

Employees are asked to participate in matching donation programs; they are given incentives or paid leave for volunteering in charities.

This philanthropic approach in their business venture will facilitate them in creating an open and responsible culture.

3. Companies Caring about Employee Health

Companies who genuinely care for their employees will definitely take a step to look after their employees' health and well-being.

Right from health insurance coverage to gym credits, paid holidays and vacations, and varied other well-being programs, employees find a balance between life and work where they can prioritize their physical and mental health.

4. Companies with a Family-first Approach

Many big companies are coming up with facilities that not only benefit the employees but also cater to the family members of the employees.

The family-first approach does not limit the benefits to the employees but includes the family as well.

Health insurance plans for the dependants, generous parental leaves, other paid leaves for family time, child care and adoption assistance, newborn incentives, etc, promote family bonding.

Assistance to the family is one assured step to keep the employees happy and motivated at work. Moreover, this will encourage them further to stick to the company.


After having gone through the list, have you noticed a common thread connecting these companies?

These companies are basically the leaders of their respective industries, with a net worth of over $1 billion. Hence, they sure have the luxury to offer attractive perks to their employees.

The interesting thing to note is that they are mainly product-based industries. So, the perks they offer are mainly discounts on their own products for their employees.

Now the question arises: what about the service-based companies or other companies that cannot manage to offer in-house discounts?

The solution to such a scenario is the utilization of a perks platform. A perks platform will make you accessible to the brands in a discounted range.

Out of the range of the perks platform available, Vantage Perks powered by Vantage Circle will come to your rescue.It is one such dedicated platform that is tied up with several brands, where these brands offer exclusive discounts for employees.

Having obtained the purchasing power from the brands, vantage perks give you discounts that are not publicly available.

For a more detailed version of how to choose a plan refer to this detailed blog on Employee Discount Program.

This article is written by Riha Jaishi, a Content Writer at Vantage Circle. Apart from being an active and keen writer, she is generally found reading books and articles, feasting her eyes on food videos, and binging on her favorite shows and discussing them. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition