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40 Simple Yet Awesome Welcome Messages for New Employees

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Crafting welcome messages for new employees is a tedious task.

They say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The quote holds when we are talking about onboarding new employees to the company. Making every employee feel comfortable and familiar with their new working environment is the best way to start a healthy work relationship. And this crucial step can help you pave the path for boosting employee engagement and building a productive workforce.

69% of employees who undergo effective onboarding are more likely to stay with an employer for at least 3 years, and 58% are more likely to stay on for more than 3 years. (Source: O.C Tanner)

Here’s a list of 40 thoughtful welcome messages that your new employees would love to hear. Choose the best ones from the list to convey your wishes and give them a great onboarding experience.

40 Awesome Welcome Messages for New Employees

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  1. We are delighted to have you among us. On behalf of all the members and the management, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!

  2. Welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you at our office. You’re going to be a valuable asset to our company, and we can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

  3. The entire team of [name of the company] is thrilled to welcome you on board. We hope you’ll do some amazing work here!

  4. A warm welcome and lots of good wishes on becoming part of our growing team. Congratulations and on behalf of all the members. We are all happy and excited about your input and contribution to our company.

  5. We just heard that our company hired an excellent new employee to join our team, and guess what? That’s you. Welcome aboard!

  6. Congratulations on being part of the team! The whole company welcomes you, and we look forward to a successful journey with you! Welcome aboard!

  7. A big congratulations on your new role! On behalf of the members and supervisors, we would like to welcome you to the team. We are delighted and excited about working as a team starting today.

  8. A warm welcome to the office! Your remarkable skills will be a great addition to our team and the company. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you!

  9. Congratulations on being part of our dynamic team! The entire office welcomes you, and we hope to have a long and successful journey together.

  10. We love to form a team, work with enthusiastic, creative people, and have a great learning attitude. And hear that you fit the bill perfectly. It's great to have you with us. Warmest welcome!


  1. Having you in our company is a great honor! Indeed, all of us here are very excited to work with you. Welcome aboard!

  2. Welcome aboard,[Name]! You are one of the most proficient and resourceful candidates we have hired so far. We hope you like the amenities here, and make sure your talents are utilized!

  3. Welcome aboard! Our team is pleased to have you with us. Your expertise would be of great use to the company and its success.

  4. An employee like you, intelligent, talented, and full of energy, is an asset to any company. We can’t wait to start working with you! Welcome to our company!

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  1. Welcome aboard, new buddy! We are sure that you will prove to be a great addition to our team and the office!

  2. It’s amazing to have such a young, fresh, and talented new member as part of our team. Hope we can together take the company to new heights. Welcome Aboard!

  3. The office welcomes you today with open arms to be a part of our strong team! We hope we can together help the company grow bigger and broader.

  4. Warm welcome and congratulations on getting hired! You are an asset to the company, and we hope you have a fantastic time working with the team!

  5. Our heartiest welcome goes to you. Congratulations on being part of our growing and dynamic team here! We’re honored to have you with us!

  6. Thanks for accepting the job offer. Your skills will be highly valuable for the team and the company. Welcome to the company!

  7. We are thrilled to welcome you to the XYZ team here at [company name]. We are doing some exciting work here, and we are hopeful that your talent, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas will be invaluable to us!

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  1. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

  2. Congratulations on becoming the newest member of this team! We hope you find your new role rewarding and challenging. Welcome Aboard!

  3. Welcome aboard! We are proud to have you with us. We all have faith that you’ll deliver results, excel, and make us all proud.

  4. Thanks for choosing to be part of the company! We are all working towards a common goal, and your contribution is integral. Congratulations, and welcome aboard!

  5. Congratulations and welcome to the team! We believe that what a strong group of people can accomplish together is much larger, far greater, and will exceed what an individual can achieve alone.

  6. We hope that your new journey with us will be exciting and fruitful. Welcome aboard!

  7. Your talent and skill will add great value to our organization. We are hopeful that your learning experience will grow with us. Congratulations and welcome!

  8. Having a talented individual like you will help us take another pivotal step towards the organizational goals. We look forward to working with you. Welcome!

  9. We are thrilled to have you in our organization. Your skillset, creative mindset, and personality will positively impact the workforce. Hope you have a great time here!

  10. With the organization growing rapidly, your addition to the team will greatly assist us in achieving our goals. We look forward to providing you with the best professional and personal opportunities.

  11. Everyone on the team extends a warm welcome. With your exceptional skills and personality, we believe you will be a good fit for us.

  12. Starting a new job can be overwhelming. But do not worry; we are here to help and support you in every way possible. So, sit back, relax, learn and enjoy the journey with us!

  13. Welcome to a work culture that values a positive attitude and camaraderie. I hope you have a good time here!

  14. With newer perspectives and ideas, we hope you bring a new dimension to our workplace. Welcome aboard, and congratulations!

  15. We hope that you will surprise us with your innovative ideas and influence the whole organization in a positive way. Hope you have a good time working with us!

  16. Hard work and dedication are something that we value the most, and we know that you are ready to put in all your efforts from the first day. Congratulations on joining the team!

  17. Persist in your work, learn from your mistakes, cultivate positive relationships, and always give your all. That is all we ask from you. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

  18. Never be afraid to try new things because that is exactly what we encourage our employees to do. You experiment, and you learn. The team is always available to help you. Welcome to the group. Hope you have an amazing time here!

  19. Happy joining day! Please let me know if HR made you feel welcome because we have something better in the works. I am delighted you have decided to join us.

In Conclusion: Why Do Welcome Messages For New Employees Matter?

A warm welcome is essential for making your new employees feel at ease, developing strong peer relationships, and settling in quickly. Consider including an introduction to the team as part of your overall employee onboarding (and vice versa). It can be through a guided office tour, personal 1-to-1s, your employee newsletter, social channels, teambuilding exercises, or even a special office getting-to-know-you afternoon.

This article is written by Darshana Dutta. She works as a Content Creator and Digital Marketer at Vantage Circle. She writes extensively on trends around employee engagement and transforming company culture. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com

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