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75 Christmas Icebreaker Questions To Start An Amazing Conversation

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Christmas is the time of the year when people wish to engage in pleasant and heartfelt conversations with one another. Heart-to-heart dialogue that strengthens connections and makes Christmas a memorable one.

However, striking up a good conversation is more tricky than it appears. Many people feel awkward and hesitant to start a conversation because they are unsure how to break the ice.

In such cases, Christmas icebreaker questions could be of great help. It will encourage fun conversations, foster a positive holiday atmosphere and add to the Christmas cheers. Moreover, if you are a manager, christmas icebreaker questions are sure to help you in the following ways:

  • Assist you in learning more about your teammates.

  • Boost team-collaboration

  • Encourage productive and heartfelt conversations

  • Have a positive impact on team interaction and skill acquisition

But most importantly it will melt away any awkwardness and help your people know their peers better. So, here are some great Christmas Icebreaker questions for you to use this season.

It is often best to keep icebreaker questions simple, easy to understand, and non-invasive. Icebreaker questions aim to get to know one another better but not invade someone’s privacy.

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Best Christmas Icebreaker Questions

  1. Which is your most cherished Christmas tradition?

  2. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

  3. Christmas Carols or Christmas Karaoke- Choose one for your party

  4. If you ever have to travel during Christmas, where would you like to go?

  5. Which is the most challenging Christmas present you’ve ever bought for someone?

  6. What is your favorite morning activity on Xmas day?

  7. Gingerbread House or Cookie Exchange Challenge- Which one would you prefer playing?

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  1. List 5 props, you’ll love to have in your photo booth.

  2. How would you like to spend your day on Christmas?

  3. Name one decoration item you hate to put up on the Xmas tree.

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees originated in the 16th century in Germany. But Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert is credited with popularizing Christmas trees in Britain and the world over.

  1. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie character?

  2. Which is the Christmas song you would never like to hear?

  3. Do you have a shop you would definitely visit during the holiday season?

  4. Do you prefer buying presents online or offline?

  1. How would you like to celebrate Christmas with your co-workers?

  2. Never Have I Ever: played Gingerbread house.

  3. Eggnog- Yay or Nay!

The name eggnog comes from “nog” or “noggin.” Eggnog was created as a way to enjoy a hot milk beverage without worrying about harmful bacteria and is now a loved Christmas drink.

  1. Name three things that are a must in your Christmas party

  2. Have you ever hosted an ugly sweater party?

  3. If you’re asked to make a gift hamper, what are the 3 things you will definitely include?

  4. When you meet someone on Christmas, what is that one question you never fail to ask?

  5. Cook-all day or order-in. Which type of person are you?

  6. Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver- Which one would you pick to cook you a Christmas dinner?

  7. What is your way of spreading Christmas cheer?

  8. How many ugly Christmas sweaters do you have in your closet?

  9. Do you have a favorite Christmas fashion that you never miss?

  10. What are your favorite desserts that you cannot miss on Christmas?

  11. If you’re asked to see a Christmas movie on a loop, which one of the movies would you prefer?

In 1898, filmmaker George Albert Smith gave the World its first Christmas Film “Santa Claus.” It was a two-minute duration film.

  1. If you could be on a talk show, which show would you like to feature in?

  2. What theme will you choose for your Christmas dinner party?

  3. If you create a new tradition for Christmas, what would it be and why?

  4. If you could bring a mythical creature to life for Christmas, which one would it be and why?

  5. If you could create a new ornament for the Christmas tree that represents you, what would it be and why?

Funny Christmas Icebreaker Questions

  1. If you create a snowman, do you give him a name? Which is the funniest name you’ve ever picked for your Snowman?

  2. If Santa gifts you an opportunity to time travel, which year would you choose and why?


  1. If you were Santa, what latest gadgets would you gift to the good kids?

  2. What is the funniest/ silliest thing that has happened at your Christmas party?

  3. If ever Santa asks you to go on a date, which restaurant would you pick?

  4. If Santa didn’t have a sleigh, which car would you recommend to him?

  5. If you could hang out with Elf for a day, which sites in your city would you pick?

  6. Suppose you see yourself as an “Orge Claus” in Christmas snow globe. What would be your reaction?

Ogre Claus is a character who appeared in Shrek the Halls. He is a Shrek dressed as Santa and possesses a deeper scruffy voice.

  1. If Santa allows you to pick a designer for his outfit, which famous designer would you choose?

  2. Will you love to take a polar bear plunge or roller skate down the city streets?

  3. If Santa becomes your hairstylist this Christmas., which haircut will you ask him to give you?

  4. If you had a chance to turn someone into an Elf, who would it be?

  5. What is that one thing you don’t want to see in the Christmas snow globe?

  6. Macaulay Culkin got lost in New York City in Home Alone: 2. Which city would you have chosen had you been the director?

  7. If you are asked to rename yourself with one of Santa’s reindeer’s names, which one will you pick?

  8. If Santa's reindeer went on strike, which animals would you recruit to pull the sleigh instead, and why?

  9. If you were to create a holiday-themed dance move, what would it look like, and what would you name it?

  10. If you could create a comical holiday-themed superhero, what would their powers be, and what would they save Christmas from?

Santa has a total of 8 reindeer. The first six are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, and Cupid. The final two are Dunder and Blixem.

Christmas Icebreaker Questions for Work

  1. How would you like to decorate your office for Christmas?

  2. Which latest theme would you pick for your office Christmas party?

  3. Which coworker do you think will be the perfect Santa Claus?

  4. If you could turn one of your colleagues into an Elf, whom would you pick?

  5. Who would you choose if you had to partner with one of your colleagues to play the Christmas game?

  6. What Christmas present will you pick for your boss?

  7. With whom would you love to unwrap Santa's Christmas gift?

  8. Which of your colleagues would make the best Christmas treats or cookies?

German Lebkuchen, popularly known as gingerbread, is the world's first cookie associated with Christmas. Queen Elizabeth, I is credited with the invention of gingerbread men.

  1. If your boss becomes Santa for the day, which one of your wishes would you ask him to fulfill?

  2. For your office party, with whom would you team up to make the Christmas playlist?

  3. If you could create a new holiday tradition for your workplace, what would it be and how would it benefit everyone?

  4. What's the funniest or most interesting office holiday tradition you've ever participated in?

Nostalgic Icebreaker Questions

  1. What is the coolest Christmas gift you have ever received?

  2. What is the funniest Christmas story you know?

  3. Which is the one classic song that gears you up for the Christmas season?

The first Christmas song to ever mention “Santa Claus” was Benjamin Hanby’s “Up On The Housetop.” The song was written in 1864 and was inspired by Clement Moore’s 1823 poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas.”

  1. If Santa grants you to remove one memory from your past, which one would it be?

  2. What is the most embarrassing fashion trend you have ever rocked?

  3. Finish the sentence “Mistletoe reminds me of__________________”

  4. Which Christmas sound, smell, or picture evokes nostalgia in you?

  5. Who is that one person you cannot imagine your Christmas without?

  6. Did you ever believe in Santa Clause as a child?

  7. If Santa allows you to time travel in your past, which year would you choose and why?

  8. What Christmas tradition do you hope never dies?

  9. What's the most chaotic thing that has happened at your family's Christmas dinner?

Wrapping Up


The list of Christmas icebreaker questions could be endless. Many people will have their creative way of breaking the ice and kickstarting a pleasant conversation. You, too, may have some awesome questions in mind. So, feel free to drop us a mail and share those with us. Hearing it from you would be great!



1. What makes a good Christmas icebreaker question?

Ans: A good Christmas icebreaker question is lighthearted, fun, interesting, and easy to answer. Avoid anything too personal or invasive.

2. How can I ensure everyone feels comfortable with these icebreaker questions?

Ans: Start with light and inclusive questions, ensuring they don't intrude on personal boundaries. Keep the atmosphere relaxed, encouraging everyone to participate voluntarily.

3. What if someone doesn't want to answer the icebreaker question?

Ans: Respect everyone's comfort levels. If someone prefers not to answer, encourage them to pass or share something else they're comfortable discussing.

4. How many Christmas icebreaker questions should I prepare?

Ans: Prepare 5-10 Christmas icebreaker questions depending on the event size. You want enough to get conversations flowing.

5. Should Christmas icebreaker questions be work-related?

Ans: Not necessarily, the questions can focus on Christmas traditions, pop culture, childhood memories, hopes, etc. Both work and non-work topics can be appropriate.

This article is written by Sanjeevani Saikia who is a part of the marketing team at Vantage Circle. Sanjeevani loves to split her leisure time between reading and watching TedX. Her curiosity is easily piqued by the most recent developments in Human Resource Management and Organizational Psychology. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com.

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